How Do Hair Implants Work?

How Do Hair Implants Work?

What is The Cause Of Hair Loss?

How Do Hair Implants Work? There may be hair loss in both men and women. However, this rate is higher in men than in women. The most important causes of hair loss are malnutrition and dehydration. The most common type of hair loss is male pattern hair loss. Among the reasons for such spills are strict diets, wrong hairdresser and shampoo choices, medication use, stress, and insufficient protein. Also, one of the most important causes of hair loss is our genes. It can also occur due to age or traumatic injury.

Our hair is shed to regenerate, but this should be at a certain rate. If there is more, a dermatologist should be consulted. Using various medicines under expert control is good for hair loss. Such drugs strengthen weak hair strands. It also causes hair loss in procedures applied to your hair. If hair loss continues despite treatment and baldness occurs, the definitive solution is hair implants.

What is a Hair Implants?

Hair İmplants is expressed as a permanent solution to baldness and loss problems. Hair transplant operations are a microsurgical operation performed in a sterile hospital environment. Fewer procedures are performed than normal surgeries. In hair transplantation, hair follicles are taken from the chest, leg-arm, and genital area, especially from the nape area. Hair taken from this area is transplanted to the bald area. Especially in men, as the hair follicles back on the neck are insensitive to the DHT hormone, less hair loss occurs in this area. Since the interest in hair transplantation has increased recently, it should be noted that this sensitive procedure is performed by experts in the field. Baldness caused by problems such as mineral deficiencies, stress, and malnutrition can be prevented. However, male pattern baldness cannot be prevented because it is a genetic feature.


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Hair transplantation is done in three basic stages:

  • Collection of hair follicles
  • Opening channels
  • Root planting in opened channels

There are two types of hair transplant methods: FUSS(FUT) and FUE. It was in the 1990s FUT technique common. However, this system left its place to FUE in the 2000s. The FUE method is the least damaging method to the skin.


Generally, two hair transplant methods are used: FUE and FUT.

  • In the FUE method, there is no scar on the skin.
  • FUT method, some scar remains after the hair follicle is removed from the back of the ear.
  • Fue method, more grafts can be taken.
  • Recovery takes longer in the FUT method.
  • There is no shaving in the FUT method.
  • The FUE method is more common to use.
  • There is less pain in the FUE method.
  • It is recommended to use a hat in both methods.

What is the FUE Method?

The Fue method leaves fewer scars than other methods and shows rapid recovery. The reason for this is that the materials used in the FUE method improve day by day. In the Fue method, hair follicles are taken one by one and placed in the balding area.

Since there is no stitch, dressing for about 3 days is sufficient, and an average of 6000-6500 hair strands can be transplanted in a session. Small grafts can also be taken in the Fue method.

Before starting the operation, all of the hair is shaved. Then, a channel is opened to the area where hair transplantation is desired. Generally, hair follicles are taken from the nape area. After the roots are placed in the canal, a bandage is applied to the places where the roots are taken and placed. Since local anesthesia is applied in the FUE method, no pain occurs. Hair starts to grow 3 months after the procedure and it takes 9 months for it to grow completely. Hair Transplant For Women


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There are different versions of the Fue method:

  • Classic FUE (Micromotor)
  • Robotic FUE
  • DHI hair transplant (FUE with Choi implanter)

What is the FUT Method?

It is performed by taking the hair follicles from the area where the hair will be taken and planting them in the area to be transplanted. With the development of technology in recent years, the FUT method has left its place to the Fue method. The FUT method is generally applied to people over the age of 22 or who have the appropriate characteristics for hair transplantation. With the development of technology, the use of this method has decreased significantly. Also, the healing process takes longer. Scars remain after the FUT method is applied. Since there is a surgical intervention in the FUT method, it should be protected against the risk of infection. After the operation, dressing is applied to that area. The bandage can be removed when the doctor deems necessary. Hair can be washed on the third day. It is necessary to be sensitive while washing the hair.

Side Effects

  • Bleeding
  • Mild swelling,
  • Infection risks,
  • Circulatory disorders
  • Bruising around the eyes,
  • A light scab in the area of the skin where the hair has been removed or implanted,
  • Numbness in the transplanted areas,
  • Itching

Hair Transplant Results

Your hair will begin to grow between 2 and 9 months after the hair transplant. Growing hair grows completely naturally and is permanent. Since the number of grafts is insufficient in some patients, they can have a repeat procedure at the end of the first year. To apply these procedures correctly to the hair, it is necessary to get help from experts.  Research should be done about hair transplantation. If baldness is not due to genetic reasons, the causes should be eliminated. Is FUE Hair Transplant The Best?

Also, attention should be paid to cleaning after the operation. The use of chemical products should be avoided. The rest period after the operation can vary between 2 and 10 days. The hair transplant method suitable for you and the area where the hair follicles will be taken should be determined by your doctor. Remember that the location of the operation and the team are significant for your health. How Do Hair Implants Work?