How Fue Hair Transplant Is Done?

How Fue Hair Transplant Is Done?

How Fue Hair Transplant Is Done? First of all, FUE (Folliculation Unit Extraction) hair transplantation is a minimally invasive outpatient procedure. How Fue hair transplant is done? In this FUE hair transplant technique, the Follicular Unit grafts, consisting of few hair follicles, are taking out separately from the genetically most substantial areas of your scalp (donors). Soon, they are artistically restoring in their thinning areas (receivers).

At first, FUE hair surgery involves scraping the head’s back and then removing individual hair follicles instead of taking an entire scalp part. Soon after, the surgeon prepares the grafts and places them in the recipient areas. Including the whole process takes between 4 and 8 hours, depending on the size of the transplant.

Through this hair implant surgery, follicular units are collecting, one by one, from the donor area – scalp, beard, or chest, for example.


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Eventually, donor sites heal relatively well. However, only small dots are noticeable, but the surrounding hair covers these.

Generally, the FUE method is minimally invasive, and there is less likelihood of presenting complications, such as scars or postoperative pain. Likewise, hair follicles can remove from several areas, not from a single place, so that the hair’s thickness in the donor areas is not affectable.

As a rule, the vast majority return to work within a week of the procedure. By the way, if stitches are useable, and the doctors remove them in 10 days.

The most transplanted hair will fall out within six weeks of surgery. The growth of new hair should probably be visible in the recipient areas within a few months, with the hair growing at half an inch per month.

Why Perform the Transplant with the FUE Technique?

Avoid smoking for 14 days since smoking slows healing and can compromise the outcome of the surgery. One must avoid alcoholic beverages for three days. If you dye your hair, do it up to three days before the operation. Occasionally, you can paint it again but only after three weeks.

The FUE technique for hair embed is an ideal alternative to eradicate baldness problems due to its advantages.


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Hair transplants are procedures that aim to give a solution to alopecia. These are very effective and long-lasting, and therefore many patients with baldness choose to undergo a hair transplant program to eradicate their problem.

The hair transplant FUE begins by selecting the capillary units of a vital area of the hair (donor area) and moves them to the areas most affected by alopecia to cover them. In a solo session, up to 5,000 follicular units are transferring, and each follicular unit can contain 1 to 4 hairs.

Since the patient is his donor, the process using the FUE technique is 100% natural, by implanting his hair.

The ideal possibility to follow the FUE hair grafting procedure has hair loss in specific areas, and also, these losses will have to be controlled. A patient suffering from alopecia in the whole head or most of the pilot could not access the FUE procedure.


Other people who can access this program have alopecia in the small scars they have on their head under any circumstances, for instance, faults caused by a domestic accident, scars that appear from various burns, birthmarks, etc.

Patients who have scars from other hair graft interventions will also be able to access the FUE procedure.

In addition to all this, our program is ideal for those people who can not allow scars to heal in a month. Because the FUE hair grafting technique does not use scalpels or sutures to perform the procedure, patients ‘ scars heal in one or two days.

If this profile does not match yours, the specialist doctor will be able to examine to determine if the FUE hair graft can be used to solve your specific case.

How is the FUE Technique Applied?

Other than the FUE extended hair transplant technique, other hair transplant techniques require shaving. For this hair transplant, the operating environment must be clear with very sterile solutions, and then local anesthesia is applied. In order not to feel pain while waxing, anesthesia is used with fine-tipped needles. Surgeons on request also perform Needle-free anesthesia techniques.

The doctor collects roots will one by one by the Micro Motor. The aim is to collect approximately 3,500 – 4,000 grafts and 7,000-8,000 hair strands one by one. This process takes about 7-8 hours, as several transplants are targets. The collected roots are kept in superior solutions. After this stage, suitable hair channels and hair holes are in preparation. This stage determines the direction, density, and naturalness of the follicles.

The transplanted hair will be natural because the FUE method is transplanted according to the follicle’s direction. Even your hairdresser does not understand that you have had a hair transplant. Making fine and dense hair holes is a complicated process; It requires expertise and experience. With these fine and thick holes, your planting will be lush and natural. When your hair grows, your hair will look like you.

The Scalp After Leaving the Hospital

After cleaning your hair with exceptional solutions, you will be informed after transplantation. Now you can go home with your newly transplanted hair.

Your hair begins to grow after four months and continues to grow up to 1 year, becoming denser and fuller.

Hair grows at different angles in different parts of the scalp. Our mission is to imitate nature. This requires correct placement, correct angle, direction, and orientation of the grafted hair to achieve a natural and undetectable look.

Preserving the patient’s hair’s natural structure and transferring it to sparse areas is the distinguishing feature of successful hair transplantation. The adjacent hair follicles must provide the same specific balance and harmony to ensure the natural flow, symmetry, and how Fue hair transplant is done.