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How It Feels To Have A Hair Transplant?

How It Feels To Have A Hair Transplant?

How It Feels To Have A Hair Transplant? Are you thinking about hair transplant and have a lot of questions? Read on to find out all the information you need before making a final decision.

Hair transplantation may seem like the ultimate solution for a man with a male pattern baldness. We are sorry, however, that you do not have just one magic wand that flutters over your sparse and sends you on your way.

Is Hair Transplants Painful?

Hair transplants are painful, expensive, a little horrible and not always the final answer. Lucky for you, I have endured 13 of them so that I can tell the story with full authority. Personally, I have had surgery with many clinics in recent years – good and bad – and my history and most recent surgery has been with our clinic. I will give you answers to the questions you have and to some people who do not know what to do.


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What Exactly Is A Hair Transplant?

In a word, it is surgery. The hair follicles are removed from a part of the body called the “donor area” and transplanted into the bald part of the body called the “recipient area”. There are several techniques that I will cover later, but they all involve anesthesia (local, not general), a certain amount of bleeding, and varying degrees of scarring. It is important not to have sugar expectations about hair transplants, so I will explain the facts, good, bad and bad. But it is also important to know that the results can be completely transformative… as long as you choose a reliable, specialized surgeon!

Who Is The First Candidate For A Hair Transplant?

Generally, hair transplants are performed on patients aged 25 to 65 years who are experiencing significant hair loss and have sufficient hair growth for transplantation. The patient should also be healthy and the examination will be done to make sure there are no other conditions that could make the operation irrational.

The procedure is not performed only for reasons of vanity. Our appearance is an important part of who you are and you have every right to seek treatment to restore your head.

What Other Treatments Are Available Before Choosing A Hair Transplant?

There are tons! In fact, hair transplant surgery should be the last resort due to penetration. There is a whole industry for research, development and marketing of products that can help hair loss sufferers. From local products for scrubbing the scalp. In vitamin laser treatments and medications, there are many other hair transplant options that you should explore first.

The point of hair loss is that it is a gradual process. You may think that you looked in the mirror one day and it was “all lost”, but while hair growth is a circular system, hair loss is gradual and continuous.

The reason most men lose their hair is a small thing called dihydrotestosterone or DHT. Your body produces a 5α-reductase enzyme that converts free roaming testosterone to DHT inside your hair follicles. DHT binds to the hair cell receptor and causes shrinkage or atrophy. Over time, the follicles cease to produce hair and are permanently inactive.

There is a prescription drug that blocks DHT conversion is called Finasteride. Another, called Minoxidil (called Regaine in the UK), helps improve circulation and direct blood flow to the scalp to encourage hair growth.

I speak from experience when I say that there are some really effective shampoo products for hair loss. How Long After A Hair Transplant Will My Hair Grow?

What If I am Ready To Explore The Option Of A Hair Transplant?

If you have tried other treatments or feel that it is too late and you want to get into the surgeon’s chair to save the hair you have left, go ahead. But – and I can not stress enough – you must first do due diligence. I hate to say it, but there are so many rogue operators out there and if you put yourself in the wrong hands, the consequences could be dire. The best case scenario is that you are losing money. The worst case scenario is that you are left with terrible scars that can make it impossible to even have a proper transplant!

How Can I Find A Reliable Surgeon Then?

If you do not know someone who has had a successful hair transplant and you can recommend their surgeon, IAHRS is a world-renowned body of hair transplant surgeons. In fact, they cannot be admitted to the IAHRS without being able to prove their excellent reputation. You can search your area or get ready to travel to the right doctor. It is vital that patients receive accurate information, but it is equally important that young and elderly surgeons adhere to impeccable standards to ensure that everyone receives the highest possible level of care and surgery.

Global Hair Loss Summit 2020

Global Hair Loss Summit 2020 aims to do just that, bringing together the best and brightest leaders in hair restoration surgery through a virtual event and networking. The platform and its Founding School are committed to openly sharing their unique knowledge and skills with them. seeking a more complete educational experience and knowledge of the field in an effort to improve standards in all areas.

For the new hair transplant patient coming to the Internet for the first time, it is scary to say the least. Research is the key.

Make sure you have an initial consultation with your surgeon There, he will be examined to assess the extent of hair loss and find a solution. You will take pictures of your scalp, along with measurements and scans. You will complete a medical questionnaire that includes your medical history and the types of treatments you have already tried for hair loss. What Is Hair Transplant?

Ask to see patient testimonials, review, Google to find negative or positive media reports and also check consumer rights sites to see if they have caught their attention.

Make sure you receive a list of questions at your appointment and leave nothing. There is no silly question. If your doctor decides that you are the right candidate for a hair transplant, you will be given a complete overview of the costs, the anesthetic, the risks, how the procedure will be done and the results you can expect. How It Feels To Have A Hair Transplant?