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How Long After Hair Transplant Are Grafts Safe?

How Long After Hair Transplant Are Grafts Safe?

How long after hair transplant are grafts safe? What should be done for the safe of grafts after hair transplant? What is the safe method for the growth of grafts after hair transplantation? We prepared a detailed article about them.

It takes normally 14 days for the new implanted grafts to become secure after a hair transplant. Moreover, it depends on how quickly the hair grafts take roots. This is important to know . Because it affects your recovery.  Aftercare, you can return to work . Also your normal lifestyle.

Each new hair that is relocated hair on the scalp is a graft .The root of your hair is hair follicle.In other words , we will call them grafts.One by one , a graft can grow any number of hairs.


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What is a hair graft ?

For example a graft sprouts 2 or 3 hairs. As an example , if you look at your scalp at any hair . Or your arm or body parts . You can often seen groups of hairs coming out of one graft in the your skin.

What happens during a hair transplant to the grafts ?

First of all from the back of the scalp , Hair grafts are extracted.After that , They are  placed in a solution which will keep them hydrated . The moment enough hair grafts extracted, they will be relocated into an area of hair absentee . This area can be mid-scalp or the front of the scalp . Also some times from the crown. The grafts will be  placed into small holes that are 1mm in the scalp in order to recreate hair . In the place where there was none before.

How long will it takes for grafts to grow?

It will take around 8-12 months something . After that period your grafts will grow following your transplant.  At first you will see some of your hair are shedding  in the first 2-3 months . Which it does not mean there is an issue . No everything is fine with the transplanted hair grafts. It is a normal procedure. After that, shedding period will be finished , Your roots will begin to grow your new hair.

When does the grafts become totally secure?

Each new graft is quite fragile in its new place in your head. For rooting in the graft will take a while. Which is notmaly 14 days . Which also involves the scalp healing itself after surgery .

How to the take care of hair after the surgery?

To take care of you hair after the transplant there are Do and Don’ts.

For the don’t part of it for example :

  • Avoid wearing any beanie hat
  • Try not to exercise for a at least 2 weeks
  • İT is better not to touch your implanted grafts a lot when showering or grooming your hair .

For the Do part and the things you should do :

  •  Protect your grafts from direct sunlight . By wearing a cap you can manage it.
  •  Keep your grafts moist .Especially in the first 4-5 days after surgery.
  • Also Keep the head safe from hitting a hard surface.
  •  Avoid using hair coloring . you can dye 4-5 weeks after the hair transplant .

Two weeks after the surgery the grafts must be secured in your scalp .Remember that the transplanted hair is still fresh and needs to be taken care of gently for ten days at least . Therefore you need to be gentle with them until they’re all set in.

Avoidance of stress recommended too . One can do meditation or yoga . Also taking a good sleep, which helps in reducing stress. Is Hair Implant Safe?

How must the diet be after the surgery?

Also your diet matters too .Eating well is important during the recovery .Patients diet should include a fair amount of iron. Also Vitamins D, E and C, omega-3 fatty acids. Moreover protein-rich foods like eggs, walnuts, spinach and other green leafy vegetables, fish etc during recovery. Hair is made of protein and eating a healthy, balanced diet will definitely boost hair growth.

Also it’s recommended to avoid  smoking and drinking .Both the consumption of alcohol and smoking can affect the amount of nutrients that reach your scalp. Which means that these activities affect the hair growth. These things must be avoided after a hair transplant.

Can a person change the hair’s style after transplant?

Yes. There ‘s no porblem with that . After the surgery the patients can style the hair as they wish. The hair after hair transplant is natural and they grow naturally as the grafts taken are the roots from the patient’s scalp and not any synthetic material.

Why does the Itching after the hair transplant happen ?

Itching on scalp after hair transplant is a normal thing which crusting make it . Also scab formation which happens after the surgery .Mostly it happens due to dryness of scalp. Also any pre-existing skin problem or even allergic reaction to any topical agent or an infection.

Scratching the scalp which in turn can lead to infection and graft displacement is an important cause of hair transplant failure.

When the healing occurred and the itching is still happening then one may use steroid ointment after consulting the treating doctor. Are Hair Implants Safe?

How can a patient know of a hair grift lost ?

As we already mentioned , the first 4 days after a hair transplant procedure are the most crucial ones . Because the grafts can become dislodged by simply tugging. Also by pulling or bumping the grafts. The telltale sign when there’s a lost graft is bleeding. If there is blood present when the grafts are still fresh, those grafts have been lost probably .

Conclusion :

Most of the time the patients are overly cautious about losing the new grafts . They begin to worry when grafts shed at first . Which is totally normal .However, if there is blood present or if there was any trauma to the recipient area after the first three-days, it is best to consult with the hair transplant surgeon instantly.