How Long Do Hair Implants Last?

How Long Do Hair Implants Last?

How Long Do Hair Implants Last? After the patient’s hair implantation process has been finished, the patient will be able to see their new hairline immediately. Hair will start to grow out of the follicles that were taken from the donor site and planted into the recipient site. After around three months, patients will see a clear difference in their balding area they had problems with. It is possible to experience a ‘shock loss’ around two to eight weeks after the surgery.

Shock loss occurs during the adaptation period of the hair that is in the transplanted follicles. They might fall out, however patients should not worry since this is a normal part of the process. The patient’s hair will grow back from these follicles, the hair will be healthy and normal. It is important to protect the implanted follicles and hair from the sun. Patients should avoid hats and other gear that touches the hair.

After Procedure What Should Do?

As long as the procedure is done by a professional surgeon and medical staff, hair implants should be permanent and last for a lifetime. Hair transplant procedures are considered safe surgeries, however complications are always possible. Just like any other surgical procedure, some problems can occur during the hair transplant process as well. These problems can include infections, shock loss, blood clots, allergic reactions to anesthesia, and many more. Every patient reacts differently to anesthesia, thus problems can vary. Already existing health conditions can also be a problem or even an obstacle for hair transplant surgeries. Dangerous health conditions, such as staged cancer, heart problems, etc. may be a reason to renounce hair implant surgeries. The doctor and the medical staff will decide according to every patient’s special circumstances and medical background. The doctor should be contacted in order to decide if hair implant surgery is suitable for the patient.


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Hair Implant Methods

  • Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT): This method is highly preferred by patients who suffer from degrading hairline or linear balding. Local anesthesia is used during this procedure. The surgeon and medical team cut out a piece of skin from an area that is abundant in healthy hair follicles. Then, this piece of skin, which is about 15-20cm x 1-1.5 cm big, is cut into many smaller units. Each one of these units contains about 3-4 hair follicles. These units are later implanted into the balding area. Since more than one hair follicle is implanted on the units, this method is heavily requested for patients with big balding spots. The medical team and surgeon will implant every unit carefully. The direction of the hair follicle and vibrancy of the area it is implanted on is important during this step. A natural appearance should be valued during the process.
  • Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE): Follicular unit extraction(FUE) is a little bit more complicated in contrast to the follicular unit transplant method. During this process, every single hair follicle is extracted individually. The follicles will be taken from the donor area, which is rich in healthy hair follicles. Then, these follicles will be implanted in the recipient area. This procedure takes long time since hundreds to thousands of hair follicles are all individually implanted. The procedure can be done in one long session or can be completed in longer, smaller sessions. Every step of the process will be determined according to the circumstances of the patients. Follicular unit extraction aims for a natural, flawless apperaence. After a few months of hair growth, the area with the new follicles will be intertwined with the remaining area. This procedure provides natural results for patients as long as it is performed by a professional medical team. FUE Procedure Pain

Recovery Time

In order to achieve the appearance they aim for, patients have to be very careful and patient with their hair implantation process. The surgery is only the beginning of the journey to achieve natural, healthy hair. Hair implantation surgeries are out-patient surgeries, which means that the patients do not spend any time at the hospital. Patients are sent home to continue their recovery on their own. Thus, it is important that patients are more careful since they will not be under surveillance. If anything happens to their newly implanted hair follicles, there is no medical team around to intervene. It could be too late to save the follicles by the time the patient arrives at the hospital. This means that the whole responsibility is on the patient. The doctor will provide the patient with all the information that is needed.

After Procedure

The precaution that affects the patient most, is the restricted usage of shampoo. Some patients are recommended to use shampoo the first day after the procedure. Others are told to wait a longer time. This may affect the general hygiene appearance of patients, especially because they are not allowed to cover it up. Patients should not use any kind of head protection that touches the newly implanted hair. Hats, helmets, or any other gear can bring much damage to the follicles. Similarly, avoiding the sun is an important step in a flourishing recovery. Satin pillowcases are also recommended in order to protect the scalp. The necessary amount of medication and lotions will be prescribed. As long as patients follow all the instructions and do everything that is being told, no problems should occur. However, patients should keep in mind that infections or problems caused by anesthesia can always emerge. Is Hair Implant Safe?

Further Information

In short, hair implants are supposed to last for a lifetime once they are done. However, complications may occur because of wrong aftercare. It is also important to find a professional doctor and medical team to trust during the hair implantation process. The doctor should answer all of the questions the patient has. Patients should be relaxed and comfortable during the whole process. Local anesthesia is used in the hair implantation procedure. The patient will be awake during the hair implantation process. The whole procedure may be completed in one long session or smaller sessions. For further questions and information, the doctor should be contacted.