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How Long Does Beard Transplant Take To Heal?

How Long Does Beard Transplant Take To Heal?

Today we will talk about beard transplantation and especially “how long does beard transplant take to heal?”.

Healing Process After Beard Transplantation

Beard transplant operations, which take about 3-6 hours, take a long time to heal because the face is a sensitive area. As stated in the previous paragraphs, it can be difficult to avoid physical contact. The most important statement about the healing point after beard transplantation; The first week after the operation will shape the whole process, and this process can be easily overcome with just a few simple measures. You should rest for the first 3 days after the beard transplant operation. In addition, we can list other points you should pay attention to as follows; In beard transplantation, you should not use alcohol and smoking for the first 3 days after the operation. We can recommend the same situation after hair transplantation. This will help speed up the healing process.

In order not to deform the hair follicles, you should avoid activities that cause sweating. The situation here is the same as the degree of perspiration after hair transplantation and the target is; In order to avoid any contact with the hair follicles, it is necessary to avoid clothes that are likely to come into contact with the planting area such as turtleneck and scarf. Particular attention should be paid to the consumption of protein group foods, especially vitamins A, E, C, D and B7 and B12, which stand out in terms of their aspects. Experts recommend that you lie on your back and make as little contact with the pillow as possible.


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How Should Beard Care Be Done After Beard Transplantation? 

The points to be considered for beard care after beard transplantation are: It is not desirable to shave the beard with a razor in the first 6 months following the beard transplantation. Chemical care products should be avoided for beard care. Products containing excessive chemicals can have a negative effect on your beard. All vitamins and minerals that are good for hair are also beneficial for beards. In general, taking care of your health, using vitamin supplements, eating regular and healthy nutrition, avoiding alcohol and smoking cause beard to grow healthier and faster after beard transplantation.Do not use high pressure water while washing your face. The water you use to wash your face should be warm. Do not rub your face hard during drying. Make sure that the towel you use to dry is soft. Beard Implant Before and After

First Wash and Shave After Beard Transplantation

The first washing and shaving after beard transplantation are undoubtedly important stages and wrong decisions at these stages will directly affect the health of their roots. You should pay attention here that you should have the washing procedure done in the clinic where you have beard transplantation. Sometimes you may have to do the first wash in home environment for various reasons. You should be very careful about washing the beard at home. After washing, redness and crusting will improve, you need to be sensitive so that the scabs do not fall deep.

Redness and Scabs After Beard Transplantation 

Redness and crusting that you will see after beard transplantation are very simple complications and will disappear over time. The appearance of acne-like rashes in the hair follicles transplanted after the operation depends on the application of the FUE technique and is a situation that should be considered normal and does not require any intervention. Scabbing occurs because you transplant the hair follicles in the form of holes. However, it is a complication with the same features as the rash at the point of intervention.

When to Grow Beard

In fact, it comes out the next day, that is, it becomes 0.3 mm longer one day after transplantation. After the detailed cleaning done after two weeks, you will see the final shape of approximately 1 cm. Shock shedding occurs between 2-6 weeks. There may be no spillage in shock spillage, as well as too much spillage. Those lost with shock shedding start to appear in the next 4-8 months and the final state occurs at the end of 1 year.

Medicine for Thickening Beards

If you get the roots required for the beard from the neck, not the neck, the roots you get from the neck will remain thin compared to the beard.If you increase the quality of the thin beard, you will get a fuller look. The most effective remedy for this is 10 mg of vitamin B7 (also known as Vitamin H or Biotin). It is enough to take one a day for a year after transplantation. Once the quality of the beard reaches a certain level, there is no longer a need for vitamins.

Who Is The Beard Transplant Suitable For?

Beard transplantation is a surgical procedure performed with hair follicles taken from the neck area. The area made with the help of micro needles is numbed with local anesthesia. Our patients do not feel any pain or ache after anesthesia performed with mild sedation.

If you do not like the look of your beard, if your beard is thin, or if you do not have a beard accidentally, beard transplantation is suitable for you.

After the beard transplantation, our patients can return to their homes, or they can switch to washing their beards within 48 hours at the latest. Body Hair Transplant

Are There Any Side Effects of Beard Transplantation?

What Are The Side Effects After Beard Transplantation? The effects that you may encounter after the beard transplantation are: Itching and / or irritation in the area where you transplant the beard, Pain in the face and head, Redness in the face and head, Numbness in the scalp or facial skin. But you should not interfere in this situation. You should expect it to decrease spontaneously during the natural healing process. One week after the beard transplant, you will see a serious improvement in these side effects and you will recover faster day by day. Thus, we discussed beard transplantation and how long does beard transplant take to heal. If you want to get more detailed information, you can contact us.