How Long Does Hair Transplant Recovery Take?

How Long Does Hair Transplant Recovery Take?

How Long Does Hair Transplant Recovery Take? A hair transplant can be defined as the permanent solution of hair loss. A hair transplant is a kind of microsurgery operation, which is done in the hospital. Actually, as in many operations, there is also recovery time in the hair plant operation. People may have different hair transplant recovery duration, but we will discuss how long hair transplant recovery durations take generally.

The first one is 7 Days After The Operation.

7 Days After Hair Transplant Surgery

Firstly, the patient who has a hair plant operation can feel a bit swelling in the front side of his head. This feeling of swelling generally starts on the third day, and it disappears by the sixth day. After the operation, the patient may experience the flaking off from 5-7 days. If any redness comes up, it ends by the seventh day. Also, a pinkish appearance can be seen for the next few weeks.


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14 Days After The Surgery

Like the 7 seven days after surgery, some side effects like redness, or pink color in the skin, can be seen 14 days after surgery. Hair transplant recovery continues to be with many side effects. For example, some staples that your doctors put has to be removed by them. The 14 days after the surgery is the exact time when your doctor needs to remove the staple from your skin. When 14 days is over, the next days of the recovery, your hairs that are transplanted can start to fall out. However, you had better not to worry about it, for that is quite normal to experience it.

Actually, this is an expected problem. Many patients may start worrying and questioning about whether the operation is useful. They are a bit afraid due to the side effects of what they don’t want to experience, but there is no point in scaring yourself by these thoughts. There are problems in almost all treatments. You may ask yourself ‘’ How Long Does Hair Transplant Recovery Take? ‘’ The process starts and goes on according to some time ranges. There will be negative and positive sides of the hair transplant recovery in some months.

1 -2 Months After Hair Plant Surgery

When it comes to the 1 -2 months after hair transplant recovery duration, many patients might start seeing the expected results slowly. For instance, they might see the little part of their new hair, which starts appearing in the surface of their scalp. This process can change between people. While some patients go through this period, others can experience it later. Also, you shouldn’t forget that the new hair coming won’t be thick. It will get thicker more and more gradually. The patients also feel some allergic reactions in their scalp, but this is normal to see them. That is the side effects that can look like acne.

After 3-4 months of the hair transplant surgery, people can become aware of their hair grows like in the 1-2 months of the recovery period, but the probability of this is more when compared with 1-2 months of the hair plant recovery process.

5-6-7 Months After Surgery

5-6-7 months after the surgery, you will expect to see visibility in your hair. You want to see the effects more conspicuous compared with the previous phases, and everything is about to start going more regularly in hair development.

8 – 10 Months After Surgery

You can realize the increase in the hair transplant in your hair better in the 8-10 months. However, this doesn’t mean that everything is over. Hair transplant recovery doesn’t end; in contrast, other things and upgrades of the process will develop in the following stages.

In the 8th month of hair transplant, the hair is much thicker, and the general appearance of the hair is more outstanding. The hair is the brightest by being different from prior months.

The final process is 1 Year after the hair transplant operation.

1 Year After the surgery

In the final stage, your new hair is your real hair. It starts growing in a regular way. You can’t see more negativity in your hair. You accept the new hair as just your normal hair. It looks great and striking. Maybe you can’t believe in new hair because you get accustomed to your old hair. When a year has passed, you must know that it is a very long time for hair plant recovery.

After Operation, What Should I Do With My New Hairs?

The improvement of your hair doesn’t end actually. They go on improving in the next years of your life. A Hair transplant process is a very lasting operation. You must know that the results and benefits of it will last forever. You won’t be regretful for having this operation. You can make a change in your new hair by yourself as well. For instance, you can make them cut the way whatever you want. You can create your styles. Even, you can make the color that you want, for it is so easy to do it.

You have hairs now. Also, there is not a special diet for keeping your new hair in optimum condition. There is no restrictions on it. Like other people, you can use normal shampoos and herbal ingredients. Infections are seldom in the hair transplant recovery process, but you shouldn’t be exposed to dirty and environment containing bacteria in your daily life or work. Especially, it is important for two weeks immediately after the operation.

How Long Is Recovery After Hair Transplant?

In conclusion, the hair transplant is a highly extensive process. Recovery after hair transplant doesn’t start and end in a moment. There are hair transplant recovery phases. After the hair transplant operation, from 1 month to 12 months, people who have this operation go through different experiences. Although people have experiences in common, for some months, people may go through variable experiences.

People around us may say that hair transplant is unnecessary, but it is unpainful and great innovation for people that need transplanting their hair. Some people might not have enough hair, and this is very normal, it can be hereditary or depending on other factors, but there is a solution: ‘’Hair Transplant’’.

Finally, the stages of hair transplant recovery are categorized according to 1-12 months, and it can be understood from this article there are people’s experiences about hair transplant recovery and after the 12 months, you will have completed the big part of the hair transplant recovery.