How Long Does It Take For Hair Implants To Grow?

How Long Does It Take For Hair Implants To Grow?

How Long Does It Take For Hair Implants To Grow? When Will My Hair Grow After Hair Implant Surgery? After the procedure, you probably think that you will see your recently transplanted hair grow faster and faster. However, this is not the case. Should this lack of hair growth be something to worry about? You can bet that many hair transplant clinics will not want to discuss this concern. The reason is that they do not want to be open and honest about what happens in the process of hair growth after surgery. We at our clinic believe in honesty and sincerity as we are a leading authority on hair transplant surgeries. We have performed over 4500 successful surgeries. This experience means that we are able to advise patients throughout the cycle of what is happening and what to look out for if things go wrong.

You have made the brave decision to have a hair transplant after much thought and reflection.

  • Why Doesn’t My Hair Grow After Hair Implant Surgery? Here are some important facts to keep in mind before you start worrying.
  • How long has the hair transplant been? This is a very important question, as time is a very important factor in deciding if you are right to worry.

To decide, you need to understand the stages of growth after a hair transplant.


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How fast does hair grow after a hair implant?

There may be reasons why your hair does not grow after surgery. Immediately after surgery, you can see your recently transplanted hair. In the next two weeks, you will see it fall. This is not always the case and some people hold their hair longer than others for eight weeks before it falls out.

What happens when hair falls out after a hair transplant?

When you shed your hair, you will probably feel a little down, as it seems that you have not done a hair transplant at all. This is called a period of doubt. Rest assured that every person who has had this treatment will go through this period of uncertainty. The question that comes to your mind every time you look in the mirror will be.

When will my transplanted hair grow?

This is quite annoying and worrying as you have invested so much money and time to complete the process. Now you want to see the results. Do you want to know:

Is my process done correctly? Yes, this is something that every patient should know. The period of doubt lasts three to six months after hair implant surgery. This is called The Ugly Duckling Phase.

What happens after hair loss?

Hair has fallen out and a new hair growth cycle begins. The transplanted hair has passed into a resting phase. So explains our specialist FUE surgeons. If you put 200 people to sleep in one room, will they all wake up at the same time? The obvious answer is no you will not! Everyone’s way of sleeping is different and slow, but surely one by one everyone will wake up.

This is exactly what happens to your hair. One ad at a time sometimes together they start to grow! Hair will start to grow from three months later.

Take a look at some patient video diaries to help you understand the steps on your hair restoration journey.

How do I know my hair is growing?

So this is an important question. You want to stop worrying knowing that your results are moving in the right direction. If your hair grows, you will notice tiny bumps on the surface of the skin where the hair follicles try to break and grow. How Long After A Hair Transplant Will My Hair Grow?

When do I see my results?

From six months onwards your hair starts to grow and you will see 70% of your transplanted hair grow back. In nine months you have a higher density in the transplanted areas. You need to feel positive now. Twelve months after surgery you should see a great improvement and complete results. There is still a 5% improvement in your growth.

Eighteen months after the surgery you can now see all your transplanted hair.

I can not see my results and it is almost a year after surgery what to do?

If you can not see your results at all and it is almost a year after surgery, unfortunately, something went wrong. Hair implantation occurs. You should contact your surgeon to discuss why the surgery did not deliver the promised results. If you have had surgery abroad or your surgeon cannot contact you, the next best thing to do is arrange a consultation with a reputable surgeon such as Dr. Malkani. It will give you honest advice about your current position. He will also advise on all options, including correcting the failed operation. This may or may not be possible, depending on how much hair is left in your donor area.

My hair does not grow after hair transplant surgery What if the hair implant does not work?

A failed transplant is very annoying, but there are always other options available. We at our clinic are pleased to advise all patients on any areas of concern or concern for hair growth.

We perform body hair implants for those suitable patients who do not have enough donor’s hair.

In addition to transplants, we can use a variety of other methods to treat hair loss. The ideal method for you will depend on the degree and type of hair loss you are experiencing, your general health, and other factors.

Patience is a virtue!

Remember that patience is very important as hair implants take a whole year to show results. Stress accomplishes nothing. In fact, looser people are more likely to succeed in hair surgery from our experience. It is better to try to forget your hair and let your hair grow. If you are not satisfied with your results from a previous surgeon book, consult our specialist surgeons and we will be happy to help you! Take a look at the journey of hair transplant patients. So you know what to expect on your hair restoration journey. How Long Does It Take For Hair Implants To Grow? Does Hair Grow After Transplant?