How Long Is Recovery From Hair Transplant Surgery?

How Long Is Recovery From Hair Transplant Surgery?

How Long Is Recovery From Hair Transplant Surgery? Some people suffer from hair problems. Hair loss is one of them. In the past, some techniques were used, but they weren’t constant. They gave no permanent results. Today, there are different and effective treatment ways of hair transplants. DHI and FUE Hair Transplants are among the ways most used. They become a very extensive process.

While trying to choose what kind of treatment you should, your mind probably fills with many questions like How long is recovery from Hair Transplant Surgery?, Which Treatment Should I Choose? While you have read the article, you will have eased your concerns to a large extent. Lets’s have a look at the timeline after hair transplant recovery.

Day 1 After The Surgery

At the very beginning of the operation, It is suggested that you don’t do any activities after you go home. Your doctor will give some pills in case you feel any pain. Normally, there is no real danger, but since you have taken some pills you don’t know or get accustomed to, you shouldn’t drive your car or start doing other activities.


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Doctors don’t want from you anything that is a hard or different thing. They just want you to rest for a while. Generally, patients are alarmed and anxious at the first and following days of the operation. In order to heal fast, they have to obey the instructions doctors give them to do.

Day 2-4 After the Surgery

On day 2-4 after the operation, you may experience some kind of pink color on your scalp. It is like a pinkish. You shouldn’t worry about that. This is a normal side effect of the treatment. On these days, you mustn’t touch your recipient area where transplantation is made. Also, you shouldn’t wash the area unless your doctor says to do. These are important in terms of the sensitivity of the implantation process. You should abstain from any alcohol. It damages your operation duration. It slows down and creates unexpected side effects. You shouldn’t be worried when you see swelling on your scalp. That is pretty normal in the treatment.

Day 5-7 After the Operation

On day 5-7 after the operation, if you have felt pain for 2-3-4 days, they are alleviated by pills your doctor suggests. When you come day 5-7, things are better for you, for your pain lessens, and hair follicles start adapting in their new area. Maybe you will have the feeling of itching. There is no problem if you scratch slightly but never do that forcibly and strongly. Inıtially, you are forbidden to wash what and whenever you like. Now, you can wash your hair like an old daily washing routine. There is no certain time as in the first week. While washing your hair, it will be better for you to use shampoos your surgeon strongly advise you to use. They have enough experience in hair transplant and process. That’s why you should follow the instructions well. You should come back to your job when the first week has passed. DHI Hair plant Recovery continues to 2nd-4th week.

Week 2-4 After the Operation

Day 10

In the second week after hair transplant, crusts occurring begins to disappear. They are removed slowly. In the first week, the scalp is pinkish on the 2-4 day, the scalp becomes real pink color in the second week. You will probably see the falling out of your hair. This may be frightening and disappointing for you; however, such an event is fairly normal. You don’t need to be shocked when you see the hair loss. This means that although implanted hair begins to fall out, new hairs can start appearing.

Normally, until the second week after the operation, the stitches end and become normal. If there have been any incisions still, they will pass by themselves. You don’t need to do anything. In terms of your hair care, you can go on a normal routine. You don’t have to change the washing and cleaning habit of your hair. Because stitches and Now that the wound has closed, removing the stitches and incisions have passed. Hair transplant recovery goes more effectively.

Day 11 – Week 4

In this stage, hair loss may go on until the end of week 4 (1 month) after the operation. Sometimes, this event is called shock loss by some experts. Seeing shedding of hairs is a normal situation. Falling out of the hairs doesn’t mean, they go forever and don’t come back again. Your new hair will be able to grow soon. If you see abnormal pimples and they give you pain, you had better consult with your doctor. He can prescribe you some anti-biotic or needle.

your appearance may come back to the normal appearance of you. Implanted hairs and your actual new hair are the same as each other. Most patients who have this operation realize this change.

Months 2-3 After the Surgery

On day 60-90 (Months 2-3) after the surgery,

Maybe real change starts at this stage. From now on, you will have followed the differences very clearly. Your hairs will be more compared with prior stages. For the FUT Hair Implant technique, new hairs will have completed the healing part mostly. You probably like this stage because you haven’t seen the symptoms that you make happy until now. You could start combing your new hair for the first time.

Months 4-6 After the Surgery

At this stage, you may start a special designing way of your hair for the following period. As well as combing your hairs, you can also give variable shapes to your new hair. The recipient area will be more healed also. You should take some photographs at this stage for your doctor to show the progress brighter. After you have completed the 6th month, it will be better for you to arrange an appointment with your surgeon. Hair growing is not completed at this stage. It will continue to grow in the following months

Month 7 – 1 Year After the Surgery

Now that you have come to this point, you will have been in a very long process. Almost the %90 of your implanted hair is now clearly seen. You will be more comfortable while combing your new hair, for it will be more and easy to groom. You had better go on appointing with your doctor because this is the very last stage. Doctors should listen to your problems and happy moments when you go through during hair transplant surgery.

According to your words, they take some notes for treatment and apply them more carefully for the new person who will have the hair transplant operation. You don’t have anything to show special attention to the treatment. You are almost free.

To sum up, when you have read this article you will have found the answers to your question. Recovery From Hair Transplant Surgery is a process that lasts until 12months. After your recovery time is over, you can leave your hairs to a beauty salon or you can create different styles. That is completely your choice. Probably, you have clarified the questions in your mind. If you have more questions, or would you like to ask. Then contact us! You could want help from us!