How Long to Avoid Sun After Hair Transplant

How Long to Avoid Sun After Hair Transplant

How Long to Avoid Sun After Hair Transplant Hair transplant surgery is a treatment that can permanently precise treatment of hair loss in men and women. Dr Raymond Cone as an experienced surgeon, the risk of post-surgical hair loss can minimize, but the best way to ensure success is to closely follow post-operative instructions.

This, after the hair transplant surgery, include avoiding exposure to the sun for several months. the improvement of your scalp and follicle roots are in need of plenty of time to release. Sun exposure not only on the skin but can also damage the hair roots. I will explain how long to avoid sun after hair transplant .

Skin Damage

Skin incisions are made anywhere becomes more sensitive to light. The sun and tanning beds are especially sensitive to ultraviolet rays emitted. Sun exposure may prevent the healing process and may lead to excessive scar permission.


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After the surgery, the transplanted skin can not protect itself from sun exposure at least several months. Our skin contains cells called chromatophores name. These cells are important for the pigmentation of the skin. When exposed to the sun, chromatophores darkens the skin to protect it from further exposure.

When these cells transplanted skin is removed or remains dormant or dead. The new implanted grafts to regenerate these cells can take several months. Meanwhile, it leaves the skin transplanted face the greater risk of sun damage.

Damage to Hair Roots

Hair transplantation is not only the surface layer comprises several layers of the skin. Epidermis or surface layer relatively quickly improved, improvement of deeper tissues may take much longer. penetrate and damage caused by exposure to the sun can damage the epidermis and the underlying tissue hair follicles not yet healed. This can cause the hair to fail.

How Long Is Protection Needed From Sun?

You should wait at least four months after hair transplant surgery to protect your scalp from the sun. Dr Konior recommends wearing a hat that fully covers the planting area during this time. Incisions should avoid using sunscreen until completely healed. After all the incisions heal, it can suggest a few more months at least SPF 30 sunscreen or a hat with the use. Following these instructions after surgery, transplants will increase your chances of success

Why is it important for patients not to be exposed to the sun after hair transplantation?

During the plantation, skin undergoes a degree of surgical trauma. In this case, maybe particularly exposed to direct sunlight can be dangerous and cause damage to the area where the grafts are planted.  The transplanted skin in the week after the hair transplantation is important to note that typically can not protect itself from exposure to direct sunlight. The reason for this is usually too much skin when exposed to sunlight, which serve to protect the chromatophores is dead or remain motionless in the transport process. Renewal and improvement will take time. Too much direct exposure to the sun can not only damage the surface of the skin being treated, it can also affect the deeper tissues and can cause serious harm. How Long To Avoid The Sun After Hair Transplant

How to prevent sun exposure after hair transplantation?

The most effective way to protect the transplantation area from direct sunlight after treatment is by wearing a hat. The hat should completely cover the planting area. Just remember that wearing sunscreen isn’t enough for a hat – you should avoid sunscreen altogether until the incisions in your procedure have healed. Make sure the hat is not tight or too loose.

Avoiding direct sun exposure doesn’t mean you should stay indoors on sunny days. Make sure your scalp is adequately protected when you go out. Even 1-3 months after the procedure, you can choose to continue wearing head protection as scalp hypersensitivity may still be present. In general, if you experience severe discomfort after three months following the procedure, you should contact your surgeon for advice. Remember that avoiding sun exposure after a hair transplant is about minimizing the risk of any complications while giving yourself the best chance for successful results. Do not underestimate the potential dangers of UV radiation on transplanted skin. Take appropriate precautions and keep yourself safe.

The Sun Is Not Friendly After Hair Transplantation

Many people are aware of how the sun causes changes in the skin. The sun does not only affect the skin, it can also affect grafts. The hair on the scalp after the sun can cause adverse effects on the hair follicles and new hair growth.

Sun Can Cause Excessive Allergy To The Scalp

Depending on the process carried out after Hair on the scalp dryness symptoms may occur. When exposed to the sun and dryness increases this irritating the scalp, leading to severe allergies cause a healing process.

Changes the colour of the sun Scalp

Sun, especially in the area planted to him directly exposed, can cause changes in the colour of the scalp. After the procedure, in the area of cultivation, it is more sensitive than other regions to prevent any discolouration is important to protect the scalp from the sun.

Is Sunbathing Safe?

As we mentioned before, the sun can be harmful and can negatively affect the results of Hair Transplantation. Many Hair Transplant experts agree on how necessary it is to avoid sunlight for at least 2-4 weeks after the procedure.

There are so many moments in daily life that we need to be exposed to sunlight, such as moving from one place to another or working outdoors, but if the purpose of the exposure is to sunbathe, this will be a barrier for healthy hair. At this stage, it is not a safe activity to sunbathe until the healing process is complete.

As you complete the healing process and unprotected at sea or in the pool we do not recommend swimming. The sun is causing sweating and notes that the obstacle to adapt to the scalp grafts. The most important question at this point how long to avoid sun after hair transplant. Hair Transplant Turkey Price

Protection From Sun Is Very Easy

Even if there are many disadvantages caused by the sun after Hair Transplant, it is very easy to protect yourself from it.

Avoid the direct exposure to the sun at noon, using protection cream that has no less than 30 elements besides wearing a hat that does not press on the head is enough to protect the scalp from the sun’s damage. Remember this, do not use the protective cream on open wounds. After considering the necessary precautions, we cannot say there is a more suitable season for Hair Transplant than the other. Small details make Hair Transplant suitable at all times and for everyone.