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How Long To Avoid The Sun After Hair Transplant

How Long To Avoid The Sun After Hair Transplant

How Long To Avoid The Sun After Hair Transplant Hair loss is a common problem. As a solution to this problem, there are some conditions for healing after hair transplantation operations. Compliance with these conditions literally affects healing well. The most important question is how long to avoid the sun after hair transplant.A hair transplant can be a permanent solution for hair loss and is performed with minimal surgical intervention. Hair transplant surgery is a procedure in which a person’s hair is transplanted into a person’s scalp. Both women and men can benefit from this procedure. We know that exposure to sunlight has very serious consequences. For you, we have discussed this topic and compiled headlines that should be considered.

Before Hair Transplantation

Every patient wants to get through the operation easily. For this, you should carefully listen to your doctor and follow the instructions given.  Every patient wants to get through the operation easily. For this, you should carefully listen to your doctor and follow the instructions given. After hair transplantation, it is essential that the roots of the hair course are not exposing to harmful sun rays. This condition is more important in the sensitive scalp. The sun darkens the scalp and then leaves a scar, making redness. It also delays wound healing. The October area cannot protect itself against the sun’s Rays for several months. Our skin secretes chromatophores that darken the skin when exposed to too much sun as a form of protection.

However, these chromatophores become ineffective or die during transplantation, and it takes time for them to heal or regenerate within the grafts. As for hair transplantation, it is not just the outer layer of skin that is treated . Doctors recommend that patients be protected from the sun for at least 4 months for real protection after surgery. After hair transplantation, it is necessary not to expose them to direct sunlight for 1-2 months so that the healing process is fast and the formed shells fall out. It can also damage the skin to hair follicles, such as baths, pools, sea, sauna, sea. Hot water can damage the hair follicles.


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After Hair Transplantation

Taking these into account, it should overshadow when it goes out. Sun rays are very important in wound healing.Hat should use even if it goes out under the sun. But care should take not to tighten the scalp of the hat and allow it to breathe. Oxygen accelerates the rapid healing of the wound in the scalp. The sun’s Rays are beneficial as well as damaging. Excessive sun exposure can cause thickening of the scalp, weakening of the immune system, and many diseases such as skin thinning. There is a pigment calling melanin in various layers of our skin. This pigment protects the skin from damage by absorbing harmful rays from the sun. As exposure to the sun increases, the skin produces more melanin, which leads to a darker color of the skin.

Healing Wounds

For this reason, during wound healing, if the healing wound exposes to sunlight, it is possible to darken the color in these wounds. The scalp sees the sun’s rays directly. After hair transplantation, which is a surgical procedure, it is very normal to have slight redness. his, in turn, leads to hassling of the scalp. Excessive exposure under the sun prevents this rash from passing in a short time. It also leads to unwanted pigmentation increases. In addition to the sun’s Rays, tanning should also be avoided. If these are not paid attention to, severe sunburn can prevent new hair from coming out. The patient should take into consideration the following after the hair restoration;

In hair transplantation surgery, there are incisions in which the removed grafts will be transplanted. Therefore, the skin becomes more sensitive to the sun.Also, the entire procedure can end in failure, as overexposure to sunlight can penetrate deeply into the inner layers and cause further damage to the tissue that does not heal.

  • The grafted hair follicles and scalp need time to adapt and grow.
  • The transplanted area will most likely be more sensible for the first months.
  • Besides, sun exposure can lead to changes in your scalp’s dye,  particularly in transplanted areas. Therefore, you must quard your scalp from straight sunlight.
  • Generally, patients prefer to have hair transplantation in the summer times. Thus, the risk of exposure to direct sunlight will increase.
  • The patients’ skin becomes extra sensitive to ultraviolet rays after the surgery.
  • When you don’t prevent sun exposure, there may happen burning, itching, or inflammation in the transplanted area.

There isn’t an exact time for avoiding the sun; it is about the patient’s symptoms. Generally, the patient should prevent the sun after the hair transplant surgery for 4 or 5 months. You can go out whenever you want by taking the due precautions, such as wearing a hat. How Long to Avoid Sun After Hair Transplant

 Be Careful About Post-Care A Hair Transplant Operation  

When you choose experienced doctors, they can minimize the risk of hair loss after surgery. However, success depends on you.Follow the instructions after surgery carefully. For example, you should avoid sun exposure a few months after hair transplant operations, because your scalp and new hair follicles need time to heal.Sunlight is sometimes the most dangerous thing due to UV radiation.It can affect your skin’s health,skin color,the healing process, and new hair graft. Also, exposure to the sun can damage not only your scalp but also your hair follicles.

If you are not careful, additional treatment may stretch.So the healing process prolongs. If you are careful enough, your risk of complications will decrease and your operational success will increase. That way you’ll get your old hair back. Avoid when the sun is intense. In addition to the above precautions, if possible, do not go out in the sun from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. This reduces the risk of sustaining a sun wound in areas treated for the first four months after hair transplantation. If you have any questions after hair transplantation,please contact your doctor and follow the advice. Hair Transplant Infection