How Many FUE Hair Transplants Can You Have?

How Many FUE Hair Transplants Can You Have?

How Many FUE Hair Transplants Can You Have? Complete baldness or partially baldness are both a big deal for people today. There are beauty standards in people’s minds, and everyone tends to like what is suitable for these standards. As a result, people who went through or going through hair loss are looking for a solution. There is no need to worry. In today’s world, anything is possible. No one has to feel stressed or depressed because of hairlessness because the remedy for it exists. The answer is called the FUE Hair Transplant Method. The process, how many FUE you can have, and all you need to know covered in this article.

 What is FUE Hair Transplant?

Follicular Unit Extraction is one way to solve baldness. Hair follicles from the patients’ body removed from a part of the body to another part of the body. The process can take more or less time, depending on the case. Also, there is another method called the FUT method. The FUE method deals with individual follicular units, whereas the FUT method deals with a strip of donor skin. If the patient does not have hair, or a hair thick enough to extract, the FUE method is not suitable. With the aid of a doctor’s test, he or she can detect which one is best for the patient. And there are various hair and skin styles. Only the doctor will know for sure which choice is best for the patient. It is important to consult your doctor before making a decision.

 Is FUE Hair Transplant Safe?     

The patient might have minor side effects after the surgery. The operation may cause infections, itching, or swelling. Also, the patient may feel a loss of sensation in the area where the surgery took place. As long as the patient and the doctor follow the precautions, there is nothing to feel anxious about anything. Also, after the surgery, doctors prescribe some medications. If medications prescribed are used in the right way, the side effects will not show themselves harshly. Patients should consult reliable clinics and work with licensed surgeons. The patient can ask to see a portfolio.


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The person who undergoes surgery can feel an ache after surgery. Also, after surgery, the patient can experience bleeding, swelling, bruising, or scratching. Don’t forget you were having surgery. The doctor prescribes medicines for sores and discomforts. The patient must take care to avoid infection in the area of surgery. The doctor can administer antibiotics to mitigate this possibility.

 Can an Entirely Soft Person Get a Hair Transplant? 

If a person has a certain amount of donor to withdraw, the person will be subject to this process. But the hair sample has to be thick. That’s why certain long-lived people can’t have this kind of surgery. As the hair is getting thinner as we get old, and that’s why older people lose their hair as they get old.

 Is It Possible That Someone Else’s Hair Transplanted? 

It is not probable unless a person has identical genetics as the patient has existed. Since a person has his or her specific genetics, during surgery, the doctors are obliged to use the patient’s tissue.

 What Is The Price?  

The sum of the graft required determines the price. The operation needs approximately 2,000 to 3,000 graftings. It can be less or more depending on the patient and the area where the surgery took place. For example, if the patients’ entire head needs to be covered, the surgeon will need more graft samples. In short, depending on the situation, the sum of the graph can change.

Consequently, the cost to be paid by the patient is not for sure. The surgeon who is going to perform the procedure is also efficient in setting the price. If the patient prefers to consult a highly rated physician, it will cost more money. The position may also have an impact on the price. Besides, the FUE method takes more time and effort. So, if a patient wishes to have the FUE method and consults a highly regarded doctor in a fancy venue, it will be costly.

The cost of this operation can derive depending on the surgeon or the clinic. Even the countries, cities affect the price. Highly rated surgeons or clinics may demand more money. The insurance does not cover the cost because this operation is cosmetic surgery. Still, it is free to ask your insurance company to pay for the surgery. But, probably the company will decline this request as there is no accident or unfortunate situation.

 Does It Look Natural? Does The Operation Leaves A Scar? 

After the surgery, the hairline looks completely normal. Also, the hair transplanted develops and hangs in the same way as the hair on the rest of the scalp. Unlike the FUT technique, which leaves a longitudinal scar, the FUE transplant leaves only a set of tiny dot scars on the scalp, which are so small.

 Does FUE Hair Transplant Work?    

The method 90% works in general. Depending on the case, the percentage can change. But, in general, the operation leads to success. The FUE method is a highly effective operation. That is why it takes more time and costs more money. During the first weeks of the healing process, patients may shed some hair. But this is all normal. Up to three to six months, new hair will be growing up. In twelve months, the patient will see the final result. Also, implanted hair continues to grow as time passes. We can say that the operation lasts a lifetime.  In conclusion, we can say the process works.

 How Many Hair Transplants Can A Person Have?

Every case must be considered individually. Many factors affect the number of hair transplants and it should be remembered that there is no precise number that can usually be progressed for all patients. There is no limit to the overall number of hair transplants, although they can be done at a distance of a few years in some cases. The patient would need an average number of 6 or 7 hair transplantation procedures while using the FUE process. How Many FUE Hair Transplants Can You Have?