How Much Are FUE Hair Transplants?

How Much Are FUE Hair Transplants?

How Much Are FUE Hair Transplants? People always want to look their best. In modern times there is a big importance of being young and beautiful. People wish to look younger and healthier. Beauty-related medical procedures try to answer those needs. Lately, more and more people openly go through some sort of surgery to look better and feel more confident. There are many different procedures available to meet everybody’s needs. If you feel insecure about not having enough hair, there is a solution for you as well. Long, shiny, and beautiful hair is a great sign of youth and health. But, as people get older some may start to lose their hair faster than expected. Hair transplants may help you with that issue easily. That way you can cover any boldness that you want. But which method is the best one? How much are FUE hair transplants? Let us answer all of it.

What is an FUE hair transplant?

  Before talking about specific methods, we need to talk about hair transplants in general. This procedure can help to plant hair on any part of your body that you wish. You can get it for your eyebrows, eyelashes, or your scalp like most of our patients. Most of the clients tend to be men in their middle ages since they start to lose hair. However, some women may get it if they need it as well. Some clients may also wish to replant the hair that they lost due to a scar or burn. Whatever your reason is, you are welcome to get hair transplantation. While there is not a specific age limit, some clinics may not recommend it until you are 21. Make sure to contact your doctor to learn more about the topic of who can get it.

When it comes to hair transplants, there are a few different methods available. The most famous ones are FUT and FUE. Today we will concentrate on the latter. FUE (follicular unit extraction) is a method that might be more preferred as it does not leave permanent scars. However, it takes a long time because the surgeon uses a detailed procedure. First, they shave hair from where your hair follicles will be taken. They then remove hair follicles individually. After that, they open very small incisions on where your hair will be planted with a sharp, needle-like tool. Then, the surgeon plants those hair follicles there one by one. Lastly, they cover the operated area with bandages. Because of the detailed, one by one work, doctors recommend using this method on smaller areas. However, you can still get it for your scalp or anyplace that you like.


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What to expect after FUE hair transplants?

  It is important to know what to expect realistically after getting an FUE hair transplant. Right after the surgery, you will enter your recovery process. This might be the most difficult part of all. But if you follow your doctor’s instructions you will not face any big difficulties. For the first few weeks, it is important to rest well. You may want to take a few days off your work to fasten the recovery process. You should also be very careful with caring about your operated area. Avoid direct sunlight that may hurt your skin and new hair follicles. Avoid touching or scratching your skin as it can cause infections or deeper scars. Shower as your doctor instructs you and use any medication that hey give to you. That way you can recover without any problems.

The recovery process after the FUE hair transplant takes a few months. But after that, you will not have any difficulties. You will be able to enjoy your life as you wish. You can be as confident as you want with your new hair. It will look natural and smooth and the results of the surgery are guaranteed. You will see the initial results of your surgery after around six months. And after one year your hair will grow completely. With this method, there will be no visible scars left after the surgery. So, no need to feel uneasy about your looks. Feel free to finally enjoying life with high self-esteem. Reaching the point of being comfortable in your own skin is important. And with this procedure, it is not difficult.

Price of FUE hair transplants?

You may need a certain time before deciding on whether you want to get an FUE hair transplant or not.  As we mentioned above, there are some positive results of the surgery as well as negative ones. A part of those you might have your own personal reasons going on. If you do not have the time to get the surgery it might be difficult. Arranging time for the recovery may not be too easy for everyone. However, undeniably there is one big question that this all leads to. What is the cost of this surgery? Since it is not one that is covered by health insurance in many countries, it can get pricy. Naturally, you will want it to be budget-friendly. So you will search for an answer to this. The answer to this question might surprise you!

Sadly, there is no common answer to determine the price of FUE hair transplants. There are many factors that may change the cost of everything. Commonly, FUE can cost more than other methods as it is a detailed process done for many hours. Even with that, you may not find the correct price. Some countries like Turkey offer cheaper prices so some people choose to get it done abroad. According to how big of an area you want to cover will also change the price drastically. Of course, a more experienced clinic or doctor will cost more than a beginning one. As you can see, there is no clear answer. To get more information on how much it will cost in your case, make sure to contact our clinic.