How Much Biotin to Stop Hair Loss

How Much Biotin to Stop Hair Loss

From M Shape to Balding

How Much Biotin to Stop Hair Loss How to Stop Hair Loss Early Although people have been looking for cures, how to stop hair loss early became a very popular issue lately. Hair loss (alopecia) could affect not just your scalp, it also could affect your entire body. It also could be revealed as temporary or permanent. There is no age limit in this condition. You might be young, old, rich, poor, famous, or regular; you might experience it at a certain aspect of your life anyway.

According to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, almost up to 80 percent of European men could experience receding headlines when they reach their 80s. Hair shedding might result from various reasons. It could be genetic, hormonal changes, specific kinds of diseases, medical conditions, or the normal cycle of aging. Although it could be seen in any person, men are likely to suffer from hair loss more than women. 


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Today, millions of people are seeking cures to fix their hair loss; recently, their focal point is answering “how much biotin they should use to stop hair loss”. Hair loss could affect anyone at any age. It does not matter whether you are young, famous, rich, or else; you might experience it in a certain aspect of your life. Although it influences both men and women, it is a fact that men lose their hair more than women.

To the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, 80 percent of people who have hair shedding problems are men. According to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, more than 50 million men suffer from male pattern alopecia recently. They also indicated that the amount of hair transplant operations increased more than 60 percent in the last few years. To one study, about 80 percent of men lose their hair when they reach their 70s.

Male pattern alopecia is one of the most popular among other kinds of alopecia. It is also known as androgenetic alopecia. Dermatologists say that androgenetic alopecia affects more than 50 million men and 30 million women in only U. S. It appears that it usually begins with puberty, and could go on through years and years (until there is no hair left). Most of the men experience its first signs with M shape hairline. When they do not care, this M shape continues and gets wider. When it reaches through the bottom of your head, it gets slow down. Although there is a well-developed technology for hair loss today, many men think that there is no cure, or choose to live with that. Other types of alopecia are not so common, but it is not less destructive than the male pattern. 

Is Biotin an Answer?

There are a lot of ways to stop hair loss and regain your old, lost hair. Of course, the first one is realizing and admitting that you are having this condition. Because you can only take an action by admitting that you have a problem. But the thing is, in order to you can realize it, you have to know what the symptoms are. Symptoms of hair loss could vary. One of them is slight thinning on your upper hairline. It is also the most common type among other symptoms. The other one is partial balding spots. You could see them on your scalp, beard, or eyebrows. Once you realize these symptoms, you should see a dermatologist. Without a doubt, she or he would be the one who can offer you the best treatment.

Perhaps your dermatologist might prescribe you corticosteroid, immunosuppressant, antimalarial drugs, or intravenous drugs. She or he might also offer you a hair transplant operation, or other techniques, like biotin based products or treatments.

Biotin is a water-soluble vitamin. It is a part of the vitamin B family (B7), but it is also called vitamin H. Our body needs biotin mostly for converting certain nutrients to energy, as well as its roles in hair health and skin. Hair loss could be explained by biotin deficiency sometimes. If you don’t take biotin enough, your hair might have shed. Recently, due to its lower costs and availability in cosmetic products, many people use it. Although it is used in nails and hair to keep them longer and healthier, the Institute of Medicine recommends that you should use it 30 μg per day.

Studies that Support Biotin

Keratin, on the other hand, is a basic protein that renews your hair, skin, and nails. Biotin is known as one of the biggest sources of keratin in your body. However, despite all of these, experts indicate that they don’t really sure whether biotin is that good in hair and skincare as they thought. It appears that the sources that support biotin use in hair and skin are limited.

Let’s take a look at two studies that support biotin use in hair. In a 2015 study, researchers studied with a group of women who had thinning hair. They were instructed to take oral marine protein supplements (MPS) or placebo pills 2 times a day. MPS had comprised biotin. They continued to take pills or supplements through 90 days. Digital images of their hair structures also had been taken, especially images of their affected areas.

In addition to these, their hair got washed during the study. And interestingly, their shedding hair was counted one by one. At the end of the study, it revealed that the hair structure of women who continued to take MPS every day strengthened and their hair grow more than their natural cycle. Especially it was seen that there was a full head of hair in the lost areas of their scalp. How Much Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

Another study based on 2012. It appears that researchers got similar results. The hair of participants who took part in the study had significant growth in both lost areas and others. It is also indicated that their hair even continues to grow after 180 days from the study.

Keep in Mind Its Risks Too

Although biotin has benefits, it has also some risks that you should mind. You can also take biotin with biotin-rich foods. There don’t carry any risks, even if you consume more. But biotin-rich products are not like foods. When taking biotin as a product, you should consider the other products and medicines you have been using and your diet as well (if you are performing any). One of the important side effects of biotin is, your body might flush out through your urine. Or you might experience severe and unexpected skin rash.

However, no matter what you experience after using or increasing your biotin-based products, you should go and see your dermatologist anyway. Like we indicated above, he or she would be the one who could ever recommend the best treatment for you. Also, remember, biotin based products do not promise you a permanent solution. And although some studies show their effectiveness, still there is a long way to take.

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