How Much Do Fue Hair Transplants Cost?

How Much Do Fue Hair Transplants Cost?

How Much Do Fue Hair Transplants Cost? The price of FUE hair transplantation confuses patients very much. Because on the one hand, very high prices are pronouncing, while the other organization can demand low numbers. There is never a real relationship between the cost and quality of hair transplantation. How much do Fue hair transplants cost? It would be wrong to say that an organization that requires a very high price makes the best hair transplant. But organizations that do hair transplantation at low prices should also be cautious.

As with everything else, the price of FUE hair transplantation is determining by the profit added to the costs. Some businesses may want to keep those profits lower. Some places, on the other hand, may develop a more profit-oriented attitude in this regard. Of course, you have to consider them both reasonable. Because when determining prices, it is also necessary to consider the unforeseen costs of some businesses. In light of all this, hair transplantation performed following the standards has a standard price. It was evident that no company can fall below this price. For example, it is a legal obligation to operate medical centers or hospitals, and this obligation brings an extra cost to organizations.

Use Clinics and Hospitals for FUE Hair Transplant

An FUE hair transplant is a method in which a hair transplant performs other than a Medical Center or hospital. Again, hair transplantation is a medical practice performed only by doctors by law. But an organization can ignore the law on this issue and perform surgery on other people without a doctor. This, in turn, causes the price to fall again with unfair competition. Many such services can be taken out of the hair transplant package, and the patient’s health can be put at risk, and the price can be reducible.


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In summary, the price of hair transplantation can increase and decrease by affecting many factors such as the doctor’s reputation and experience, the place of surgery, and the extra services included in the package. The service provided mustn’t be legally and medically deficient. In light of these, it is still necessary to be wary of low price offers.

Hair transplantation with Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) technique

Hair transplantation is a method in which grafts are taken individually with a particular instrument without making any incisions on the scalp without leaving any traces. Today, doctors do this technique. This method can use on nape, chest, and back hair, except for the hair. The transferred hairs are elongating in the property of the region in which they are transferring.

This method is, first of all, personalized hairline design. This essential stage is the particular channels that open to the transplant area because these channels must be microscopic and at the original angle. Hair in the place where the donor will take is short, and local anesthesia is applying to the area; grafts are removable with a particular surgical instrument with a diameter of 1 mm. Again, these grafts place in channels that are opened to areas without hair or sparse hair, as in the FUT method. Hair transplant to be dense in the gutters’ size needs to empty frequently and frequent sowing. 3000-4000 grafts can obtain with this method, which requires a team and lasts longer. The FUE technique has now largely replaced the FUT technique.

It is not sutured, does not carry the risk of surgical surgery, does not leave traces on the neck, takes a few days of scar peel in the areas where the grafts are removed and quickly heals, does not create a loss of sensation in the place where the hair is removing after the procedure.

If the person does not have enough donor area on the scalp, hair roots can take from other suitable body areas. Eyebrows, beards, and mustaches are also possible to create.

The FUE method lasts longer than FUT. The cost is also higher because the technique is more laborious and time-consuming.

Is The Number Of Grafts Planted Or The Number Of Hair Important In Hair Transplantation?

The anatomical structure of hair follicles is quite different from other parts of the body.

One hair comes out of 1 follicle in other parts of the body, while one strand comes out of 1 hair to 4. This is called the follicular unit. These are the structures that are transplanting during transplant. The term graft, used during a hair transplant, is the equivalent of a follicular unit. If the hair plant individually, the hair is grown as a follicular unit, as the procedure will fail.

In practice, Follicular Unit considers having two hair hairs in one graft to express the technical term hair transplant. In other words, planting 1500 grafts means that about 3000 hair hairs have an implant. This technical issue can create an illusion in pricing. A person who has implanted 1500 grafts is given a figure as hair, not as a graft, and ”3000 transplants were done” can be given misleading information by saying. At first, the price offered as cheap per hair root becomes much more expensive when multiplied by the number of hair hairs, not by the number of grafts.

Also, since the head’s skin is more comprehensive, its skin has more transplant space than a narrower person; it needs more grafts to cover the area.

Planting more grafts means more working hours and more resource utilization, which increases costs.

FUE Transaction Factor Can Affect Price

It is also another factor that determines the price by which method the transaction is made.

If you are going to have a hair transplant, it is best to add the application scope to your research on hair transplant prices. Because there is no price list prepared for hair transplant centers, each institution carries out this application at different prices. You may have an idea on how much do Fue hair transplants cost, so the smartest thing to do should be the method and scope of the operation, not to find the center that is the most economical about hair transplant prices.