How Much Do Hair Transplant Cost in the UK?

How Much Do Hair Transplant Cost in the UK?

How Much Do Hair Transplant Cost in the UK? Finding clumps of hair on your brush can make you panic. And you immediately start looking for how to solve the problem or a hair transplant. It is quite common for people to start losing their hair in their 20s. But there is no reason to panic right away. It can be distressing to discover the first signs of hair loss. And you may find bald spots on the top of your head gradually opening up. Most hair loss is genetic. So if you take a look at your family history, you can predict what your head will look like later.

It is natural for those who have hair loss problems in their 20s to want to have a hair transplant. Although nobody wants to have hair problems, it can be a little traumatic when it occurs at a late age. The ideal age for hair transplantation is considered to be 30’s. At the age of 30, a hair transplant operation can be an option if baldness or thinning pattern occurs.

Those who have hair loss problems should first go to a dermatologist and determine the cause of the hair loss. There are many medical treatments available for both men and women to stop or slow down hair loss. Hair loss treatment must first be applied under the control of a dermatologist. Today it is easy to have a hair transplant. Society’s perspective towards hair transplantation has changed. Many celebrities continue to have hair transplantation, and yet hair transplantation is quite affordable. It is impossible to give an exact price for hair transplantation. But you can get information about the price by coming to our clinic.


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DHI Hair Transplantation

There are three hair transplantation methods; Follicular Unit Extraction, Direct Hair Implantation, and Follicular Unit Transplantation. DHI is the process of removing from the donor area (the area where the hair is taken) with special needles. And it is placing it in the area to be transplanted with the same needle within 1-2 minutes. When the topic is hair transplant, the FUE method comes to mind at first. When it comes to hair transplantation with DHI, there are a few remarkable differences between the two methods.

One of the most important differences in the DHI method is that it allows the hair to be transplanted without shaving. The hair follicles are transplanted within 1-2 minutes after they are taken from the donor area. It is not possible for the hair follicles to wait outside of the body. This minimizes the possibility of damage to the hair follicles. More intensive hair transplantation can be performed, especially in hair transplantation in narrow areas.

An unshaven hair transplant can be done not only with DHI but with all methods. An unshaven transplant can be performed on the patient with either the FUT method or the FUE method. In FUT and FUE methods, unshaved hair transplantation is not shaving the area to be transplanted. In these methods, the donor area is shaved again. That’s if a person has long hair, the area between the two hairs is shaved and the roots are taken.

Who is Suitable for DHI Hair Transplant?

Whether women are suitable for DHI treatment depends on having a sufficient amount of hair follicles in the donor area. In most women, hair loss is not only seen on the upper part of the scalp. But in men, hair loss occurs on the back and sides of the head, which is a spill-resistant area. In this case, the hair follicle required to eliminate the scarcity cannot be supplied from the scalp. So it can be taken from other parts of the body. Since the hair follicles in the donor areas are not affected by DHT, the possibility of hair transplantation is higher. So, we can say men are more suitable.

Disadvantages of DHI Hair Transplant

The operation takes longer compared to the FUE method. For example, to complete an FUE operation of 4,000 grafts in an average of 6 hours is possible. Meanwhile, a DHI hair transplantation of this number can only be completed in 2 days by allocating 6 hours a day.

The method is very delicate and requires extreme attention. This increases the cost of the method. The opening of the channels is different from the classic FUE. That’s why; DHI must be applied by a hair transplant center specialist with sufficient experience. In the DHI method, after each root is taken, it is transplanted without waiting. Placing these roots in the area to be transplanted at an equal angle with the roots planted previously requires experience.

Before the Hair Transplant

Before the hair transplant, be examined by the surgeon who performed the hair transplantation. The patients find out whether the operation is suitable for your health by sharing your medical diseases with their doctor. There is no rule that hair transplantation should be done in every hair loss case. It is possible to prevent early hair loss with medical treatment.

It is important to determine how many hair follicles each person has in the donor area. How many thousand grafts can be removed during the operation is also noteworthy. Surgeons from this region have a chance to get approximately 3000-4000 grafts. Therefore, if the one loses their hair, the thought that they can have as many sessions they want is wrong. Also, most patients have the possibility of their hair loss, which is also present after hair transplantation. If the surgeon makes wrong decisions about the number of grafts to be implanted, the patient may be disappointed.

After the hair transplantation, the patient can still hair loss in the transplanted hair due to trauma. The same case may happen in the existing hair after unsuccessful hair transplantation. Usually, hair follicles can be damaged in early hair transplantation or after incorrect transplantation and the patient loses their hair. It is extremely important to find a very experienced surgeon to prevent all of these.

The patient should stop taking some medications such as drugs containing aspirin, ginkgo Biloba, ginseng, garlic pills, vitamin E. Because these may dilute the blood before the operation. The patient should talk to his doctor about these drugs. How Much Do Hair Transplant Cost in the UK?