How Much Does a Fue Hair Transplant Cost UK?

How Much Does a Fue Hair Transplant Cost UK?

What is Fue Hair Transplant?

How Much Does a Fue Hair Transplant Cost UK? Let’s have a look at how much does a fue hair transplant cost in UK. But before that, there is some information you should know about hair loss and hair transplant. Humankind has hairs like most of the other mammals. But unlike mammals or animals, we don’t use them for only vital activities. We are intelligent beings and we use hair for stylish expressions. In that case, we need to mention about nature of hair. Peoples lose approximately 50-100 hairs per day. But you can’t notice that you are losing hair because your hair keeps growing more than your losses. When your hair growth rate goes below the fall rate, you start to lose hair. This problem can occur because of some reasons. Like heredity, hormonal changes, aging, medical problems, some medicines, stress, radiotherapy, and hairstyle products. So, don’t be afraid if you lose hair while having difficult times.

Usually, aging causes balding. When most men’s age reaches around 40-45, their hair starts falling. That is occurring because of the hair growth rate lack. Also, your genes can cause your hair loss. Sadly, this type of hair loss can not be prevented. Smoking, medicines, treating your hair harshly can make your hair fall too. But if you be gentle to your hair and protect it from sunlight and ultraviolet light, you can prevent others. Before getting a hair transplant, you should check some conditions. If you have any medicine that causes hair loss. Or did you used the wrong hair care products for your hair and they caused your hair to fall? But if you sure there is none of them, you can start looking for a hair transplant. Like anything else, there are some kinds of hair transplants. Let’s have a look at them.

Hair Transplant Methods

The follicular unit transplant method or shortly fue takes some strip of skin with hair follicles from the donor site. Typically, from the back of your head, that has a lot of hair usually. This area also less prone to balding. The surgeon separates the strip into parts. Usually, there are one or two hair follicles per part. Then they start making tiny holes in your balding area for these parts. Finally, the surgeon plants the prepared grafts carefully in their holes. But this technique can take several hours depending on the balding area. Also, there will be scars back of your head which the strips have taken. You need to take care of your planted area and cut the area of your head while recovering. Of course, your back head’s skin will recover. But you might need plastic surgery for scars along with the hair transplant.


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Things are not so different from our other technique, follicular unit extraction, or Fue shortly. There is one minor change but that makes a lot of different results. Different in a good way. This method throws bad sides of the Fut method into the trash can. In this technique, the surgeon harvests hair follicles from your back head. Unlike the Fut method, Fue takes follicles one by one from your head, rather than taking a strip. This takes more time instead of taking a strip and cutting it. But it is worth it. Because you won’t have any scars back of your head. You won’t be taking care of your back head with hair transplanted area. And you will not need any plastic surgery because of this. The rest is the same. They open little holes, put follicles to your hair and you got a natural-looking, brand new hairline!

Fue Hair Transplant

Fue method does everything and more that Fut does, thereby the Fue method becomes more popular than the Fut method. Doctors use micro punches that leave no sign of extraction on your donor area. Also, this technique is safe with minor side effects like white little scars where the follicles are extracted. Also, you may experience temporary swelling, itching, and sensitivity. But these can be acceptable in comparison with the Fut technique. Fue technique done in multiple sessions takes 3 or 4 hours within a week or few weeks. Some surgeons may do mega sessions can take 10 or 12 hours. It might be tiring but surely will accelerate the process. Also, you will go home after each session. And you don’t need to rest in bed. Do not change your daily routine. Just keep the area dry and do not exercise too hard.

How much does a fue hair transplant cost in the UK?

Like almost everything in the world, these operations are not for free. You must pay the surgeon and clinic for their services. Some health issues are covered by health insurance. Since these operations are arbitrary, most of the insurances are won’t pay for these operations. But if you have all-inclusive insurance, they mostly pay some or all of the fees. Or maybe the company that you work for has an opportunity like this. You should check your insurance coverage and talk with the HR department of your company. Do you have a piggy bank? Does that stand over the fridge? Time to crack open that piggy bank. You might need that money now. But none of them applies to you, do not worry. You can start saving some money. Because surgery fees can be afforded by saving some money. Time to decrease the amount of junk food.

Some clinics have an opportunity that paying the fee monthly. Even they haven’t, you can take a loan and pay the fee. The Fue technique is much more tiresome to do. Because of that reason, it is a little expensive than the Fue method. How much does a fue hair transplant cost in the UK? Surgery fees don’t change by countries too much. But prices changes depending on how many grafts will be planted. You won’t pay a fortune for operations. Unless you have a huge bald spot on your head. If you need exact prices, please contact us.