How Much Does A Full Facial Hair Transplant Cost

How Much Does A Full Facial Hair Transplant Cost In recent years, facial hair transplantation started to gain more demand. Treatment is quite the same as hair transplantation: transplanting the hair follicles taken from the scalp to places where the hair is sparse in the beard and mustache.

Surgeons can apply the procedure in hairless areas on the client’s face. Facial hair being different than hair causes the procedure to be unique for every client. The procedure takes a few hours under local anesthesia. Patients can obtain treatment without feeling any pain. In the planning for facial hair transplantation, the condition of the patient is evaluated and the hair roots collected from the nape region are separated and implanted in the desired region. 

Patients who purchase facial hair transplantation treatments usually come with the problem of sparse beards. Our clinic checks and ensures that the hormones of the patients have reached a certain level to perform the transplantation. Therefore, our clinic can say that facial hair transplantation can be done to patients age is between 20 to 22. Besides that, people who like the appearance of a long beard may want to undergo a facial hair transplant to complete their irregular beard. That means beard transplant is not only a feasible process for those who have no beard but also for those with a sparse beard.


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The importance of facial hair for men is crucial for their appearance. Men with natural facial hair tend to be happy with their life too. Saying that satisfaction is not always possible. Facial hair problems can irritate the men when they never show up or when they are not at the desired density. In society, men are usually with beards, which affects the men’s approach towards their beards.

Men can have these problems for many reasons. It could be genetic factors, diseases, sometimes accidents, scars, etc. Even acne can affect this. These factors can be a big problem for men who care about their looks. Because in the society we live in, facial hair is an image symbolizing masculinity.

Seeing other young man having a long beard, which is popular in recent years, men who have problems with their facial hair can be affected psychologically. It can even lead to serious psychological distress in men. Scientifically, sparseness in the bears doesn’t cause health problems. This is an aesthetic opinion. But for those who see this as a problem, it may even be possible to experience mental problems. In that way, it’s a solution for people who have these kinds of problems. The procedure offers permanent solutions to men who have facial hair problems.


The hair roots in the beard area are not similar to the hair. So the surgeon must check that the hair follicles should be suitable for the facial hair standards. Follicles extracted should be able to attach to the facial area. So hair roots taken from the neck are more suited for treatment. By using these follicles, the surgeon can create the client’s desired appearance. The nape area is also a great spot for the extraction of the hair follicles for facial hair transplantation. But still, the best choice is usually hair follicles on the neck area.

As we said before, hair follicles that will be used in facial hair transplantation should be single, which means hair follicles that are taken from the neck should be separated. Natural hair follicles in the face area are always single. The double, triple hair roots will not be a very great choice here. How Much Does a Facial Hair Transplant Cost? 


How Much Does A Full Facial Hair Transplant Cost The color distribution of the hair follicles taken in beard transplantation in the area to be transplanted is an important issue. It may be inconvenient to transplant black hair follicles to a client with a grey beard. Therefore, the surgeon must have a lot of experience in this field to perform the treatment.

Hair follicles are taken from the neck, should be transplanted immediately to the desired area without waiting because the hair follicles taken are still living tissue. If the surgeon is not quick enough to transplant those follicles, the tissues will die and lose their function. Because tissue needs to be well-oxygenated. This becomes crucial to the client with limited hair roots in the donor area. The surgeon needs to be transplanted without loss. Facial hair transplantation is a treatment that requires years of knowledge and a lot of special experience. So for those who want to under beard transplantation must receive support from a specialist with great knowledge.


In facial hair transplantation, surgeons must create micro-channels for the implantation of hair roots. It will be easy to ensure the correct angle by creating the micro-channels using a needle rather than a blade. For this reason, it is more convenient to open tiny holes with thin-tipped needles with a thickness of 0.6-0.7 mm. Hair roots can be implanted at angles of 35-40 degrees, which are suitable for facial hair.


The number of hair follicles to be implanted in the facial area is the first factor among the other factors for determining the prices of facial hair transplantation. There is an obvious connection between the number of hair follicles and prices. So the quantity of the hair follicles used in the procedure is low, facial hair transplantation will cost less. The number of hair follicles implanted effect on treatment’s price. Apart from that, the experience of the surgeon, specialist, and team that will perform the facial hair transplantation will also determine the prices, because professionals will apply much more qualified treatment. 

So the patient needs to adjust their priorities first. Results must be more important for clients than prices because the appearance of the facial hair after transplantation is much more important for the patients. If you are interested and you want to undergo a hair transplantation treatment, you can contact us from here. How Much Does A Full Facial Hair Transplant Cost

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