How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost In Colombia?

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost In Colombia? Hair transplant is the most common and effective operation for people who have lost their hair. During the operation, surgeons take healthy hair follicles from the back of the head. Then, they plant them on the areas that have hair loss or thinning hair. This operation helps patients grow their hair back in a natural and effective way. The most common method is the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE).

This is because it is a relatively new method. It is also less invasive and more effective compared to other methods. Surgeons have been performing these implants for many years. However, technology and methods have improved significantly since then. These developments have helped surgeons to perform surgery with less effort. This led to a decrease in costs associated with hair transplants. People who are considering the operation may want to know how much a hair transplant costs in Colombia.

Even though the overall cost is much more costly than before, the final cost may vary depending on many factors. Hair transplant costs can also vary among different clinics in different countries. Therefore, there is no specific answer to this question. The total cost of the operation varies among individual patients and it depends on many different factors.


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Many aspects affect the final cost of a hair transplant operation. Location of the clinic, the method of the procedure, and the qualification of the surgeon are some of these factors. Some clinics offer their patients discounts depending on the condition of the patient. For example, it usually costs less if the area of the transplant is larger. This differential of the price may be up to 50 percent or more depending on your surgeon and the technology used.

What Exactly Is FUE Hair Transplant?

Patients who wonder how much a hair transplant costs in Colombia want to know. What is this popular hair transplant method and how much does it cost?  

Follicular Unit Extraction is a hair transplant method surgeons perform to treat hair loss. Surgeons usually use this method to treat male and female pattern baldness. During FUE, surgeons extract grafts from the back of the patient’s head one by one. These grafts usually have one to four hair follicles. Surgeons perform this process with a punch tool. Thanks to this tool, there are only tiny holes in the extraction area and they heal very easily. There is no scar left after this. Then, surgeons transplant these grafts into the areas that have balding or thinning hair. Follicular Unit Extraction ensures highly natural-looking results. Also, the donor area from which surgeons take grafts looks normal and unchanged.

However, patients should be careful when choosing a hospital for this procedure. Patients who want to know how much a hair transplant costs in Colombia should do their research. They should consider all health care centers and choose the right one for their own health and appearance. The health center they choose should be experienced and specialized in the field of hair transplant. This way any risks associated with the procedure are reduced to the minimum. Also, the best possible results are ensured. Patients should exercise due diligence while doing their research on the procedure and different clinics.

Follicular Unit Extraction was meant to replace the older method, follicular unit transplantation (FUT). Surgeons performed this method by taking the entire piece of skin on the donor area with the hair follicles. Then they transplanted this skin on the balding area. FUE is a much better method since it gives more natural results in an easier way.

Benefits Of The Follicular Unit Extraction

How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost In Colombia? Patients who want to know how much a hair transplant costs in Colombia also want to know the benefits of FUE. This method is very popular due to it has several benefits. Follicular Unit Extraction does not leave any visible scars even with short hair. The donor area from which the surgeon take the grafts looks unaffected after 2 weeks healing period. The method ensures a natural appearance with the correct and natural hair follicles. It also guarantees a natural hairline by using identical angulation and direction. The recovery period is very short since surgeons do not use scalpel or stitches for the treatment. Patients are able to return home and work right after the treatment since there is no pain during or after. Plus, surgeons perform the procedure under local anesthesia. Therefore, it does not cause any trauma to the body.

To patients who ask how much a hair transplant costs in Colombia and the benefits of FUE we say don’t worry. As long as they make their research well, there shouldn’t be any problems with their operation. FUE is more popular than FUT because it is an easier and cost-effective procedure. FUE is less likely to have unwanted results and cause complications. So our patients can feel safe and sound.

How Long Should I Stay in Colombia for the Procedure?

Patients who ask how much a hair transplant costs in Colombia also wonder how long they’ll need to stay there. After they consult with the hospitals in Colombia for the cost of the procedure, they start planning their stay. To do this appropriately they want to know how long they will need to stay there. 

After learning how much a hair transplant costs in Colombia you may start planning your trip. The hair transplant procedure usually takes four to eight hours to perform. Since it’s an easy and safe procedure patients can return to their hotel right after. During the FUE technique, surgeons do not use any stitches or staples. Therefore, you won’t need to go back to the hospital for the removal of them. This means you won’t have to stay in Colombia for too long after the procedure. However, you may want to rest for a couple of days to be sure before traveling back home. You will probably be asked to pay the hospital another visit the next day after the treatment. Your doctor will remove your bandage and examine your condition. When they decide everything is on track and there are no risks, you will be able to go back home. How Much Does A Hair Transplant Cost In Colombia?

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