How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Dominican Republic

How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Dominican Republic Everybody enjoys having healthy hair. When we say healthy hair, you probably imagine smooth and long hair. However, sadly, not everyone can enjoy that. Many people may end up losing their hair before they expected. If you also are someone who suffers from hair loss, fear not. With modern technology, planting hair is easy. And it is available in almost every country. You might have many questions in mind about hair transplants. And if you want to implant hair in the Dominic Republic, you probably have that one big question. How much does a hair transplant cost in Dominic Republic? Or perhaps you have more general questions about implanting hair. Like how to prepare for them, or what to do afterward. Well, enjoy and read this article because we will answer everything that you might be wondering.

What is a hair transplant and who needs it?

Before we start talking about the price of hair transplants, we need to talk more generally. What are they and who needs them? Basically, it is a procedure where we plant hair on any bald spot that you want. Our most requested treatments are for hair on the head. How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Dominican Republic But, these days you can plant hair pretty much on any part of your body. Especially fascial transplants are very popular lately. You can even get one for your eyebrows or eyelashes. And the hair that we use for transplants comes from you. We take hair follicles from other parts of your body and plant them wherever you wish. This creates a natural look. Plus, you do not have to worry about your new hair being fake. It was on you all along after all. 

Most of the clients that get hair transplants are men. But, many women find benefit from this procedure as well. Many women tend to lose hair due to hormonal issues. Especially being on birth control, giving birth, or entering menopause can lead to hair loss. Although, many women experience more of a hair thinning than full-on hair loss. For men, on the other hand, hair loss can be inescapable. If you are a man and your father is bald, you might also get bald soon. With men, it is more of a genetic situation. If your father or even grandfather lost hair young, so might you. Apart from that, if you lost hair because of a burn or a scar, you might also need transplants. As you can see, many different people might need it at some point. 


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Before and After Hair Transplants

If you are somebody who needs to get a hair transplant, you need to know how to prepare. Preparations will differ from one person to another. Your hospital will give you a full explanation when your time comes. But certain things stay the same for each patient. For instance, if you are a smoker you should quit a few days before the surgery. The same goes for alcohol. But in case of drinking, you need to quit for around two weeks beforehand. You should also not take any medication that can lead to blood-thinning. Especially aspirin is famous for that. Also, do not cut your hair where you will get transplants. For us to work the best way, we need to work with the full picture. Getting a haircut before it, might not be the best idea. 

After your hair transplant is over you will also need to follow certain rules. Make sure not to skip your regular checkups and follow all the rules. You will need to recover now, so take good care of yourself. Try to avoid touching or scratching the area of implants. Healing takes time and if you will not be careful you might get infections. Avoid staying under the sun as your skin will be too weak to protect you. Shower as your hospital instructed you. Do not scrub the implanted area harshly. Avoid scented body wash for a while. If you follow all of those steps, your recovery will be easy. It will take around a few weeks and after that you are free. You can enjoy your new hair to the fullest and feel as confident as you can. 

Cost of Hair Transplants in the Dominican Republic

Now, we need to return to our main question. What is the cost of hair transplants in the Dominican Republic? If you plan on getting transplants in there, you need to know the price after all. Only after knowing that you can make the next decision. Will it be affordable for you or not? Will you look into other countries to rely on? So, let us answer you. Unfortunately, the prices of procedures like that can change easily. Each individual needs a different treatment and the price does not stay the same. However, we can give you a basic idea of how do those prices change. Even then, this will not be a final result to learn how much you will need to pay. The best way to learn that is to contact your clinic and get more information. 

Many foreigners tend to go to other countries to get cheaper hair transplants. A lot of people choose to go to the Dominican Republic. However, it is not the cheapest country that does this treatment. Lithuania and Turkey tend to offer much cheaper deals. The type of surgery that you will get will change the price significantly. And the number of hair grafts that you will need will also alter it. If you find any package deals, or book earlier it will cost less.

And if you need more sessions, sadly, it will cost more. You may never be exactly sure about the price. If you talk with your doctor, arranging an estimated price for you individually will be easier. You may contact our hospital to get that done. You will also be able to learn more about hair transplants and prices in different places. How Much Does a Hair Transplant Cost in Dominican Republic

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