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How Much Does DHI Hair Transplant Cost?

How Much Does DHI Hair Transplant Cost?

How Much Does DHI Hair Transplant Cost? Many people have a problem with hair loss currently. The problem is going more and more in our world. Different techniques are developed by specialists for hair implant. DHI Hair İmplant is one of the common techniques. DHI hair transplantation is mostly known as the pen technique. There is a special pen which is used in the treatment.

Some points create the difference between DHI and other hair implant techniques. One of them is DHI special implanter pen. Normally, channels are opened and hair follicles are being taken from the nape of the neck and collected follicles are transplanted into the target area in hair implant techniques. However, there is a difference in DHI Hair Transplant. Although this part is processed in the same way, thanks to special DHI pen, this stuff can be done at the same time ın DHI. Yes, but we should know that that How Much Does DHI Hair Transplant Cost? Is It Expensive Treatment?. These are the questions are waiting for to answer. When you read this article, you will find the correct answers to these questions.

What is the process of DHI?

Before starting the operation, the doctor identifies the format that he plans to draw for your new hair. This doesn’t happen in a moment, of course, the surgeon thinks and find a proper, optimum style for your new hair according to your scalp. After handling this, local anaesthesia process begins. Local anaesthesia is a highly beneficial technique for doctors. It is used for tooth operations as well as hair implantation. Local anaesthesia is applied to the donor area. Normally, if you don’t want local anaesthesia, you may make use of sedation process to feel more relaxing during the treatment. What Is DHI Hair Transplant Technique?


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When the anaesthesia is done exactly, there is no reason for initiating the operation. The first step is extracting. Firstly, hair follicles are extracted from the donor area and transplanted into the recipient area without awaiting. This realizes through the special pen named Choi pen. While placing the hair grafts taken from the donor area, the doctor must be very careful and attentive. People who want DHI should pay importance to the choice of doctor.

Why Is It Important That The Choice Of Doctor?

If he operates this part superficially, the treatment may not give good results. Every doctor can’t tackle this kind of process. They have to be qualified enough for DHI Hair Transplantation process. Because as a patient, you have great expectations about DHI. You come to the clinic with dreams, but think about that the surgeon who makes this operation is inexperienced. Of course, there will be a problem in some part of the process. Especially placing the hair follicles into the scalp is a very important process. The doctor has to do that very diligently. He must be careful with doing that. That’s why, preferring proper doctor for DHI Hair Transplant is important. Our doctors in the clinic are completely qualified enough for the treatment and you can easily learn how much DHI Hair Transplant Costs from us. Is DHI Hair Transplant Good?

Should patients worry about any problems after DHI? 

When your surgeon ends the operation, he gives some important information about what to do in your daily life after the operation. He will advise you to do or not to do. Possible side effects that you can experience are those:

  • Bleeding on the scalp.
  • Inflammation feeling
  • There will be potential hair loss, but this is not permanent, this is the nature of the treatment.
  • Itching
  • Maybe a bit swelling.

Those are potential side effects, but as I said above, you don’t need to panic over those effects. Because they are slight side effects of the treatment. They will pass before long. In case you have pain, your doctor will advise some shampoos or pills that you make feel comfortable and painless.

Patients don’t have any pain generally in DHI, but if any. Patients expect the treatment to be remarkable in a moment, but it is impossible. As in each operation, treatment duration is, you have to wait for certain results to develop gradually. The important trait of DHI is it has the pen technique. Via pen technique, the risk of bleeding and scars is less as well.

What Is The Average Cost Of Dhi Hair Transplant?

Why is it important to know ‘’ The Average Price of the DHI Hair Transplant Cost? ’’

DHI hair transplantation is done with special pens named ”Choi”. And the doctor who will perform the DHI air transplant operations must be a specialist at his area and very careful.

When “How much does a DHI hair transplant cost?” is asked, firstly, technological medical gadgets occur to our minds. Since technology is developed today, treatments become fast and effective in the health area. While benefitting from technology, we also pay certain amounts of money. How Much Is DHI Hair Transplant?

That’s why, when calculated DHI hair transplantation cost, it is a bit higher compared with other hair implantation operations. There are many reasons for it. For example, special Choi pen is used in the treatment, this makes the biggest difference in price scale. Due to the technological devices has been developed recently, DHI treatment has also utilized from those. Besides, it has started being used widely currently. There aren’t so many differences between hair transplant techniques, but medical devices and appropriate conditions are important points that create differences.

Hair grafts taken are placed in the Choi pen, and they are implanted into the target area, which means two jobs are done through the special pen without waiting. There are not long waiting durations in DHI Hair transplant. That is a very distinctive feature. After thinking about this, the cost of the devices is a bit expensive. They have good quality and don’t lead to losing many times.

DHI treatments are not time-consuming.

Finally, when you have read the article, you will have found answers for many questions. we have tried to answer the question ”How Much Does DHI Hair Transplant Cost?” Don’t worry about treatment. Our clinic is doctors are highly qualified for DHI. If you have still questions, contact us. Don’t hesitate to ask questions.