How Much Does Direct Hair Implantation Cost?

How Much Does Direct Hair Implantation Cost?

Hair Loss and The Definition of Hair Transplant

How Much Does Direct Hair Implantation Cost? Hair loss can affect a person’s lifestyle in different ways. A person can feel unconfident and unhappy because he/she is experiencing hair loss. Men suffer from hair loss due to the factors like age, genetic factors, and stress. Whereas hormonal changes and factors are effective on women’s hair loss. We cannot say that hair loss is only a men’s problem, but it is more common in middle-aged men. Doctors perform hair transplantation on patients.

A hair transplant is the best and most permanent solution. It is an amazing invention for people who suffer from hair loss. It is performed by taking grafts from the area where the hair is dense, transplanting them to the balding area. Thus, baldness is largely eliminated, and the patient and his/her hair gain a new and natural appearance. Many women and men are satisfied with the results they get after undergoing a hair transplant surgery.

Hair Transplant Technologhy

With the developing technology, it has become easier to treat hair loss. During this period, new tools were invented and developed. During this technological period, new tools were invented and developed. These tools have been used in hair transplant operations and many different techniques have been developed. Follicular Unit Extraction, Direct Hair Implantation, and Unshaven Hair Transplant are the most popular ones of these techniques. The technique to be used is determined after the patient consults a surgeon. The surgeon examines the scalp and do some tests (blood tests, etc.), and then decides on the technique. The number of grafts which will be collected from the donor area is also determined after the examination. If the candidate fulfills all the necessary conditions of surgery, the surgeon approves the application of the surgery. In the sub-title below, information about Direct Hair Implantation, the most used hair transplantation technique, will be given.


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What Is Direct Hair Implantation (DHI)?

Direct Hair Implantation technique is one of the most popular and advanced techniques between hair transplant techniques. It’s very easy to perform. DHI has fewer steps than the other techniques. Thanks to this, the surgery takes less time and requires less effort than other techniques. Surgeons apply this technique step by step. First, the surgeon shaves the patient’s head. Then, he/she collects hair follicles by using forceps or tweezer-like tool. These hair follicles are placed into Choi pen, which is an implanter used especially in the DHI technique. Surgeon implant hair follicles into the target (balding) area by using Choi pen. And finally, he/she put on ointment to the wound and then bandage the scalp. Thus, the hair transplant is completed. The patient is discharged from the hospital with his/her head bandaged. After that, the healing process begins. There are some instructions that a patient must follow to fully recover.

A Day After The DHI Method

A day after the Direct Hair Implantation, you will need to go to the hair clinic. Do not wash your head after the transplant. The doctor will do the first washing of the scalp. The scalp usually starts to heal in a week. There will be crusting in the area in which the hair is transplanted. The crusting will heal in a month. There will be a “shock hair loss”, the hair will shed. There is no need to panic. This shedding is normal and usually observed in the post-operative period in most patients. Then, the hair will start to grow again. After a year, your hair structure will be fixed. After that, you will see the final results of the hair transplant. You should avoid staying under the sun and sweating in the healing process. Also, you should avoid doing physical activities, exercises, or sports, and lifting heavy things. How Much Does DHI Hair Transplant Cost?

Benefits and Advantages of DHI

If you have realistic expectations from a hair transplant, this technique is the best for you. In this technique, it is possible to undergo the surgery without shaving. That is a great advantage. People who undergo Direct Hair Implantation tend to grow hair with high density. It has a fast healing process when compared to other techniques. Also, with the Choi implanter pen, hair follicles can be implanted in various sizes. This technique reduces the risk of damage and your scalp can heal in a very short time. There is almost no complication (risks are very low) after surgery. Grafts have a high survival rate, which is 90%, that’s one of the reasons why this technique is highly preferred. There are no scars or stitches in this technique. When the hair grows, it’ll look very natural. Medications and some solutions that can damage your scalp aren’t used in this technique.

Permanent Solution To Hair Loss

If you want a permanent solution to hair loss, you can decide on undergoing this surgery. The success rate of DHI is very high. The grafts which are transplanted will grow like the way your natural hair. You can wash your hair a day after a hair transplant, whereas, in others, you have to wait for 3 days. It’s a painless operation and local anesthesia is used. There is no need to make incisions because, with forceps and Choi pen, the doctor performs the surgery very easily. Since the doctor uses the Choi pen, he/she can fully control the placement process. As we said earlier, the doctor can implant hair follicles at any angle, size, and depth. This is a great advantage of DHI that other techniques do not have. DHI, which is advantageous in every aspect, is one of the best techniques that make it easier to transplant hair. What Is DHI Hair Transplant Technique?

How Much Does DHI Cost?

The cost of Direct Hair Implant depends on the city or the country where a patient undergoes the surgery. Some people even fly to another city or country to reduce the cost of the surgery. Or it can depend on the number of grafts that will be implanted to the scalp. Health insurances do not cover the expense of hair transplants. The reason why is that this type of surgery are classified as cosmetic surgery. A patient needs to pay the cost of the hair transplant out of his/her pocket. We can offer you a price after the first consultation. How Much Does Direct Hair Implantation Cost?