How Much Does Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Turkey?

How Much Does Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Turkey?

Where Are These Bandaged Men Come From

How Much Does Hair Transplant Surgery Cost in Turkey? Sometimes tourists wonder why a lot of men walking around the streets with their bandaged heads. Also, they find interesting these bandages because they are probably different than normal bandages. Because they are boomerang-shaped. The reason behind that Turkey is one of the most successful countries in hair transplant technology and services worldwide. 

Every day, the hair transplant industry gets bigger and bigger at a very fast rate. And these bandaged heads of men is just one of the numerous signs. However, some might say the number of tourists in Turkey decreased compared to past years. They are not so wrong, but hair surgery is a completely different area. Also, it is independent of tourism, it is about gaining your own, strong hair. Of course, at some point, it could be said that Turkey became one of the greatest centers for medical tourists. 

Today more than 50 million men and 30 million women suffer from male and female pattern alopecia. It is the most common type of hair loss and its other name is androgenic alopecia. There are also other types of hair loss. Examples are alopecia areata, cicatricial alopecia, traction alopecia, telogen effluvium, anagen effluvium, and so on. 


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Hair loss might be very stressful once it starts to occur. Especially if you are at a young age, it might cause many troubles to you in social contexts. For example, researchers conducted a study on this issue. They evaluated the views of participants, who experienced hair loss or didn’t experience it until then. Results show that men are likely to feel shame from hair loss. About that, they opted for career/professional and social/dating reasons as the most important factors in their condition. On the other hand, men who didn’t experience hair loss indicated that they were afraid that it might start.

Significant Increase

To another study of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, hair transplant surgeries increased in past years. They indicated that this proportion goes through more than 60 percent (compared to past years). On the other hand, let’s take a look at Turkey’s statistics. In the past few years, more than 750.000 tourists visited Turkey. However, it appears that about 60.000 of them came for hair transplant surgery. Some sources indicate that there are from 150 to 500 people who come to Turkey for this reason weekly.

Until now, men tried many methods to cure their hair loss at least 1550 B.C. Back then, they were trying to use sheep and different types of lizards. Thankfully, the first studies that resembled today’s studies appeared in the 1800s. J. Dieffenbach was the one who conducted the first studies. In his laboratory, he used the hair, feathers, and skin of animals. 

His studies followed by Japanese dermatologists, Dr. Okuda, and Dr. Tamura. Their focus was mostly on the scalp, eyebrows, mustache, and women’s pubic hair. They were trying to find a cure, and in a way, they did. But World War II events interrupt their works and Western countries took the lead in hair transplant technology. In this way, Dr. Orentreich and Dr. O’Tar Norwood laid the foundations of modern studies. They found the first classification of male pattern hair loss. This advance opened a door for Drs. Bernstein and Rassman.

The Most Popular and Effective Method

Finally, the modern technique, which is widely used today developed by Drs. Bernstein and Rassman in 2002. The name of the technique was Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). The technique was based on taking individual hair follicles from your scalp and implanting them in balding areas. Firstly, a doctor or technician performs thousands of incisions through your front scalp. Then, he or she gathers hair follicles from your back scalp and implants them through your loss areas. Although when it first revealed, it came across with great resistance, it became worldwide popular in a very short time.

A growing number of celebrities, actors, singers, and musicians have hair transplants each year. In fact, most of them keep their surgeries as secrets. But we know their operations by their old and new photos, dermatologists’ explanations, fans’ statements, or their official statements. Either way, their hair looks amazing. Especially compared to same-age men and women, the hair of celebrities who had hair transplants look like they’re in the 20s. Without a doubt, it is one of the many proofs for FUE’s success. By the way, a famous surgeon from the U. K. Dr. Craig Ziering made a statement about this issue. He indicated “…many celebrities who want to refresh their hair that they come to my office on a weekly basis.”

Dermatologists also indicate that some celebrities have hair transplants even though their hair didn’t start to shed. But general examples are Jude Law, Mel Gibson, Sylvester Stallone, Edward Norton, Hugh Laure, Ben Affleck, and Elton John… Still, it is not surprising to hear that they had operations and they tend to hide them. When all these cameras and spotlights are considered, it sounds natural. Also, by hiding operations, perhaps they want to be a focal point by their career, not surgeries. How to Stop Hair Loss from Medicine

How About the Cost?

So what is the hair transplant surgery cost in Turkey? Turkey is not only attractive for its high-quality services and technology in hair transplant. It is also attractive for its the fairest and the most suitable prices. So many celebrities and tourists come to Turkey for these low prices and high-quality prices.

Our clinic, TecniFUE International was established with “providing life-changing experiences for customers, and improve their physical/mental health” mission. We perform superior treatment tools and conditions over the classical FUE technique. If you want to take more information, you can contact our experts anytime you want. You can reach us easily from the Whatsapp button in the lower-right corner of our main page, Or if you want to call us, use this number: +90 539 369 34 84. Or we have another option, as our email address. We can arrange online meetings, telephone calls, Whatsapp texting, or face-to-face meetings as to which one is the most suitable for you. When Can You Exercise After FUE Hair Transplant?

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