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How Much Hair Implant Cost?

How Much Hair Implant Cost?

How Much Hair Implant Cost? We receive many calls asking about hair implant prices and we know how important it is for many prospective patients. In response, we wanted to inform you why we can give approaches only before consulting one of the hair transplant surgeons.

What Is The Real Price Of A Hair Implant?

As a general guide, we say that the procedure costs about 2.50 £ per transplanted hair. This means that for someone with a reasonable amount of hair loss, the procedure can be around 6,000-8,000. For more extensive procedures, costs can increase significantly. If you want a haircut without shaving (U-FUE), the cost increases further. Many procedures cost between 6,000-9,000. The most extensive hair restoration procedures can be divided into two procedures with a significant gap between them.

The cost is calculated by the time required, the amount of the hair transplant, and the difficulty of the procedure. For example, a non-shaved (U-FUE) hair transplant requires significant training and experience to achieve good results. It is particularly difficult and takes longer than a typical FUE hair transplant. All this adds to the cost. Although it is an exciting development for hair transplants, some patients will prefer the 3G Advanced Hair Transplant FUE standard if they want to reduce costs.


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Why Are There Price Differences Between Clinics?

Price often reflects quality and experience. It is not a guarantee, however, that it is important for patients to take a look at the pre- and post-consultation photographs and discuss the procedure in detail. For simpler methods and the “Strip” FUT method, the cost is lower and starts at around 3,000. Our clinic strives to offer the best and least invasive procedures, so we offer the FUT method and we do not only offer the best services to patients.

For advanced hair transplant clinics and surgeons, an advanced FUE procedure will start approximately 6,000 for a patient with significant hair loss. If you are quoting a price that is significantly lower, make sure you know why. Do you have a body and please treat it well. What may seem like a lot may not be one if you are left with bad results and significant scars. Here at our clinic, unfortunately, we often see patients who need hair transplants to repair poor hair transplants.

What can our clinic tell you before a consultation?

We can give you a price “starting from” with the cost per hair. We can advise you on the medicine that you can benefit from taking before the hair transplant, as well as general tips on the procedures. We can talk to you about the signs, downtime, and reported discomfort, as well as the potential risks and what we do to minimize them.

At a consultation, you will be given a complete scalp analysis and will talk to one of the experienced hair transplant surgeons who would also perform the procedure. Our hair transplant surgeons are deeply passionate about their work and want the best for every patient. Take a look at our blogs and our website to get a lot of information and create a list of questions to ask in a consultation.

Hair implants in our clinic

Our clinic offers the latest and most advanced FUE hair implant procedures, such as face and eyebrow transplants. Hair transplantation is the only permanent solution for hair loss.

Our clinic is proud to ensure the best quality and most complete care:

  • 24-hour patient helpline to make sure you are always on the best hand.
  • As many postoperative treatments and appointments with your hair transplant surgeon and your nursing team as required.
  • Very experienced hair transplant surgeons with many years of experience.
  • Complete information about the patient, at every step.
  • Excellent hospital facilities.

Our excellent reputation for patient safety and satisfaction, honest advice, and excellent care means that your trip to the private clinic will be an exciting experience in a new head of hair.

Treatment of temporary hair loss

Emotional challenges, hormonal changes, and other medical issues can cause you to develop temporary hair loss. In particular, thyroid disease, autoimmune diseases, and other diseases can cause you to lose hair. In some cases, we may advise you to address your underlying condition before considering a transplant. Resolving your medical problem can stop hair loss and improve your appearance.

It works for many people

How Much Hair Implant Cost? Since transplants are gentle and simple, if you are an adult experiencing hair loss, you are likely to be a good candidate for this hair loss treatment.

However, be aware that transplants are not the ideal solution for everyone. In particular, you need to have enough hair to transplant the areas of your scalp. As a result, if you are completely bald, you will not qualify for a transplant. Also, certain medical conditions may prevent you from receiving this treatment.

You will have a minimum downtime

Some cosmetic treatments can be very unpleasant and burden your body. As a result, these treatments may require you to devote significant time from your work and other responsibilities. How Much FUE Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?

A Quick Recovery

Fortunately, transplants are minimally invasive and simple, and we will use advanced techniques to reduce recovery time. If you receive a transplant that uses the FUE technique, for example, we will use a specialized method to gently remove the donor’s hair. This method will allow your export sites to heal in about three days.

Simple Rules Of Care

Although your recovery will be quick and easy, you need to follow some simple post-care instructions. For example, we advise you to be careful when washing your hair for the next few days. You should also avoid using harsh hair care products during this period. Also, we may advise you not to exercise vigorously for a few days.

Try it for yourself

A hair implant can give you a head full of healthy hair. This treatment is minimally invasive and you will have a limited interruption time after the hair loss treatment. Also, the results of this technique will be natural and long-lasting. To learn more about how we can deal with your hair loss, contact us to schedule an appointment today. How Much Hair Implant Cost?

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