How Much Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

How Much Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey

What Are Dynamics of Hair Loss

How much hair transplant cost in Turkey? Let’s start with what hair loss is. Hair loss is the thinning of hair structure on some parts of the scalp. In medical terms, another name for hair loss is alopecia. There are several types of alopecia. The most common one is male pattern alopecia or androgenic alopecia. Specifically, testosterone hormone and other androgenic hormones or hereditary factors cause this type of alopecia. It could occur as temporary or permanent. Sometimes it could occur due to some medical conditions, intense stress, or damage to the scalp. Examples are bulimia nevroza, thyroid problems, cancer, trichotillomania, polycystic ovarian syndrome, burning scalp syndrome, other eating disorders, and so on. But there are also specific types of hair loss (categories of alopecia). They are androgenic alopecia, alopecia areata, alopecia totalis, alopecia Universalis, alopecia barbae, cicatricial alopecia, postpartum alopecia, and traction alopecia.

Of course, not all these types are common. But once it occurs, either common or not, it could be very stressful. Especially if you are at a young age. In this case, you don’t only feel unsatisfied with your appearance, you also get psychological damage. In fact, studies show that most men suffer from hair shedding. Women experience hair loss in a different way. Their hair gets thinner and their shedding remains as a whole, not just in particular areas, such as the front head. So they could easily hide their hair loss or take medical care. But men experience it as balding. It starts with receding hairline to U shape and then gets through the balding of the upper scalp. Questionnaire-based studies show that men experience the effects of hair loss in social and career contexts the most. 

Development Path of Cures

Although it sounds quite depressing, there is a permanent cure, so don’t worry. Men had been looking for cures to refresh their hair since at least 1500 B. C. They tried using many things, such as sheep and lizards. But these were not enough, they got bald anyway. Thankfully, the first studies that resemble today’s technology appeared in the 1800s. J. Dieffenbach, with his investigations in the hair, feathers, and skin of animals, took a revolutionary step in this area. His studies became a pioneer for other scientists who followed him. Dr. Okuda and Dr. Tamura, Japanese dermatologists, for example, studied alopecias in the scalp, eyebrows, mustache, and women’s pubic hair. But their studies didn’t develop enough due to World War II. So Dr. O’Tar Norwood and Dr. Orentreich appeared, and they developed the first classification of androgenic hair loss. It is still widely used today.


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But all of these were not effective enough to stop hair loss until the 1990s. Drs. Bernstein and Rassman developed Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) in 1995. First, they came across as denying and resistant. But the technique could stop hair loss with great success. So people started to believe and trust Bernstein and Rassman’s way. The technique depends on using stereo-microscopic graft dissection to take follicular units from a donor strip. After it takes these tiny follicle units, it inserts them into the balding areas. Then, in 2005, they came up with another great technique, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Succesful rates of this technique were so much that it became a “golden standard” in hair transplant quickly. A lot of people, but mostly men started to choose this technique. Let’s examine what Follicular Unit Extraction is.

Effectiveness of Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE)

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) is a technique that provides people to get their old, strong hair. Unlike Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT), it does not depends on using invasive methods, such as donor strip follicle units. It mostly focuses on extracting follicle units directly from the follicle and implanting them in balding areas. Dermatologists define the FUE technique as also a “non-invasive” method. To extract the follicle units, it uses small punches, which change from 0.8 to 1 mm. We indicated above that people showed resistance when it revealed for the first time. The reason behind that they believed extracting intact follicular units by using small punches is very difficult. But it is not. Today’s technology is very well developed to eliminate these claims.

Actually, doctors who use these techniques didn’t do anything about negative claims. Growing demand for FUE did it by itself. In fact, the more FUE’s popularity increased, the more it found chances to develop. Today it offers greater surgical skills and better tools. So that, pretty much most of the people who have FUE hair transplants don’t have any complaints. Further, they even surprise to see that FUE-based surgeries don’t leave scars. 

Doctors usually use from 2.400 to 5.000 grafts for a particular area on the head during the surgery. But if this surgery is implemented on eyebrows, it changes from 150 to 200 grafts. FUE generally addresses thinning hair, receding hairline, or bald spots. How Much FUE Hair Transplant Cost In Turkey?

Costs and Further Information

Although we gave a lot of information about hair transplant, you can learn the most effective method from your dermatologist. Due to everyone’s hair structure differs from person to person, it would be best to visit a doctor first.

How about costs? In our clinic, TecniFUE International offers you the most suitable and affordable prices. Many celebrities from both abroad and national context, choose us for our well-qualified services and prices. Also, we have so careful experts that they would make sure they don’t imply over-harvesting your hair. Because we know that otherwise, you might experience telogen effluvium or related types of alopecia. Our main missions are to make you happier and reverse hair loss to new, strong hairs.

You can reach our clinic anytime and with any sort of contact method. Even you don’t think about having a hair transplant, still you can ask us anything. If you prefer Whatsapp, click the bottom-right button on our main page, Or if you prefer a telephone call, you can use this number, +90 539 369 34 84. Also feel free to use our mail address,

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