HOW MUCH HAIR TRANSPLANTATION COST IN 2020 Hair transplantation is a cosmetic surgery operation. Treatment solves the problems of persons who have hair issues. By simply explaining the doctor extracts many hair follicles from the hair donor areas of the scalp to transplant these to problem areas like the scalp of the head or face, for facial hair. The name of the treatment can scare some people but in 2020 with advanced technology in our surgeon’s hands, it’s so easy to follow the procedure without any risks.


The procedure of qualified hair transplantation technique has some stages. All of the stages ensure that the treatment has been done properly and without any errors. Our clinic is concerned about the client’s contentment so the procedure will go on step by step.

The first step of performing the hair transplantation process is that surgeon prepares the patient by cutting their hair. Because it is necessary for the procedure. After that, the surgeon places an anesthetic in the problematic area where the surgeon will transplant the hair. The surgeon applies an anesthetic to block the client’s feeling of pain. So that way procedure can go smooth for both the client and surgeon. Thanks to our clinic’s technology and experience in 2020, the client can go through the treatment with no pain what so ever. The surgeon extracts the hair from the donor areas where the hair grows quickly and intensively. So the transplanted hair can be healthy and attractive after the treatment. 


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After that, the surgeon saves the hair follicles that were extracted with a solution that is dedicated to keeping the hair follicles, to preserve them until the transplant is complete. The surgeon gives the client some time to rest so that he can continue the procedure. Then the surgeon will open tiny holes for the areas that the client wants to grow hair in. At last, the surgeon implants hair that is appropriate to the client’s pathological conditions, like transplanting the according to the direction of the old hair growth. So the client needs to be sure to consult a professional like us to guarantee their health.


Hair transplantation has many different techniques, as each clinic sets its price to compete with other clinics and that competition supports new hair transplant techniques. That is the reason why hair transplantation techniques have evolved so much through its start to 2020. Recently found techniques are most common among society for being more affordable and more healthy.

The extraction technique is one of the best techniques for hair transplantation. It’s done by the surgeon extracting the hair follicles from the donor areas of the hair and implanting them in the areas where are problematic with the growth of hair. The treatment does not need the usage of any surgical tools too. The procedure is manual since the surgeon uses a micro-conical motor to extract hair follicles and implant them in the area which has a problem. Electronic devices help our surgeons to apply the healthy treatment. That’s the fruit of 2020’s technology. This technique is one of the most popular hair transplant techniques among all other techniques. 

Every year it will seem that there are headlines that suggest an end to hair loss. A recent breakthrough that might potentially contribute to that problem. Hair loss may come from genetic factors, other medications, and the type of scalp the patient has. People try to stop their hair loss by methods to counter hair loss, even slowing the process would be great to some people. In 2020, a common way for a lot of people to stop their hair loss is to undergo a hair transplant because this is the best surgical treatment to treat hair fall or hair thinning. Our clinic ensures that our clients reach their desired appearance and provide them with the hairlines they want. 


Clients need to prioritize that the hair transplantation on the scalp will have healthy and complete treatment. That way clients have really attractive hair in the future and with the right treatment, these spots would not go bald. By saying that aging differs on that. By aging, some of the areas on the scalp begin to go balder. From that point, hair transplantation won’t be a reliable choice. 

In 2020 our clinic applies great treatment so that patients who have these kinds of problems can solve their problems. So the timing is the key here. The patient needs to have treatment at the right age. As we stated hair transplantation is the best treatment for hair loss these days. It is the best treatment that always offers you natural results similar to your natural hair. There is also work into how hair transplants can be successfully done and whether patients can produce even more outcomes. While attempts have been made to tackle and fix balding issues for patients, more trials and research on non-hair transplants are needed. How Much It Cost Hair Transplant In Turkey


HOW MUCH HAIR TRANSPLANTATION COST IN 2020 Since the 1990s, surgeons have discussed the idea of hair follicle cloning as a potential way of preventing hair loss. This means hair multiplication for hair follicles to clone. The logic behind that new idea is the follicles on the patient’s skin are connected to established stem cells. So that means, raw enlarged hair follicles in the laboratory will directly develop in the scalp of the head as natural. Surgeons tried this approach on the animals and it worked. However, that doesn’t mean surgeons can apply these procedures without any risks. We have enough technology in 2020 to apply this procedure but we can’t risk our client’s health. 

To apply these new techniques that are arriving at the horizon, clinics need to ensure that the risk isn’t there. So applying new procedures can be exciting but our clinic will prioritize our clients’ health first. That’s the reason our clinic will use much more steady and experienced treatments like FUE and FUT.


The number of hair follicles to be implanted is the first factor for determining the prices of hair transplantation. There is a relation between the number of hair follicles and prices. That means if the surgeon uses more hair follicles in the procedure, then hair transplantation will cost more. The experience of the surgeon, specialist, and team that will perform the hair transplantation will also determine the prices. As a professional clinic, we recommend that the patients should have professional treatment. Otherwise, treatment can turn into a disaster. Of course, professional treatment is expensive but it’s for your great health

The patient needs to adjust their priorities first. Results must be more important for clients than prices because the appearance of the facial hair after transplantation is much more important for the patients. If you are interested and you want to undergo a hair transplantation treatment, you can contact us from here. HOW MUCH HAIR TRANSPLANTATION COST IN 2020

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