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How Much Is DHI Hair Transplant?

How Much Is DHI Hair Transplant?

How Much Is DHI Hair Transplant? Most people suffer from hair loss today. Hair loss problem may depend on many factors like some medical drugs, hereditary background, psychological problems, poor diet, etc. People who have this problem search for the solution to this; thus, many methods are created and developed to find a solution for the hair loss problem.

There are different techniques. DHI (Direct Hair Implant) is the most preferred one among all techniques. DHI is a faster process in contrast to other methods and patients may be healthy quickly in DHI. In the Direct Hair Implantation technique, extracted hair follicles are placed special operation pen named Choi. Before long, extracted hair follicles are implanted into the scalp. Both processes are done at the same time. There is no need for incision like in other techniques. This process is performed Choi pen designed as special for this treatment.


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Patients wonder about the price of a DHI hair transplant. Because it is so extensive today. In this article, you will be able to find ”HOW MUCH DHI HAIR TRANSPLANT IS?”. The most important factor that differentiates DHI from other techniques is making the process with a special ”Choi pen”. Let’s have a look at what ”Choi pen is” and why is it important?

What is ”Choi Pen”?

Choi implanter is so important surgical tool that is used for DHI Hair transplant. It is designed as very thin, cylindrical, and sharp. Pen’s aim to combine two jobs in one process by extracting hair follicles and transplanted them into the recipient area simultaneously. During the DHI process, the doctor fills hair follicles which are extracted from the donor area in the special Choi pen. While doing this process, doctors must be careful and diligent. This process is done differently in other techniques. Thanks to the Choi pen, the implantation process can be done quickly in the DHI hair transplant. Choi pen is very expensive.  During the implantation process, the surgeon generally uses 6 Choi pens not to experience any problem. All of the pens are designed diligently and appropriate for this treatment. They have all qualifications for proper DHI treatment.

How is done Direct Hair Implant?

After patients ask the question ” How Much Is Dhı Haır Transplant?, they wonder about what the DHI stages are, how it is processed? Operations start in the same way as in other techniques. At the beginning of the operation, the first one to be done is local anaesthesia. Local anaesthesia is a process by which is used by dentists and surgeons mostly. In the local anaesthesia, doctors await patients’ scalp is numbed completely. It just lasts for a few minutes. Patients shouldn’t be afraid of local anaesthesia. There are some videos on the internet, and they may be frightening when watched. However, it has nothing to do with what they tell. It is not that tough. As I said, it just takes a few minutes.

After local anaesthesia is done, hair follicles are taken from the donor area and hair grafts that are taken are lodged into the Choi implanter pen ın DHI Hair Transplant. Then removed hair grafts are transplanted into the target area of the scalp. This process is crucial for hair condition of the patient. Doctors have to be very careful at this stage. If they aren’t careful enough, the patient’s hair gets harmed.

Normally, in the other techniques, especially FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), the shaving process is done before the implantation; in contrast, in the DHI, doctors don’t have to shave. They just shave only the target area hair follicles are taken. Later, hair grafts that are extracted are transplanted into the recipient area.

The Second Part Of The DHI

İn the second part of the operation, there is a difference again between FUE and DHI. As mentioned above, the DHI technique is more developed. In the FUE, there is an incision system with some blades and after the incision is done, new hair follicles are transplanted; on the other hand, in the DHI, the process is not the same as FUE. The primary difference is DHI uses special ”Choi” pen. As being understood from their name (Direct Hair İmplant), the implantation process is done directly, doctors don’t need to do 2 separate jobs. Hair follicles are collected from the donor area and implanted into directly the recipient area. This happens at the same time and this is not consuming.

The process mentioned happens thanks to the Choi pen. Choi pen is the greatest importance here and identifies the cost of the DHI Hair Transplant and How much DHI hair transplant is.

Why Is Choi Pen Important?

Choi pen hasn’t got just a benefit. It also contributes not to taken hair follicles be harmed. Because there is no waiting duration, they are transplanted into directly. Also, it helps to be hair stems better and good looking. Patients who suffer from falling out their hairs generally become concerned about hair implant techniques. Because in some techniques like FUE, doctors have to make something about their hairs, they trim patients’ hairs. In the DHI, there is no such a process, for DHI doesn’t need to use micromotors like in the FUE. Doctors can do their jobs by Choi pen. They don’t need any micro motors or something like that. When they use special implanter pen, there is no point in shaving all hairs on the scalp. In the DHI, doctors don’t have a business with your old hairs, converse to the FUE.

There are variable benefits in DHI Hair Transplant. Because of not being incised, there is no scars or bleeding during the operation. In FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction), doctors have to use a blade to do incision. This can be frightening. DHI Hair Transplant is so many benefits that its price scale is wondered by people thinking about implanting their hairs with DHI technique. They really wonder about the cost of the operation.

To sum up, DHI hair transplantation is done with special implanter pens named Choi. That’s why, the technique is highly important. Doctors must be careful while applying the stages in DHI. When patients have read the advantages and usefulness of DHI, they want to ease their concerns and questions in their mind. DHI uses developed technological gadgets. That’s why, the price can be a bit higher. In DHI Hair Transplant, surgical devices are more effective than other hair transplant techniques. It has become a trend today. If you want to learn the answer for ” How Much is DHI Hair Transplant?” question and wonder about the average cost of this hair implant method, contact us