How Much Is Hair Implant Surgery?

How Much Is Hair Implant Surgery?

How Much Is Hair Implant Surgery? Hair implant surgery is one of the surgeries that require microsurgery performed in the hospital environment. Hair loss, which usually occurs in advanced ages due to aging and stress, can turn life into a nightmare. It is one of the issues that people have the most problems with because it causes the image to be ruined. Today, there are people with severe hair loss even at the age of 30. Hair baldness is one of the big problems and makes people look older than they are.

This situation, which is generally seen in men, maybe due to many things. For example, there may be reasons such as working under intense stress, needing psychological support as a result of a traumatic event and delaying it, and genetic factors. At the same time, the drugs used and the low immune system are among the common causes of hair loss. It is normal for the hair to shed a certain amount during the day. For example, 50-100 strands of hair per day are not a problem as it will support the newly arrived hair. However, intense hair loss and the resulting gap between the hair seriously distort the image.

People can use the hair implant method to have a better appearance and to look younger than their age. The process that proceeds quite easily will facilitate the recovery of the hair. Hair implant treatment is among the most frequently used methods today, but the lack of acquired information causes people to worry. In addition, many of the people who will apply for the hair implant method, How much is hair implant surgery? raises the question. Before answering this question, it is useful to know the process.


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What is Hair Implant Surgery?

Hair implant surgery is special and reliable hair transplant surgery. There are two different safe varieties. After the surgery is performed in a more technical way, it is very likely to get results. These methods, which are said to be quite effective, are useful methods as long as working with a healthy and reliable organization.

DHI, the method known as the direct hair implant method, is the first of the reliable methods. It is one of the most preferred methods of people. A donor area is selected before surgery. This area is usually the stretch root or beard area. With the help of specially used needles, the donor’s hair is taken from the donor area. Then, using special needles called DHI, the donor’s hair is placed on the patient part. This method, which is the most preferred after the FUE method, will provide a healthy recovery of the hair. As a result of this process, which may take several sessions, the hair will fall out in the first place. Then the hair will start to grow again automatically.

Another method that gives successful results is the FUE technique. The FUE method, one of the oldest methods of today, has been developed and has taken its place as the method with the highest success rate. FUE is known as follicular unit extraction. The FUE method is the first step of every hair transplant method, that is, in each method, hair grafts are taken from the donor areas of the people and examined. The cleaned grafts are placed back in the donor area. After a week or two, all of the transplanted grafts are shed and the hair begins to grow again. This technique, which develops faster than the DHI method, will support healthy hair growth.

How Does Hair Implant Surgery Process Progress?

People first make an appointment with the institution they choose. Then, on the first day of the technique, a consultation and blood test is performed to test whether it is suitable for this surgery. If everything is positive and there is a suitable appointment, the hair transplant operation will start on the second day. According to the method, these sessions can be two to three sessions. If the session duration is long, it may be necessary to put a couple of months in between.

The session takes approximately 6 hours. After the sessions are over, the drugs given are used in the most correct way. Doctors will tell people how to follow and how to wash their hair. Dressing and PRP are done after the session. Hair is checked regularly and the process is completed. The hair implant procedure works for most of the patients.

Institution to be Selected for Hair Implant Surgery

Hair Implant Surgery is a method that should be passed extremely clean. It is very important that the health institution has all the approvals. Therefore, it is important to work with an institution whose name is known and has achieved successful results. In addition, doctor preference is also very important. The hair implant process is a process that can be extended when appropriate. And the payment made is not a small amount. Therefore, it is necessary to work with an institution with a high success rate.

How much is hair implant surgery?

Hair implant surgery prices vary from institution to be chosen. The method to be used, the reliability of the method, the awareness of the institution, and the success rate are effective on prices. Hair implant surgery is an important process. People should make a choice without being attached to too many prices, taking into account the awareness and hygiene of the institution. It is especially beneficial to work with organizations with high success rates.

For detailed information about hair implant surgery prices, people can contact the institution personally. It can get a price quote from a few organizations that it is sure of its reliability and high success rate. How much is hair implant surgery? In order to get a more detailed answer to the question and to have detailed information about the process, some of the preferred institutions can be contacted. This will lead to more effective results.