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How Painful Is Fue Hair Transplant?

How Painful Is Fue Hair Transplant?

How Painful Is Fue Hair Transplant? Hair transplant operations are highly preferred today because of the successful results of the procedures. Many men who have hair loss and baldness problems are curious about the procedure even if they want to have these procedures done. Is Fue hair transplant painful? The question raises question marks in people’s minds. Therefore, performing this procedure by a team of experts in the field of hair transplantation will give healthy results.

Hair transplantation times vary according to many factors. These factors vary according to the number of grafts transplanted and the procedures applied. The number of grafts planted in the areas where the person has hair loss. It is ensured that healthy hair strands are formed from the grafts applied to the hairless areas.

What is FUE Hair Transplantation?

It is the removal of hair islands (follicular unit; FUE) with circular incisions from the scalp with 1mm and smaller diameter instruments. The FUE method’s difference from other methods is that the general practitioner does not remove the follicular unit manually. In fact, although the basic logic is the same, the practitioner and the patient gain time with the new method. The apparatus at the end of the Punch Biopsy pen is connecting to a motor and the speed of the motor can adjust as desired.


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The thickness of the tips is changing and tips with the desired lumen diameter are attached according to the donor site. Of course, the only advantage of the Fue engine is not just when it provides. Again, thanks to the Fue Engine, doctors are taking grafts at more frequent intervals and when the same amount of field scanning is comparing, more grafts can be removed from the field taken with the engine.

For these reasons, it can say that hair transplantation has turned into a more comfortable operation thanks to the Fue Engine. Although the way the roots are taken is different, the opening of the channels and the transplantation stages are the same as in other methods.

Successful Hair Transplant Center for Hair Transplantation

Although it is now healthier and more comfortable with the FUE method, it is necessary to know that it is an operation that requires careful attention and highly detailed study and experience. Transplanting at the natural growth angle and direction of the hair, transplanting the hair follicles quickly without waiting in the outside environment, and explaining the pre-and post-transplantation process is one of the most important factors in the health and success of this operation. Hair transplant; Since it is an application that is detailing, sensitive, and requires medical equipment.

What is the Most Important Factor for Hair Transplantation?

It would be absolutely wrong to say that every patient with a hair loss problem can benefit from this treatment. One of the most important factors here is to reach the living hair follicles in the human body. If there is no area or structure (donor) in your body that meets this, unfortunately, hair transplantation treatment will not be successful and you will not get results.
In order to repair the hair loss area, hairs are collecting from the person’s own body, and this is usually the hair follicles in the nape area, which is the most efficient donor area. It is also possible to define it as the process of integrating live hair follicles. With this application, which has become much more popular in our country recently, it is possible to achieve a natural appearance and you will benefit in a short time if you work with the right physicians.

Who Can Have Hair Transplantation?

We come across the 22-year-old criterion for hair transplantation, but although some specialist physicians mention that this limit can reduce to 18, to recommend finishing it after the age of 22. Anyone who has male pattern hair loss and has strong and vibrant hair follicles in their body can benefit from hair transplant treatment without any problems.
The success rate in hair transplant treatment is increasing day by day and this is one of the most important factors that instill hope in patients. Anyone who is over the age of 22 can take steps for treatment.

Is FUE Hair Transplantation a Painful Procedure?

Today you can not feel pain with new techniques. It is a surprise for most patients that they feel much less pain than they think. In hair transplantation, psychological factors as well as physiological pain can increase the pain and make the person uncomfortable. Psychologically, it is very important to prepare patients for the operation. In addition to detailed information, patients can relieve with the medication given before the operation. Anesthetic agents should be at body temperature when injected into the skin.

If necessary, anesthesia can be provided for 8-12 hours by applying nerve blocks. Postoperative pain is also can prevent a strong analgesic agent applying towards the end of the surgery.

Are Scars Permanent After Hair Transplantation?

If the FUE technique is applied by a specialist, it does not cause a permanent scar. When the recovery period is completed after the operations in which these techniques are applied; It is not possible to leave any traces in the transplanted area or donor area. However, the oldest method, the FUE technique; Due to the incision and stitching procedures, it contains, it causes scarring in the donor area.

Other Factors That Make Hair Transplantation Painless

Using the micromotor at low speed can easily collect the hair.

Cylindrical needles used on the micromotor are made of medical steel rich in chrome and nickel.

The replacement of cylindrical needles that cut the scalp without allowing it to become blunt during the operation.

Using tips made of the sapphire element instead of the metal slit (steel tips) to open the channels where hair follicles will be transplanted.

How painful is Fue hair transplant? Careful maintenance of the healthcare personnel after the operation and the next day’s examinations are other factors affecting the comfort of the operation.