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How To Prevent Hair Loss After Stopping Birth Control

How To Prevent Hair Loss After Stopping Birth Control

How To Prevent Hair Loss After Stopping Birth Control Hair loss is one of the most common health problems of our age that can happen to any person. Although this problem is more common in men, it can also be seen frequently in women. The reason why hair loss is more common in men is the excess testosterone hormone in men. Testosterone hormone, which is secreted more than normal, causes hair loss. This might be caused by an increase in testosterone or a decrease in estrogen in women. Unless there is a special case such as chemotherapy or the like, women’s hair loss problems are usually temporary. The most important examples of this situation are pregnancy, taking birth control pills and stopping birth control pills.

Hair loss in women is one of the most common side effects of birth control pills. This can happen both while continuing to use birth control pills and when they stop taking them. This situation varies due to age, health conditions, stress, etc. It is usually temporary, but exceptions may occur. For such situations, only one question comes to mind, which is “How To Prevent Hair Loss After Stopping Birth Control”?

What Causes Hair Loss After Stopping Birth Control

Birth control pills contain estrogen. Estrogen is a naturally occurring hormone in women. This hormone causes many positive effects on the female body. Women say that the best and healthiest hair they have is during pregnancy. This is because estrogen levels are too high during pregnancy. Birth control pills increase estrogen levels and almost mimic the pregnancy process. For this reason, women are generally satisfied with the condition of their hair while taking birth control pills. However, when they stop taking birth control pills, their estrogen levels drop quite quickly, so this leads to increased hair loss. 


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The name of temporary hair loss caused by stopping or changing birth control pills is telogen effluvium. This can happen when changing birth control pills, as well as stopping them. Telogen effluvium usually decreases within six months after the body gets used to not being on birth control. If a woman experienced hormone-related hair loss before birth control started, unlike other women, she may notice that her hair grows again when she stops taking birth control pills.

Besides, birth control pills can cause hair loss in women with hormone-related hair loss in their family or who are sensitive to the hormones in the pill. Also, if there is baldness in the family, these pills can speed up the hair loss process. Birth control pills are not the only option for birth control. There are also methods such as hormone injections, skin patches, progestin implants, and vaginal rings. However, these methods also can cause hair loss or even worsen it.

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Suggestions To Prevent Hair Loss After Stopping Birth Control

Hair loss seen after stopping birth control is quite normal and usually temporary. However, this process can be longer or difficult. For such situations, experts have a few suggestions that may be helpful.

Stress might negatively include hair loss. It is important to keep stress levels under control to prevent a hormonal imbalance. Yoga and exercise can help reduce stress. 

Exercising will make you feel stronger and happier. It helps solve problems such as mood swings, weight gain, and insomnia. All these factors support healthy hair growth as they maintain hormonal balance.

Balanced diets containing foods such as whole grains, fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and sesame oil are strong defenses against hair loss. In addition, essential fatty acids such as salmon, tuna, flaxseed oil, walnuts, and almonds will also be effective against hair loss.

The body needs water to function properly. Drinking enough water throughout the day and avoiding drinks containing more sugar than the body needs will help the body function properly.

It is important to avoid heat-operated appliances such as hairdryers and straighteners to avoid drying and breakage in the hair. Chemicals in hair dyes and perms damage the scalp. If you are going to dye hair, you should choose a natural color. Being in the sun or under the wind for a long time can cause the hair to dry and break, so wear a hat to prevent this. Does The Implant Cause Hair Loss?

Medical Treatments and Medications To Prevent Hair Loss After Stopping Birth Control

Hair loss during or after birth control is usually temporary. Hair loss will stop and the hair will grow again at the end of the birth control or after a while. On the other hand, baldness or hair loss in the family, stress during birth control, and not taking good care of the body, or experiencing hormonal problems may cause hair loss and regrowth to not occur. In exceptional cases like this, give up other treatments and consult a doctor. Something you missed or a medication you used may have this effect on you. If this is not the case, some medical treatments and medications can cure you. 

There are two medical treatment methods that are effective against hair loss and can help hair regrowth. Laser therapy is one of these two medical treatments. Low-level lasers can help people with hair loss by improving their hair density. This treatment’s other name is red light therapy. However, many treatments may be required to work. The other medical treatment is Platelet-rich plasma. It helps to stimulate growth in areas affected by hair loss. It is applied by injecting into the scalp.

Medications can play an important role in treatment after stopping birth control. There are two medications that can help with hair loss and regrowth. The first one is Phenylephrine. It forces and shapes the follicle muscles to contract. Hence, it can aid against hair loss. Unfortunately, this solution is a treatment developed but not made available to the public. The second medication is Minoxidil. It treats hair loss in women. Minoxidil helps hair follicles reach the growth stage faster. Apply on the scalp. Side effects are acne and irritation. It may take some time to take effect. Nevertheless, it is the best medication to prevent hair loss after stopping birth control.

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