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How to tegrow hair for men is a frequent asked questions by millions of men around the globe. Since men’s skin is more oily and thicker than women’s, their scalps also face the same situation. The roots of the hair become oily faster and the dirt becomes more evident. If regular and correct care is not taken, hair loss is inevitable. Men’s hair does not grow as fast as women’s hair. These hairs grow at most 1.5 cm in a month. If it is desired to lie down like this every month, maintenance becomes essential. How to regrow hair for men? there are many methods. With these methods, when applied correctly, the hair grows in a more voluminous, strong and healthy way. These methods are listed as follows.

Keeping Hair Clean

How to grow hair again in men? The first thing to do is to keep the hair clean. Men’s hair gets greasy faster than women’s hair. A deep cleaning is required by washing the hair with a shampoo suitable for the type of hair at most once every 2 days and with a shampoo with a deep cleansing effect every 2 weeks.

How to regrow hair for men? Their hair is washed with neither hot nor cold water. The ideal is to wash the hair with lukewarm water without getting tired. When the hair is washed with hot water, both the hair strands and the scalp can dry very quickly. Dry hair, on the other hand, becomes weaker and thinner over time, so it can fall out more easily.


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Apart from shampoo, supporting the hair with by-products will make a great contribution to hair growth. For example, with products such as conditioner, hair mask, hair oil, the hair will both maintain its vitality and have a stronger structure. Thus, it will be difficult for the hair strands to break and break. How to grow hair in men again? it will get easier.

Breathing of the Hair

How to regrow hair for men? The second way is to ensure that the hair gets enough air. It is important not to wear accessories such as hats, berets, bandanas to cover the hair during periods when the hair is trying to be extended. Due to the air that cannot reach the skin, the roots of the hair will be left without air and will cause lubrication faster. Sweating of the scalp will adversely affect the hair. Giving natural wind air is always healthier for the hair.

Growing Hair Strategically

How to regrow hair for men? The third way is to ensure that the hair grows strategically. The top part of the hair grows more difficult than the back and side parts. In this process, it is necessary to keep the sides and backs of the hair short and to ensure that the upper part is elongated in order not to spoil the shape while extending the hair. Thus, a more accurate image emerges when the hair reaches the desired length. This image, which annoys men, results in getting bored after a while and having their hair cut.

Drying Hair Properly

How to regrow hair for men? The fourth way is the correct drying of the hair. Drying the hair with a towel after getting out of the shower should be avoided. The moisture of the hair should be removed with a cotton cloth. Hard-dried hair wears out more quickly and sheds easily. It causes thinning of the hair structure. It should be dried slowly with a medium temperature dryer, after removing the water from the fabric. Letting it dry naturally without using any tools is seen as a healthier drying method.

Massaging the Roots of the Hair

How to regrow hair for men? The fifth way is to massage the scalp. In order for hair to grow, blood circulation in the scalp must increase. For this reason, it should be massaged slowly with shampoo during the shower or with fragrant oils on dry hair. Thus, blood flow is increased and hair roots are easily stimulated. Oils such as coconut oil, argan oil, almond oil, olive oil, lavender oil, jojoba oil, sesame oil, grape seed oil will help your hair become stronger. These oils warm the scalp and stimulate hair growth.

The oil should be handled neither hot nor cold, and the scalp should be massaged with gentle movements for 5-10 minutes. After the massage is over, the skin should be allowed to absorb it for 30 minutes. At the end of this process, it is necessary to rinse the hair with warm water without shampoo.

Paying Attention to Nutrition

How to regrow hair for men? The sixth way is to pay attention to nutrition as much as possible. Every part of the body is affected by nutrition, as well as the hair. Since the skin will become oily as a result of oily eating, the scalp will also face this inevitable end. Consuming junk food constantly and eating unhealthy are also reflected in the rate of hair growth.

As the hair grows with hair care products from the outside, it is also fed with the foods consumed from the inside. In fact, the structure of the hair is largely determined by the nutrients that enter our body. Nutrition in terms of protein has a stronger effect on the hair structure and allows it to grow faster.

Consuming foods high in vitamins and minerals and eating regularly are important for hair growth. It should be checked by a doctor, which vitamins are low, and supplementation of those vitamins should be provided. Because the lack of any vitamin in the body creates a malfunction in many parts of the body, especially the hair. Removing this condition, which also affects the hair, will be a healthier method for the hair. After consulting a doctor, foods containing calcium, protein, iron, vitamins A, C and D should be added to the diet.

Avoiding Stress

How to regrow hair for men? The 7th way is to stay away from stress as much as possible. As it is well known by the society, stressed people lose their hair faster. This reason is among the emotional causes of hair loss. If you are exposed to too much stress while trying to lengthen the hair, the extension process will be delayed.

Prefer Soft Textured Pillow

How to regrow hair for men? The 8th way would be to choose a pillow made of non-hard fabric. The greater the friction, the easier it will be for the hair to break, and this will negatively affect the growth of the hair.

Protect From Heat

How to regrow hair for men? The 9th way is to protect you hair from heat. Styling your hair frequently with heat, especially blow-drying and straightening the hair causes the hair to burn and thus the growth rate is interrupted. Therefore, before heat treatment, it is necessary to protect the hair with a quality product (such as a serum). Thus, the hair does not break and does not burn, as a result, hair growth can continue without any problems.

Using the Right Hair Products

How to regrow hair for men? The 10th way is the use of hair products suitable for the person’s hair type. If the person has an oily hair structure, when oily products are used, the hair becomes even more oily and an unhealthy hair structure emerges. Using an oil-free hair product for dry hair will also cause the hair and scalp to remain drier and the hair to fall out more easily.

If you have an oily hair structure, a hair product that purifies the hair from oil; If the person is faced with a dry hair type, it is important to use products that can balance the oil of the hair. Hair masks with natural ingredients can strengthen and grow faster. Hair masks with natural ingredients such as avocado, shea butter, aloe vera, argan oil, coconut oil can be used in this method that strengthens hair follicles. As the hair mask can be prepared at home, ready-made but reliable masks can also be used.

Water Consumption

How to regrow hair for men? The 11th way is to ensure the right amount of water consumption. Considering the foods consumed, how many glasses of water should be consumed per day should be calculated according to height and weight, and water should be consumed accordingly. If the water consumption is low, this will also be negative for the hair. If more lively and fast growing hair is desired, attention should be paid to water consumption.

Of course, not everyone has to drink 2.5 – 3 liters of water a day. How much water should be consumed is calculated as follows; It is a healthy method for you to consume as much water as the result obtained by multiplying 0.03 by your weight. For example, an individual weighing 60 kilograms should consume 60 x 0.03 = 1.8 liters of water.

Don’t Wash Hair Every Day

How to regrow hair for men? The 12th way is not to wash the hair every day. Most people think that washing hair every day is a clean and correct method. In fact, the situation is exactly the opposite. You can have stronger and healthier hair by washing the hair 3 or 4 times a week. Washing hair every day is harmful. It causes the hair to lose its natural oils, vitamins and minerals that it needs and nourishes them.

For healthier hair and scalp, it is the healthiest to wash hair every two days. The more often it is washed, the more often it will be oiled and the need to be washed more quickly. If your hair feels dirty, a clean hair appearance can be achieved with dry shampoo. In addition, it will be healthier for the hair to squeeze the dry shampoo from 20-25 cm away without holding it too close to the hair.

Apple Cider Vinegar Miracle

Apple cider vinegar works wonders for hair, skin and even most health problems. This ability of apple cider vinegar, which has the ability to grow hair, really fascinates people. 3 parts of apple cider vinegar are mixed with 1 part of water. It is placed in an easy-to-squeeze bottle (the spray bottle will be easier to use). After each shower, this mixture is sprayed on the hair after shampoo. After waiting for 1-2 minutes, it should be rinsed. People notice a visible change in a few weeks.

Using Comb in the Right Structure and Time

When and how to comb the hair It is one of the best way on how to regrow hair for men. This method is important in terms of accelerating hair growth. Because it revitalizes the skin and carries the healthy oils in the skin to the bottom of each hair strand. Combing the hair when we wake up and while sleeping will be the most accurate hair combing routine. Combing too much hair is something that should be avoided as it can break the hair.

In addition, combing while the hair is wet should be avoided. Wet hair can break very easily when combed. Choosing a comb suitable for the structure of the hair is also among the important steps. If a hard comb is chosen, the hair will break easily. A negative situation arises for the hair that is desired to grow. Even if the hair is very thick, using short-tipped combs causes the ends of the comb to not reach the skin. For this reason, it prevents the distribution of natural oils. For this reason, using longer tooth combs is a healthier choice in terms of oil distribution. With these methods, the hair can grow faster.

Hair care is very important. The more carefully it is done, the more important it becomes. Therefore, taking care of hair care should be a priority. Thus, there is no problem.

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