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How To Sleep After FUE Hair Transplant

How To Sleep After FUE Hair Transplant

How To Sleep After FUE Hair Transplant Today we will talk about ‘how to sleep after fue hair transplant‘. You will appreciate that the donor area of the candidate has a very important place in the success of the operation. If your donor area is dense, you can transplant more often. Apart from this, another important issue that increases the success of the operation is what you will and will not do after hair transplantation. Sleep after hair transplantation is one of these important issues. So how should your sleeping position be after hair transplantation? Should you lie on your back or should you lie face down? Can sleeping position after hair transplantation damage the donor area?

Sleeping After Hair Transplantation

Although every process is important in hair transplantation operations, the first 10 days after the operation; It is a sensitive process in terms of preventing and protecting the transplanted hair follicles.One of the important issues you should pay attention to in the 10-day period is how you will sleep.

The next step after the operation, which you have successfully completed by adding the hair follicles to the balding area, is the healing process. Although the recovery process covers a total of 1 year; The most sensitive period of this process is the first 10 days. Therefore, sleeping after hair transplantation is another issue that you should pay attention to. As you know, although hair transplantation is a surgical operation; You will be discharged after the operation. So you don’t stay in the hospital, you can go home immediately.


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The most important issue that the person who has hair transplantation should pay attention to after leaving the hospital is to ensure that the transplanted hair follicles are not damaged. In this respect, sleep after hair transplantation is also of great importance. The point that needs attention here is not just sleep; It also includes activities such as lying, moving, and turning. How To Sleep After Fue Hair Transplant

How to Sleep After Fue Hair Transplant

During sleep after hair transplantation, the hair transplantation area should not come into contact with a pillow or any other material, even with the person’s own hand. As you know, the average holding time of the transplanted hair follicles in the canals where they are transplanted is 10 days.

During this time, you should avoid blows. And in order for the hair to get used to its roots, you need to lie in a slightly upright position, by putting 2 pillows on your back, or sleeping at a 45 degree angle. In this way, the anesthetic drugs you use and the serum you injected into the scalp do not stay on your scalp. In this way, you prevent edema and swelling. Those who investigate the complications after hair transplantation know that; One of the most common conditions is swelling / edema in the face area.

In FUE hair transplant operations, which is the most common method today; Hair follicles collected from the nape roots during the procedure are transplanted into the balding area. In this case, there may be a slight bleeding in the neck area. Even if you use a bandage to prevent this slight bleeding, sometimes a bandage is not enough. And there may be slight leaks from under the bandage. To prevent these leaks, we recommend that you protect the pillow with a protective cover, towel or nylon.

Another suggestion is that although the person lies on his back; There is a possibility that the planted area may touch the pillow and damage it. In such cases, we recommend using the passenger pillow provided on buses and airplanes and attached to the neck area. In this way, you prevent the hair follicles from being damaged as the area you transplant will be higher.

First Night Sleep Position After Hair Transplantation

The first night after the hair transplant is very important, so you should definitely not sleep completely lying down and in bed. After the hair transplant operation, swelling may occur in the area where the hair is transplanted if it sleeps in a completely lying position. Sleeping at a 45 degree angle on the first night with two pillows on the back is the healthiest sleeping position. One of the most common post-operative complications is swelling and edema in the head area. Therefore, sleeping at an angle of 45 degrees prevents both swelling and edema and the anesthetic drugs used during the operation and the serum injected into the scalp from staying on the scalp.

Sleeping Positions After Hair Transplantation

We emphasized that the first 10 days after the operation are very important. As a result, you should pay attention to the way you sleep up to 10 days after hair transplantation. However, the person who knows you best is your doctor who performed your surgery. You should consider their advice. It recommends that you lie in a slightly upright position by putting a pillow on your back during this 10-day period. It is important that you sleep in this position so that your hair is not damaged and your face does not collect edema.

Is It Lying On Its Side During Sleeping After Hair Transplantation?

Is it recommended to sleep after a hair transplant? As we mentioned above, your transplanted hair follicles should not suffer any impact. However, we do not recommend that you lie down or sleep during sleep after hair transplantation to prevent edema that may occur in your face and head area. Following the recommendations is important for your health and aesthetically pleasing appearance. After the 10-day delicate process, if your doctor approves, you can lie on your side, but you should be careful not to damage the transplanted hair follicles. How To Remove Scalp After FUE Hair Transplant?

Sleep and Donor Area After Hair Transplantation

Does sleeping after hair transplant affect your nape, in other words, donor area? This is one of the most common questions. Lying on your neck will not harm your donor area. You can be comfortable with this. However, there is a situation like this. Lying on your neck for about 10 – 14 days may cause mild pain or burning in your donor area. Since this is not a vital issue and in order to protect the aesthetically transplanted hair follicles, this situation should be taken into consideration. Thus, we discussed ‘how to sleep after fue hair transplant‘.