When looking for an answer to the question of how to slow down hair loss, there are some points that should be known first. For a normal healthy person, the average number of hair strands on the scalp is 100 thousand. In our daily life, approximately 100-150 strands of hair breakage or shedding are seen as normal. However, hair loss that occurs more than 3 times in a year and exceeds approximately 2 to 3 months can be a sign of some diseases.

As it is known, each person’s metabolism and life are unique to him. For this reason, when we say how to slow down hair loss, it includes different solutions and solutions for each person. In this article, it is our aim to help you choose the most suitable one for you by explaining the treatment methods.

Treatments applied in hospitals and personal care centers for hair loss are examined under 2 groups. These are known as medical and surgical treatment. Since our aim is to protect our hair, a situation such as hair transplantation is not taken into account. So this means that we need to continue on our way by understanding the medical treatment method.


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Medically applied hair loss treatment; It aims to revitalize and strengthen existing hair follicles in cases where individuals do not completely lose their hair. It is important to consider medical treatments when looking for an answer on how to slow down hair loss.

Major medical treatments

Fractional Laser

While Fractional lasers used today are not yet developed, peeling (ablative) called Classical CO2 laser is applied. This old process, applied to slow down hair loss, makes contact with the whole skin and provides peeling of the skin. As a general result of this procedure, the recovery period becomes long and troublesome for the patient. Fractional lasers offer a comfortable and successful application by reducing this application time to 1 to 2 days.

Hair mesotherapy

It is a treatment method applied by injecting mixtures of minerals, amino acids and vitamins required for human hair into the scalp. Thanks to this method, the substances that hair follicles need and nourish them are easily settled. As hair loss can be treated, it is aimed to make the hair look shiny instead of matte. It also helps to thicken thinning hair. In Hair Mesotherapy, the vitamins, minerals and amino acid mixtures required for hair are injected into the scalp.

It is the most effective laser application applied for skin regeneration. It is ensured that it is one step ahead compared to other methods due to the few side effects that affect the person together with the recovery time. Since it can reach a wavelength of 10650 nm, it can be safely applied to the tissues located much deeper.

Dermaroller- dermapen (Micro needling)

It creates damage by opening microscopic holes that extend to the lower layers of the human skin. Very thin and sharp special needles that cause this damage are applied to the skin surface in a sterile manner with their lengths varying between 0.5-2.5 mm. These invisible damages on the skin after the application activate the healing mechanisms of the skin. As a result, the structuring of the skin is triggered by the production of components that support the skin. The application of drugs to the skin through these channels facilitates faster results.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Treatment

After PRP treatment, some blood is taken from the person’s own body, that blood is separated from the plasma with a special process. The blood separated from its plasma is given back to the body by injection method. These injured cells, which play a role in wound healing by counting the main function of blood clotting in the body, called “paltelet” in the obtained plasma, are very rich.

With this treatment method, the person’s own blood is used to heal and rejuvenate his own skin. It provides regeneration of cells affected by environmental and genetic factors. This treatment is based on the treatment of the individual’s cat rather than drugs. Today, it is used in the treatment of many orthopedic diseases from pain treatment as well as preventing baldness caused by hair loss.

Stem Cell Treatments

Among the methods of the question of how to slow down hair loss, there is an important sweat of stem cell therapy. First of all, let’s look at what this treatment does and how it is applied. This treatment is done by obtaining from the body of the person to be treated. Tissue can be taken from many places in our body for stem cell therapy, but the preferred area for hair is adipose tissue. Since stem cells have the ability to change and regenerate, it has positive results in hair treatment. It should not be confused with PNR as it has the ability to repair their own environment. One of them separates from the blood and the other from the tissue.

Its application starts with the removal of fat stem cells called liposuction from the person. This process takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes and is applied with local anesthesia. By multiplying 60-70 cc stem cells taken from fat cells, it is brought into a shape suitable for the scalp. These replicated stem cells are provided to be ready. Activated stem cells after the procedures begin to repair the hair follicles and thus the strands. With the treatment, you will have a healthy and lively appearance. The effect on the hair follicles is seen in about a month.

Ingredients that strengthen hair and slow down its loss


When it comes to slowing down hair loss, keratin is one of the first supplements that comes to mind. Keratin is a protein found in teeth, hair and nails. However, over time, there is a decrease in the number of keratin in the hair. This situation can be prevented by adding keratin to keratin hair. The reinforcement process is easy and is applied with specially produced serums. Cleaning the hair before the application is an important issue. For this reason, cleaning with a keratin-based shampoo is an important factor.

Hair should be left damp after washing. This waiting period varies between 6 and 8 hours, but after this period, the remaining residues on the hair are cleaned. As a result of this procedure, there is an answer to the question of how to treat thinning hair. Because it helps in many issues such as the appearance of lively looking hair and the treatment of damaged hair. As for the places where keratin is found, it is found in vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, garlic and onions. Apart from these, it is not possible to find pure keratin. Because in order to use keratin, it must first go through a process.


It is an amino acid that is the precursor of keratin. Together with L-cystine, it provides the production of keratin. In general, taking this amino acid with food separately from the outside has a serious effect on the production rate. It is also important in the formation of a quality hair. In addition, there are scientific studies that the use of methionine seriously delays hair graying. We should not ignore the effect of L-cystine here.

How to do hair loss prevention treatment

There are some techniques used for the question of how to slow down hair loss. The route of use of known therapeutic agents is taken orally with a pill. These tablets help to achieve the desired hair form by increasing the mineral or replacing the missing minerals. In addition to pills and tablets, it is widely used in sprays that have proven scientific effectiveness. Of course, the important point here is that substances and transactions that are really reliable are carried out.

How to slow down hair loss is scientifically considered. Scientifically, it is under the supervision of an expert to learn this. It is necessary to determine the substances that are missing in your body or the substances that are more than necessary. In the process, the underlying causes of thinning are reached with the nutrition or diet recommended by the specialist. Although there are some statements that the thickening cannot be prevented by application on the skin, its reality is still not proven. The other issue is that the vitamins that are proven to be lacking are added to the body.

Natural practices to slow down hair loss

There are beliefs and researches among the public that some natural remedies and treatments help to slow down hair loss. Of course, it can be a bit silly to think that these are suitable for all hair types. Just like every person is different, their hair also differs with it. Since it is a living tissue, hair can be quickly affected by your natural life. These spills may be seasonal, but long-term ones may upset you a little.

Below are some of the answers to the question of how to slow down hair loss at home with less expense on your own. You may be asked to take notes on how to slow down hair loss. Another thing to know before you start is that in cases of severe hair loss, it is beneficial to consult with a specialist doctor.

Carrots with coconut milk

If we say how to slow down hair loss, one of the methods to be applied is coconut milk and carrots. A mixture of coconut milk and carrot, which is used to ensure the growth and growth of new hair, is applied. The recipe for an application is as follows.


2 carrots
250 ml i.e. 1 glass of coconut milk

What should you do?

The carrots are sliced ​​nicely by separating them from the peel.
It is passed through a blender by adding the coconut milk on the carrots.
After applying it to your hair well, it is allowed to wait for half an hour, and the rinsing process is started.

Onion, garlic and lemon

In order to provide an extra nutrient to your hair, it is tried to benefit from the antioxidants in these foods. These supplements also have products such as shampoo, soap and shower gel. Of course, it is obtained from the right sources. One thing you should not forget while using it, as we said at the beginning, is how to slow down hair loss. The question differs from person to person. These products show harmful effects in people with sensitive skin.

If you want to mix, here is the recipe


juice of 1 lemon
A clove of garlic
1 onion

You can use honey, it is completely optional in terms of being soft.

What should you do?

Press the lemon juice and squeeze it well.
The onions are finely diced.
Peel and slice the garlic well.
Crush the prepared materials in the blender and mix.
It is applied by thoroughly feeding the mixture to your scalp.
The mixture is allowed to rest for a few minutes.
It rinses off nicely with shampoo and water.

Aloe vera Treatment

Aloe vera is known as a natural remedy for skin rejuvenation. Its moisturizing and healing properties come to the fore among the benefits it provides to the scalp. However, use in high doses results in significant loss of essential electrolytes for the body. Expert advice is taken before using chron of diabetes patients, ulcerative colitis patients and children.

Ingredients for the recipe of the mix

30 g aloe vera gel, about 2 tablespoons
Adjust water as needed

What should you do?

These ingredients are mixed well in a bowl.
After applying the mixture to your scalp, 10 hours are expected.
Then a pause is made.
essential oils

Essential oils are important for the question of how to slow down hair loss. Most people do not have to deal with hair loss and baldness as a result. It prefers to use natural oils to gain moisture and nourish the hair roots as a result. The most commonly used essential oils are castor and rosemary oils.

Green tea

It is believed that green tea, which is an antioxidant-rich beverage, will prevent baldness if it is applied regularly to the hair. It is a good method for tea lovers when looking for how to slow down hair loss.

In order to benefit from green tea, one or two cups of tea are prepared first. After waiting for it to cool to a warm consistency, it is sufficient to apply it to your dry hair before washing your hair.

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