HOW TO STOP BABY HAIR LOSS Babies to be the most vulnerable creature. To protect them with love. Babies, this front to be different from us. But sometimes to be aspects like us. Some illnesses even look like adults. For example, hair loss. Although it is generally seen in adults, we can also see it in babies. Whatever condition to take your baby to the doctor.

Hair loss in newborns within 3-4 weeks with low hormone levels. This is normal, and then the hair grows longer and thicker.

If hair loss continues in your baby, especially after the 6th month, you should see the doctor to find out the reason.


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Hair loss in babies? Hair loss in babies what we do?

There may be many reasons for hair loss in babies. Hair loss in babies to get serious and find out why.

It is quite normal for your baby to shed approximately 100 strands a day. But if this hair loss increases, the scalp begins to appear and comes too much, you should consult your doctor.

The main causes of hair loss in babies:

1- choosing and using the wrong shampoo

2-inadequate and unbalanced nutrition

3- Alopecia Areata Disease

4-Fungal diseases

5-High fever

6-Thyroid diseases

7-Vitamin and mineral deficiencies

8-Genetic reasons

These reasons are common findings. When your baby has hair loss, definitely take it to the doctor.

How can we prevent hair loss in babies?

Firstly, take it to the doctor and find the main cause of hair loss in your baby.

In this way, to get rid of the disease and prevent hair loss.

If the hair is shed due to fungal disease, thyroid disease, or any other reason, the first thing you should do is to treat the disease. After the treatment, your baby’s hair loss will end.

If your baby has a yeast infection, your baby may have hair loss due to this. It may be necessary to use antifungal drugs.

To treat infant yeast infections, first of all, it is necessary to detect an infection.

To conduct blood tests and similar tests for the detection and treatment of infection.

3-One of the most common causes of hair loss in babies is malnutrition.

Vitamin and mineral deficiencies also start to occur as a result of malnutrition. Therefore, the first thing to be considered in hair loss is feeding the baby.

If your baby’s hair loss is caused by malnutrition, first of all, parents should be educated about it. Therefore, parents go to a nutritionist. Then find out the baby with the healthiest nutritionist.

What to do if the baby is breastfeeding?

If your baby is small, make sure he is getting enough breast milk. If you have switched to eating, making sure you are consuming enough food. Also, making sure your baby is getting enough water.

So, what to pay attention to in the baby’s diet?

Include seasonal fruits and vegetables in your baby’s diet. Make sure your fruits and vegetables are fresh and washed thoroughly; if your baby does not eat vegetables, to be able to give them by mixing them with fruits. In this way, to ensure that your baby gets more vitamins and minerals.

Make sure babies get basic foods. These essential foods are vegetables, fruits, meat, yogurt, egg yolk, and products such as chicken. To consume these foods regularly.

You can feed your baby fruit and fruit juices as a snack.

Give your babies movement and walking.

Go for a walk in the open air and in sunny weather, rather than home. If you are in the summer, be sure to open your baby’s arms and legs and let the sun touch his skin. In addition, to be able to increase their movements by doing activities at home and playing games.

If your baby cannot walk, you can crawl or walk holding their arms if your baby is of age.

Paying attention to the shampoo you use. Using hair care oils other than shampoo.

The shampoo you choose for your baby is a baby-specific, sensitive, harmful substance, allergen, paraben, and perfume-free shampoo.

To prevent hair loss by sending a message to your baby’s scalp with oils (e.g., almond oil, aloe vera) after bathing.

At the same time, preventing the baby from sleeping in the same direction.

Hair loss in the areas where babies are lying down.

So don’t bend your babies too much; try to sit more. In this way, to prevent hair loss.

If the baby has alopecia areata or thyroid disease, have the baby treated with medication.

If drug treatments are delayed, there is a risk of baldness in the child.

Because such diseases cause a loss of mass in your baby’s hair.

Using herbal therapy in Alopecia Areata disease. For example, using herbal creams and ointments.

The disease can be treated by preventing the use of hair accessories in traction alopecia, especially in baby girls.

If these methods do not work, start drug treatment. Remember to take it to the doctor at this stage. How to Stop Hair Loss after Childbirth?

The main purpose here is disease treatment. Hair loss has already decreased or stopped after the disease has been treated. If the hair loss has not disappeared after the disease is treated, other causes of hair loss in your baby should be investigated.

Hair loss is caused by vitamin and mineral deficiency.

So mostly to benefit from natural resources, fruits, and vegetables.

To recommend going to the sun in case of vitamin D deficiency, Not passing vitamin D through the glass, so you should go outside.

At the same time, consuming enough milk and dairy products to get vitamin D.

Considering zinc mineral deficiencies in hair loss, usually in babies.

Finding out which vitamin or mineral deficiency, your baby is with simple blood tests.

And your doctor will make adjustments for the vitamins or minerals your baby is missing.

If you don’t know how to feed your baby, you go to the nutritionist.

If your babies have hair loss due to genetic factors, the treatment of this condition is disappearing.

Hair loss cannot be completely prevented, but your baby’s hair loss can be reduced with nutrition and medication.

Consult a nutritionist for nutritional therapy and find out what foods your baby needs. Making sure your baby needs it badly.

Drug treatment is another option besides nutrition. Go to the doctor and start medication if necessary. HOW TO STOP BABY HAIR LOSS

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