How to Stop Female Hair Loss Immediately

How to Stop Female Hair Loss Immediately

General Dynamics of Female Hair Loss

How to Stop Female Hair Loss Immediately Each strand of hair you have is not in a structure that lasts forever. They have a lifespan as well, like many things. Mostly their lifespan varies from 2 to 5 years. In fact, hair follicles have a cycle towards growing, transition, and remaining. Many women suffer from hair loss in a silent way, more than men. They usually try to alter their hairstyle to hide their thinned hair or patches in their hair. But, in a situation like this, the sooner you seek treatment, the sooner you get your former, strong hair. Also, you would be likely to have a chance to find the most effective treatments for you. Prevalence on the other hand is not so low. According to experts, 5 percent of women who are under age 30 suffer from hair loss, whereas 60 percent of women who are older than the age 70 suffer from.

We are likely to know the general dynamics of male pattern hair loss. It might be caused by genetics, stress, cosmetics used, or some sort of diseases. Perhaps the market through male pattern hair loss contributed to this. Or we must have from heard relatives, closed ones, friends and family members who we see. But how about female pattern hair loss? Female pattern hair loss too could occur due to a strong genetic component, which is likely to be inherited by mother or father (or both). It is also known as androgenetic alopecia. As a matter of fact, female pattern hair loss is a subcategory of androgenetic alopecia (which is one of the seven types of alopecia). Androgenetic alopecia, either in women or men, could start during adolescents, and go through older ages. It is a fact that if your hair loss starts at an early age, it is likely to be severe in time.


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Phases of Hair Growth

Hair loss in women does not reveal as in men. Men usually experience this as a receding hairline through the back or upper side of the head, or a bald spot at the top of the head. But women experience this as visible thinning through the top of the head, or in the entire hair structure. In men, the hair growth cycle appears in four long stages. The first one is the anagen (growing phase). Completion of the growing phase endures for from 2 to 7 years and it depends on your length of hair. The second one is the catagen (transition phase). This is a temporal, or in other words a transitional stage and it endures about 8 – 10 days. Hair follicles fall out from the dermal papilla. Telegon, also known as the resting phase lasts 2 to 3 months. About 10 or 15 percent of hair in your head stays in this phase.

During the resting phase, whereas old hair turns out resting, new hair starts to grow. In the final phase, exogen, aka new hair phase could be said that it is part of the telegon phase. The old hair sheds while new hair continues to grow. Roughly from 50 to 150 hairs could fall out daily, and this is a normal shedding pattern according to dermatologists.

Of course, women’s hair growth cycle goes through 4 stages as well. But as different from men’s, their cycle period remains longer. In shorter periods, hair stays on the head in a small-time, so there is not enough time to gain strength like women’s. So these wispy hairs (which are like arm hairs) do not reach their normal length.

Symptoms and Causes

Usually, signs of hair loss in women start with their widening hair. In time, your ponytail gets smaller, and you started to realize that your hair structure began to weaken (and thinning). Like men, a lot of factors such as lifespan circumstances, stress, work-life, genetic factors, excessive washing or brushing, cosmetics, or different types of medical diseases might cause hair loss. By gathering together, these factors carry more of your hair through the rest cycle when they are about to fall, or already started to fall. This condition is called telogen effluvium.

It could be one of the symptoms of the stressor. Or perhaps it could reveal after giving birth, after using some sorts of medication or some underlying diseases. Women do not lose their hair as men lose. But if you believe that you will lose your hair as getting bald, patches or large parts from your hair will shed, you should see a dermatologist. Without a doubt, she would the one who could examine your conditions, dynamics, and offer you the best options and treatments. Either you have chronic based or short term health issue; there are ways to protect your further loss, or getting it slower. How To Stop Hair Loss Immediately Naturally

How to Stop Loss

One of the ways to stop hair loss is avoiding hairstyles that damage hair structures, such as the ones pull hair. When hair is pulled through the back, in time its structure gets damaged and it starts to grow backward. This refers to a danger. Because it might get permanent damage. So what are these hairstyles that damage your hair? Here are some examples: cornrows, tight braids, and ponytails.

Another way is avoiding highly heated hair styling tools. Most of these products make your hair follicles dehydrated and vulnerable to permanent damage. Consider these: hairdryers, hair straighteners, and curling irons, all of them carry risks for your hair.

You should also avoid using chemical or bleach-based products for your hair. Perhaps limiting dyes, highlights, peroxide treatments, and perms would be wiser for this kind of situation. You can also use a shampoo that is best for your hair. To find which shampoo is the best or the most suitable for your hair, you can go and see a dermatologist. She or he will recommend to you what the best is for you. Because it is a fact that many ad-based shampoos contain severely harsh components. Their effect could be so strong that even just one wash might cause your natural oil and fatty acids of your hair to get stripped. 

If you would like to learn more, you can reach us in any way; Whatsapp, telephone call, face to face meeting, or email. Also, check our main page to see our articles, before after processes of hair transplant examples, and frequently asked questions.  How to Stop Female Hair Loss Immediately

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