HOW TO STOP HAIR LOSS AFTER HAVING A BABY? Hair loss is quite a common situation among the public. Although the majority of people think that it is only seen in men, that is not the case. A significant percentage of women worldwide suffer from hair loss. According to the latest researches, 50% of the women population either already experienced or will face this problem on a noticeable level. There are many reasons which trigger hair loss in women. One of them is based on age. If the woman is over or near her forties, it is more likely that she suffers from hair loss. Another factor that causes this problem can be medical treatments such as chemotherapy. Since the body health changes dramatically in such treatments, it can be inevitable to see hair loss on the head. 

Of course, genetic and psychological factors also play an important part in this circumstance. For instance, if you have a family member who suffers from hair loss, it is highly that you will experience the same problem. Also, if you go through a mentally hard phase, your body will probably react to your physiological situation by shedding hair. However, there is one crucial reason that is quite popular among women: hair loss after having a baby. If you are expecting a baby or have already given birth, this situation must have popped into your head once. Nevertheless, there is no need to panic about it because you are not alone in this case. There are many women who are facing this problem. 

Now, we will try to explain the reasons for hair loss after giving birth and talk about what you can do to prevent it. 


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During pregnancy, your hormone levels change rapidly after a few months. These hormones also affect your skin health. Most pregnant women observe that their hair looks more hydrated or their skin is glowing which is a quite normal situation. Also, a normal person sheds approximately 50 to 100 hair a day. When you are pregnant, your hair tends to grow more and shed less. However, these circumstances change after you give birth. Following childbirth, your high leveled hormones fall quickly. So, your hair follicles which grew steadily during your pregnancy will stop growing, and rather, they will enter the resting phase. Since having a baby can be quite stressful and tiring, your hair loss and thinning will be inevitable along with the hormonal changes in your body. 

Although we call it hair loss after giving birth, there is a medical term for this situation: postpartum hair loss. Contrary to what is believed, hair shedding does not start right after the child’s birth. As we said, the hair goes into a resting phase and it lasts about 3 months. After the resting phase, in order for new healthy hairs to grow out, your weary hair will start to shed quickly. At first, since it will be a rapid change, you may panic. However, the situation is totally normal and it will not last forever. As your body gets used to its postnatal status, the side effects will disappear. While new moms shed 400 to 500 hairs a day, this number will fall in time. The circumstance is not hopeless and there are many things you can do to prevent postpartum hair loss. Let’s focus on these precautions.


One of the most important things you can do is following a healthy diet. Energy is substantial for the body to function properly. With the hormonal changes and the psychological pressure you experience after giving birth, your body loses its nutrient balance which causes problems to its performance. HOW TO STOP HAIR LOSS AFTER HAVING A BABY? Eating green foods, fruits, vegetables, and drinking lots of water can help your system to gain strength. Another support you can get for your body is taking postnatal vitamins. Eating healthy alone may not be enough for your exhausted body. So, with the guidance of your specialist, you can take vitamins to strengthen your essential organs. Being strong physically will greatly affect your postnatal condition and especially your hair status. 

Of course, if we are talking about physical appearance, the length of the hair is also another aspect to consider. When you have long hair, your body works harder to make it look hydrated than ever. So, a majority of the minerals are taken by hair follicles. However, in the case of shorter hair, your body will spend fewer minerals for its health which is an important thing if you consider the mineral need of your body after giving birth.

Along with the physical side, the psychological situation of the mother also plays a substantial role in the hair loss problem. Stressing too much can have a negative effect. Our suggestion is that you should try to take time for yourself and your body. Meditating, going to a spa, or simply walking can help you to reduce the pressure. How to Stop Hair Loss after Childbirth?


Being a mother is a fantastic experience. Nevertheless, the burden that comes with it can be quite exhaustive. Thus, not only your body but also your hair take their share from this weariness. However, there is nothing effective care can not solve. You should not forget to nurture your hair properly. Choose your shampoo well and try to be gentle with your hair while brushing. Along with this, if you eat and stay healthy, we promise you that your hair will look alive more than ever. It is all about loving yourself and caring for your body.

For further information, you can always consult your specialist. Alternatively, if you prefer to stay in since we are facing a worldwide pandemic, there are many websites that offer free online support. You can simply get the help you need by using WhatsApp or writing an e-mail. Your health is the most important thing in life and thus you should do your best to take care of it. HOW TO STOP HAIR LOSS AFTER HAVING A BABY?

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