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How To Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Hair Naturally

What is Hair Loss?

How To Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Hair Naturally Hairs are a natural thermal insulation system for mammals and birds. When the temperature goes down below 0°C, you get in your warm and cozy home, but what about cats, dogs? They can hold their body temperature unlike us. Because air beneath the hairs on an animal becomes an insulator. So they don’t get cold easily unlike us. Also, animals have hair loss too! Cats and dogs shed hairs before winter and after winter.

Before winter, they grow thicker hairs that hold more air. When winter ends, they shed these and grow slightly shorter and thinner hair because the outside temperature is high enough. This applies to many mammals. But unlike them, humans. who also is a mammal, does not shed hair like them. Because our body hair is not used as a thermal insulator. But a lot of reasons makes them useful for us.

Humans’ body hair is not useless. But one of them is very important for health and style. This is head hair or just hair. Humans head contains the brain and the brain is a highly sensitive organ. To protect it from the sun’s radiation and heat, hairs are crucial. Also, hairs affect a human’s style a lot. Especially men care about their hair healthcare. Because men suffer from complete hair loss more often than women. Usually, women lose their hair partially but men could lose every one of them. This is caused by old age mostly, but there are other reasons can shed your hair earlier than normal. If there are kin in your family that lost their hair early, that can apply to you. Because your genetic inheritance could include those genes. Unfortunately, there is nothing to do to avoid this kind of hair loss.


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What Causes Hair Loss?

Hair loss can be reasoned for too many reasons. One of them like we said above is genetic inheritance. Another one is aging. Aging is also unpreventable. But if you treat your hair nicely, maybe you can postpone the hair loss. Another reason is stress. Stress causes a lot of changes in your body. Every one of them is a bad change. And one of them is hair loss. But after you become stress-free, your hair will grow again. There are a lot of other reasons that cause hair loss. But the most common ones are there three. Many health issues can cause hair loss. They are usually temporary. But for permanent ones, you can always get a hair transplant! If you are interested in getting a hair transplant, contact us via Whatsapp. We can inform you about your hair loss and the transplant you will get.

We said above a lot of things cause hair loss. But what causes hair loss? I mean biologically. Biologically there is one reason that causes hair loss. There is a cycle of hair growth. If in some way this cycle interrupts, you start losing hair. If we examine the hair growth cycle, we can see three phases of hair growth. These are Anagen, Catagen, and Telogen in turn. Anagen is the growth phase. In the Anagen phase, your hair grows 1 cm each month approximately. It can last for 5 years. In the Catagen phase, your hair growth stops and your hair follicle starts to renew itself. While this is going, your hair keeps stretching because the follicle pushes your hair outside of the scalp. In the Telogen phase, your hair starts to shed from its roots. You lose your hair in this phase. And the cycle restarts.

How to Stop Hair Loss?

Do you want to stop your hair loss? Did you research your hair loss? If you did not, you must. Read this article and you will be informed. But if it is not enough, you can take a look at our other articles. Or you can write to us through Whatsapp. But if you did not research enough, you can make a mistake while trying to stop hair loss. Without an expert, medical supplements are can be harmful. If you did your research and you are still here, let’s have a look at how to stop hair loss. Stress is one of the reasons for hair loss. If you are experiencing stress-related hair loss, please try to be less stressed or wait for stressed time to end. Your hair loss will stop. If you are getting old, you might lose your hair and a hair transplant is your only choice.

For vitamin deficiency-related hair loss, first, consult a doctor or pharmacist or an expert. Then start to use vitamin supplements by following the instructions of the expert. You will notice your loss will reduce and begone completely in six months approximately. If it is related to PCOS or a hormonal health issue, your expert will give you proper hormonal treatment. When the health issue is gone, your hair loss problem will be gone with it. If you started chemotherapy or radiotherapy, your hair will shed in two or three weeks after you started. Start looking for something to covering your head. Because radiotherapy-related hair loss will continue up to three months after the radiotherapy ends. If it is chemotherapy, your hair can grow while you getting it. Or it starts to grow after the chemicals wear off from your body. How Much Does a Fue Hair Transplant Cost UK?

How to Stop Hair Loss and Regrow Hair Naturally?

If your hair loss is related to the issues above, your hair will regrow after you get rid of the issue. But your hair shed for any other reason, there aren’t many solutions present. If you want to regrow your hair naturally, you must use herbal medicines. But they are not guaranteed. But if you get a transplant in our clinic, we will guarantee you %200! It is your natural hair that will be transplanted. And don’t worry, it will look natural as the original! Please contact us via Whatsapp for further information. How To Stop Hair Loss And Regrow Hair Naturally

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