How to Stop Hair Loss Due to Genetics

How to Stop Hair Loss Due to Genetics?

Hereditary Pattern Hair Loss

How to Stop Hair Loss Due to Genetics Hair loss stems from mostly genetic factors. When genetic factors cause hair loss, it is called hereditary pattern baldness. It is one of the most common hair loss types among others. It is known that is also a subcategory of male pattern alopecia, which could be seen in both men and women. Hair loss due to genetic factors might occur from early an early age such as 18 to older ages. It usually reveals after the starting of puberty. With puberty, hormones trigger hair follicles to act faster, when it occurs, the hair growth cycle is interrupted and hair loss begins.

Hereditary pattern baldness is not a disease but it is a health condition. Although it is natural in older ages when it occurs when you are younger, it could be very stressful. To the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), about 80 percent of men lose their hair when they reach their 70s.

In fact, hereditary pattern baldness is some sort of combination of all genetics, hormonal changes, and the aging processes. AAD also indicates that it is normal to shed from 50 to 100 hairs each day. Although it is variable for both men and women, men are likely to experience hair loss a bit more than women in general. Hair loss usually begins in the 20s, 30s, or late 30s. Women mostly do not get bald, their hair structure just gets thinner and in worst cases, they lose their hair at intervals. Usually, the most noticeable era of their hair loss is after menopause. Today, with modern technology, we began to understand more about hair loss due to genetics. It appears that the hormone testosterone makes a lot of trouble to the hair of men.


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The Effect of Testosterone in Long Term

With the effect of the male hormone testosterone, the cycle of hair growth changes. In a normal situation, it has long periods over time, but testosterone makes it shorter. After a short time, your hairline recedes up to your head. It usually begins with an M shape but it could get open quickly. Under the scalp, hair growth in some areas stops permanently. Some people might believe that you get this hereditary pattern of baldness from your mother’s family, but studies show that you get it from both your mother’s and father’s sides.

In women, hair loss is actually widespread but well-hidden. Usually, the top of your head is affected the most. It begins with the top and goes down to the middle. In these kinds of conditions, it is called the Christmas tree pattern. Unlike men, their hairline does not recede through the upper head. And the complete loss of hair is unlikely. However, if you experience hair loss in your entire hair that makes you nearly bald, it is essential for you to go to the doctor immediately. Because it occurs probably from some sort of medical cases, such as alopecia areata (which is an autoimmune condition), a fungus infection, postpartum alopecia, etc. Does Testosterone Cause Hair Loss?

In order to refresh your hair and get better treatment, the first thing you have to do is analyze your situation well. Because hair loss could occur for both permanent and temporary reasons. So in this case, it would be better to know the general dynamics of the symptoms of different types of shedding. Then, after knowing these, another important thing you have to do is, going to see a board-certified dermatologist. No matter how well you know all things about hair, only the dermatologist could say your diagnosis. Also, only he or she could offer you the best treatment, both medicine-based and process-based. But if the dermatologist diagnoses you as hereditary pattern baldness, it is permanent.

How About Solution

Perhaps the dermatologist gives you minoxidil or finasteride. Whereas minoxidil could be used by both men and women, finasteride could be used only by men. When minoxidil is used, you have to apply it to your scalp twice a day. But remember, either minoxidil, finasteride, or any other medicine would not solve your hereditary pattern of baldness. But they would get slower the speed of shed. Sometimes they might help you to stop further shedding, but it is usually unlikely. Also, in the following 4 to 8 months some parts of your hair might regrow. But cases like these are not common.

Usage of minoxidil depends on its strength amount. The scalp structure of men need usually about 5 percent strength (which is considered as high strength). On the other hand, women need about 2 percent. However, there is a risk of using more than 2 percent. A small amount of hair might appear on your face, resembling forearm hairs. And when you stop using minoxidil, probably you will lose the regrown or refreshed hair you have. Beard Alopecia

Which One is Better

Finasteride, on the other hand, is a pill that could be given only with a prescription. Its effect reveals by blocking testosterone, which causes an interruption in the hair growth cycle. Usage of the same medicine is seen in also prostate gland. Experts say that finasteride helps you to stop losing hair, especially in hereditary pattern baldness. In some cases, it might even help hair follicles to grow new hair. But there are some side effects that men feel discomfort. One of them is reducing sexual activity. Due to finasteride blocks testosterone, your hair might even grow again but your sexual desire is likely to decrease. Also, as in minoxidil, if you stop using finasteride, your testosterone level will increase but also you start to lose your hair again. 


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Despite these medications, there is a permanent and solid solution that you don’t have to engage with repeatedly: having a hair transplant. Today millions of men have hair transplants including growing numbers of celebrities. According to the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery, the proportion of hair transplants has increased in the last few years more than 60% worldwide. And among hair transplant techniques, it appears that people mostly use Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). In FUE, your own hair follicles are used to implant them into your lost area.

Check our main page to learn more about the FUE method, You can read our other blog articles, take a look at before-after processes, or reach us with the most suitable way for you. How to Stop Hair Loss Due to Genetics

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