How To Stop Hair Loss During Chemo

How To Stop Hair Loss During Chemo

How To Stop Hair Loss During Chemo Chemotherapy is one of the cancer treatments. Its purpose is to kill cancer cells. But chemotherapy cannot distinguish between cells and damages other cells as well as cancer cells. In this case, our body will be affected and your health will deteriorate.  As a result of this, hair loss may also occur.

Do you think everyone who takes chemotherapy will lose their hair? Does chemotherapy-induced hair loss prevent?   Let’s examine these questions together.

If we answer our first question, not every chemotherapy will shed your hair. In other words, if you are a cancer patient and you will receive chemotherapy, your hair does not have to be shed. There are some drugs to use in chemotherapy that cause hair loss.  So this means that not all chemotherapy drugs cause hair loss. So you have to stop worrying, stress is always bad for our body.


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If we move on to our second question, yes, we can reduce the hair loss caused by chemotherapy a little and also prevent it. But of course we have to take some precautions for this. If we list some of the measures we should take:

1-First of all, we should be calm.

Cancer is a disease that almost everyone has now and cancer can now be treated. We must assimilate your condition, your illness and the type of treatment you will receive. Instead of looking at everything from the worst side, we should be aware of our illness and gain positive perspectives. Be sure, this disease will pass and you will be healthier than before.

Another thing we need to prepare ourselves after the illness and treatment is the consequences of the treatment. We have to admit that the treatment period will be a bit difficult. We must also accept future consequences such as hair loss, nausea, loss of taste or smell.

During this period, hair loss affects cancer patients more because other people can also notice hair loss. This can make the cancer patient feel ashamed, excluded from society, and hiding. Therefore, cancer patients may feel a little more depressed in hair loss. This to cause the patient to become stressed and difficult to treat. For this reason, consulting a psychologist after the patient finds out that they have cancer and to cure this period

2- Ask your doctor about the chemotherapy you receive.

Talk about the side effects of medications. Get an idea of ​​what might happen. If you are particularly afraid of hair loss, tell your doctor about your fears.

3-Share the information you learned from your doctor with your family.

Don’t be afraid to say that you need support and attention during these times. Remember that you are valuable to your family and that they consider your well-being.


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4-Pay attention to the treatments you do on your hair in the next stage.

The shampoo you use should not contain heavy fragrance, alcohol, salicylic acid. You can get advice from a dermatologist about the choice of shampoo. Avoid such products in care products and generally prefer organic and vegetable oil ones.

5-During your illness period, do not apply or do procedures such as perming, straightening, tongs and dye.

Stop your hairdresser work for a while. Make sure you look beautiful like this too!

6-Never force your hair while combing.

Comb your hair with slow movements, without forcing. You can use soft-bristled hair brushes to avoid straining your hair during this period. You can also use it in the form of knitting or bun to keep it smoother. But be careful not to stretch or tighten your hair too much.

7-If you want to have your hair cut, here is the right time!

When we are long, our hair becomes thinner and therefore less visible. Short hairstyles show your hair more lush. You can use short hairstyles for both your psychology and to make them look better. For this, listen to your hairdresser’s suggestions. It is great to get support from everyone during this period!

8-If you have small hair that can be collected, using a headband at night will also work.

In this way, when you wake up in the morning, your hair will be less tangled. Thus, you can comb it more comfortably and we can reduce hair loss.

9-Listen, talk, let them talk!

Whenever you want, tell everyone how difficult you are. Never hide. You haven’t done anything to hide in this life, it’s just a temporary period!

10-You can try the scalp cooling procedure used by cancer patients, especially breast cancer patients.

It is a hair band-style product called Kemokep and has a positive effect on patients using some chemotherapy drugs.

Chemokep cools your scalp to a certain degree, constricting the vessels and thus reducing blood flow. Therefore, less chemotherapy drugs go to the scalp, and the scalp is not affected by the chemotherapy drugs, and hair loss is prevented in this way.

Thanks to this method, hair loss is kept to a minimum and patients get maximum benefit. Thanks to this product, they do not hide themselves by means of wigs and hats and do not stay away from society. In this way, the disease period is overcome in the best way. Does Radiation Treatment Cause Hair Loss

11- One of the most effective methods to reduce hair loss during chemotherapy period is to pay attention to nutrition.

During this period, you should make sure that you are eating enough and healthy. If you can’t adjust it yourself, you can get help from a nutritionist.

Make sure you get enough of every nutrient at every meal. Do not neglect to consume vegetables, fruits, meat, chicken and dairy products. You can talk to your doctor and take vitamin and mineral supplements when necessary.

Among the minerals, especially zinc and biotin, it also helps to prevent hair loss. That’s why you can decide and use the doses with your doctor.

Also, make sure that the food you prepare and the products you buy are sufficiently clean and sterilized. Try not to eat leftovers. Get through this period in the best and healthiest way possible!

12-Whatever you do, you may have seen your hair shed during chemotherapy.

Make sure you never get upset, you did a really good job during this period! And there is something you forget, your hair will grow out a few months after chemotherapy. Is there anything more beautiful than this!

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