How To Stop Hair Loss From Iron Deficiency?

How To Stop Hair Loss From Iron Deficiency?

How To Stop Hair Loss From Iron Deficiency? Iron deficiency; is a common problem in society. It is also known as anemia in society. If the body’s need for iron is lacking, the hair that cannot get enough oxygen will dry out and begin to fall out. Iron deficiency has various causes, and some disorders may occur as a result of iron deficiency. The prevalence of iron deficiency, which is one of the most common anemia types in the world, is much higher in underdeveloped and developing countries.

 Iron deficiency occurs in 35% of women and 20% of men. Hamiel is more likely to be seen in women. Number one of the nutritional deficiencies that can lead to hair loss, especially in young women, is iron deficiency.

B12 deficiency, vitamin D deficiency, omega deficiency, zinc deficiency, biotin (vitamin B) deficiency can also cause hair loss, but iron deficiency takes the first place, especially in the 20-50 age group.


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Iron deficiency is the most common cause of hair loss among all causes. If your hair is falling out, go get an iron measurement.

If your iron and ferritin levels are below 50, seek help from a doctor.


There are different types of anemia, the most common of which is iron deficiency anemia. Among the causes of iron deficiency, inadequate and unbalanced nutrition, intestinal diseases, blood loss due to internal bleeding may cause iron deficiency. Regardless of the reason, iron deficiency affects people’s lives negatively. Iron

The most common symptoms of iron deficiency; the person feels weak and tired all the time.

This condition is caused by not having enough hemoglobin in the body.

Because hemoglobin helps carry the oxygen in the blood to tissues and muscles. Haemoglobin deficiency causes a decrease in energy levels.


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Another important symptom of iron deficiency is hair loss and skin dryness. In case the iron needed by the body is deficient, a limited amount of oxygen is delivered to the organs that perform important functions.

For this reason, hair and skin weaken and dry as they cannot get enough oxygen.

As a result, the patient may experience hair loss.

Symptoms of iron deficiency are not limited to these. Those who have this problem; They may also experience symptoms such as impaired concentration, shortness of breath, depression, chills, swelling of the tongue, and numbness in the hands and feet.

Another cause of iron deficiency is ligament pain and dizziness. These problems may occur because the hemoglobin levels in the red blood cells are lower than they should be, and the oxygen cannot reach the brain. 

What are the Symptoms of Anemia?

Fatigue and weakness

Pale skin


Breaking nails quickly

Hair loss


Sores in the mouth


Shortness of breath

How to prevent hair loss caused by iron deficiency?

To treat hair loss due to iron deficiency, the first thing you need to do is to consume plenty of water and eat regularly. Hair problems can be completely cured when supported and followed by all-round assistance. Like all other health problems, hair problems will become solvable when evaluated with a holistic approach that requires the investigation of the lifestyle of the person called holistic, the genetic history, diet, health status, psychological condition, and hair care habits.

Can you prevent iron deficiency and hair loss?

 Eat a healthy, balanced diet to prevent hair loss. You can consume spinach, peas, lean proteins (such as red meat and salmon), and dried fruits. You can gain a regular diet by acting with the dietician that your dermatologist will guide you. In this way, both the rate of iron in your blood will increase, and your hair loss will gradually end. Include foods high in vitamin C in your diet. These foods allow your body to absorb iron more efficiently. You can consume fruits and vegetables such as oranges, strawberries, melons, broccoli, and tomatoes.

You also need to protect your hair from external factors to prevent hair loss. Free your hair. Tying tightly can damage your hair follicles as well as cause headaches. You should protect your hair from extreme heat and cold. Also, make sure that the accessories (scarf, hat, buckle, etc.) you use are clean. Choose hairdressers you know and trust to clean.

What are foods containing iron?

  It is possible to list foods that contain iron as follows:

– liver.

– Spleen, sausage, beef, mutton.


– Oats, parsley, pumpkin seeds, pistachio kernels, walnuts.

– Spinach.

– Molasses, a fruit concentrate, is also rich in iron.

– Dark green leafy vegetables.

– Egg.

How about iron deficiency treatment?

Medication and diet are used to treat iron deficiency. The doctor determines the drug to be used according to the patient’s condition, the severity of anemia, and the cost. There are three ways to treat iron deficiency with medication. The oral medication, hip injection, intravenous iron infusions. Each method has its advantages and disadvantages. Oral treatments are long-lasting, stomach and intestinal side effects, but inexpensive. It is recommended to consume foods rich in iron, not to consume foods that will bind iron immediately after eating (tea), and to choose foods that will increase iron absorption (vitamin C). What To Expect After FUE Hair Transplant?

Advice for improving your quality of life and iron content:

  1: Every pound you take in an unhealthy way causes a health problem. Therefore, take care to maintain your ideal weight.

2- Make regular exercise and healthy nutrition your life standards.

3- Only consider the opinions and suggestions of the experts.

4- Take care of your care.

5- Remove whatever is psychologically tiring, upsetting, stressor from your life.

If your blood values are measured regularly, and you support it with regular nutrition and plenty of water, the spills caused by iron deficiency will decrease. Even though everything is fine, if your hair loss continues, you should apply to dermatology. Make sure that the people you entrust your hair to our experts. Also, hair care products, hot hair styling products, and unnatural dyes are one of the main causes of hair loss. Pay attention to the quality of the products you use. How To Stop Hair Loss From Iron Deficiency?

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