How to Stop Hair Loss in Front of Head

How to Stop Hair Loss in Front of Head

How to Stop Hair Loss in Front of Head Without a doubt, hair loss in front of the head is the most common type of male pattern alopecia, and numerous people wonder how to stop it. For centuries, men had been seeking treatments to prevent or at least getting slow hair loss. Today, millions of men of any age suffer from various genres of alopecia, but mostly from the male pattern. In past (about 1550 B. C.) people were trying to use sheep and lizards to fix their baldness.

But these were not adequate to stop baldness. Assorted studies were carried out until the 1990s, finally, Drs. Bernstein and Rassman found the permanent solution: Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). Methods are based on using stereo-microscopic graft dissection to pick follicular units from donor strips, and implanting them into the lost (balding) area. Although they were exposed a great skepticism, they are considered as “golden standard” now.


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However, it appears that people are likely to choose Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) more. Recent studies showed that more than 40% of men suffer from hair loss (for some sources, 50 million people in the U.S. And in past years, amount of men who had hair transplants increased by 60%. Among them, there are thousands of celebrities who decide to have hair transplants each year. Dr. Craig Ziering, a British surgeon who studies mostly with celebrities, indicated “There are so many celebrities who want to refresh their hair that they come to my office on a weekly basis.” In fact, these numbers are not for nothing. In order to today’s hair transplant technology offers a permanent choice, it is not surprising to see increasing proportions in transplant surgeries.

How to Stop: Beginning

Some people consider popular balding treatments (such as FUE) with a bit of skepticism, due to certain reasons. Instead of going through the surgeries (as the fastest and the most effective ways) they are looking for other solutions. Some of them find helpful these alternative solutions and some of them do not. So, they became more and more depressed every day. The condition affects them every day more severely, and their social life, work-life, and self-esteem as well. But in any case, hair loss does not happen overnight. In fact, most of the men’s hair loss increases at a gradual rate.

As a matter of fact, one of the key dynamics of hair loss treatment is realizing the loss, or at least realizing that your hair started to lose. Then, you have to admit that you need help to overcome this issue. There has been a long time since saying “nothing could be done to fix hair loss” became a myth. There are cures indeed, but be careful; although many companies promise you to refresh your hair, just a few of their methods work. So going through a dermatologist would be the wisest thing in the beginning. Of course, this dermatologist had to be board-certified. Then tell him or her your thinning/losing hair, and when you realized its first signs. Remember, the sooner you realize and take action, the sooner you can get your old, strong hair. In the early stages, getting treatment could be vital for your hair. 

Promising, But Challenging

Studies show that you can minimize the damage that came from hair loss and increase the effectiveness of the treatment only by going to the treatment early. Also, there are a lot of sources, either useful or of low quality, claiming many things without basing any solid ground. And some of them could be even harmful. In short, hair loss could be overwhelming, so going to a board-certified dermatologist would be the best way, in the beginning, to get realistic aspects of your condition. Also, they are the ones who could only examine your condition and consider all the treatment process.

In this case, after the dermatologist examines your situation, he or she might offer you a few things. One of them is using different kinds of vitamins and related treatments. Products towards interrupting dihydrotestosterone (DHT) could be given as examples. DHT is a male androgen hormone that causes hair loss. It gets hair follicles thinner and shorter, and soon, balder. In the time it disrupts the hair growth cycle, so blocking the absorption of DHT might be helpful for some people.

Another option is Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP). It focuses mostly on using in your own blood to fix hair growth. The first step is, getting your blood drawn and then pour it into the centrifuge. Then, the spinning of the blood separates red blood cells from the plasma. Consequently, the gathered plasma is injected from syringes into the scalp. Although this method sounds promising, a lot of people tend to not choose it due to its high prices. Also, you have to go for sessions once a month for a long time.

FUE for Permanent Solution

The final and most effective method is using Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) method. FUE, as a method, uses your own hair follicles, unlike Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). In this method, first, a buzz cut from your hair is gathered. Then, this cut is implanted into your scalp (to wherever gets bald) with thousands of hair follicles. In fact, it uses the most advanced technology in the modern world in the hair transplant and hair refreshment area.

FUE, as different from other related methods, lefts minimal or no scar. It causes lower pain, compared to other techniques. With FUE, you don’t have to come regularly; you can solve your balding problem in a very short time. And grafts per session in this technique are significantly more than others (up to thousands of grafts). In addition to that, it offers you a permanent solution. In order to it uses your own hair roots; your hair is likely to accept the treatment with high proportions of success.

However, although FUE offers you many advantages that other techniques don’t have, you still have to be careful about two things: stress and bad habits. These are known for two factors that cause hair shedding. So after the operation, it would be better to stay away from these, not just for your hair, also for your own sake.

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