How To Stop Hair Loss In Teenage Males?

How To Stop Hair Loss In Teenage Males?

How To Stop Hair Loss In Teenage Males? Hair loss is a nightmare for men. Feeling of social exclusion, fear of looking older than you are, fear of being bald, etc. They are hesitant for reasons such as. For this reason, it is inconvenient to look in the mirror more often and to use products such as hats and headbands to hide hair loss.

Hair loss in young men is a more sensitive issue. Because of the emotional emptiness and stress caused by adolescence, young men are even more upset when they experience hair loss. Therefore, when young men experience hair loss, it may be necessary to get support from an expert for their feelings.

We all experience hair loss during the day and this is normal. In order for us to think that hair loss is abnormal, more than 100 hair loss should be experienced daily. Or to consider regional hair loss as hair loss


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If we list the reasons of hair loss in Teenage boys:

1- Genetics:

The first and most important reason for hair loss in teenage boys is genetics. You may notice that our family and relatives already have hair loss. Therefore, hair loss is seen at a young age.

The genetic makeup of males changes with puberty. When men enter puberty, they secrete testosterone and androgens, and the values ​​of these hormones in the body increase. When these hormones increase, if there is a tendency for hair loss in young people, hair loss can start at a young age. Because when testosterone turns into DHT, hair follicles become thinner and begin to fall out later.

In addition, hair loss that starts at a young age is more severe than hair loss that occurs with old age.

2- Stress:

According to the researches conducted in recent years, it has been observed that a large proportion of hair loss seen especially at a young age is caused by stress. So this means that the biggest effect after genetics in hair loss in young people is stress. As long as stress exists in our lives, it will also be.

Exam rush, school problems or family problems, especially in young people, are the main sources of stress. In cases where this stress is not kept under control, hair loss begins to appear at an early age. In this case, the young person is stressed again because his hair is shed, which leads the young to a vicious cycle.

3- Inadequate Nutrition:

Especially young people can be malnourished due to their unlimited life energy and their desire to reach everywhere. At the same time, the reason for limited time in school and perhaps in business life is malnutrition in order not to have time to eat.

Due to insufficient nutrition, hair follicles remain poor in vitamins and minerals, and as a result, hair follicles weaken. Then, with the changes in hair color, it causes serious hair loss in the following period.

4- Some Diseases:

Thyroid diseases, hormonal disorders, gout, lupus, anemia etc. In diseases, enough blood cannot reach the hair and hair follicles remain lifeless. And eventually hair loss occurs.

Seeing hair loss at an early age if young people have such diseases. Can I Drink Alcohol After FUE Hair Transplant?

So how can we stop hair loss in teenage period?

1- Why hair loss should go to a dermatologist, be found and treated.

2- Avoiding stress. If we are unable to cope with stress, you should seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

In addition, you can join yoga or meditation classes to reduce your stress level.

3-Needing adequate, balanced and healthy nutrition

Vegetables, fruits, meat products and dairy products should be consumed daily.

Dried nuts such as walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds should be consumed daily.

Healthy oils such as olive oil, coconut oil, avocado oil should be used.

To eat with salad meals.  Adding olive oil to vegetables and salads

4- Doing sports. Sport is very important, both to be at your ideal weight and to reduce your stress level.

Going to the sport you love. According to researches, sports are perfect for increasing concentration and reducing stress.

5- Drink water. Water is our source of life. Water makes up a large amount of our body. For this reason, when we drink little water, small symptoms appear at first and then hair loss is seen.

Therefore, pay attention to your daily water consumption. Try to drink more water in summer than in winter. Do not forget to drink water after exercising.

6-You can use anti-loss shampoo and hair care oils. When buying shampoo, be sure to buy shampoo that does not contain SLS, paraben, perfume and harmful substances. You can talk to your doctor to find a good shampoo.

You can also use things like aloe vera, coconut oil, sweet almond oil, lavender, lemon, honey that are good for hair loss.

7-You can use vitamin and mineral supplements.

Vitamins and minerals that are best for hair loss; Vitamin D, zinc, biotin, vitamin B12.

You can go to your doctor and find out the vitamins and minerals you are lacking with a simple blood test. And again, you can use supplements under doctor’s control.

8- You can try hair transplants.

Hair transplantation is usually done around the age of 21-22. If you are under the age of 21 and you have too much hair loss and this affects your psychology, still go to a doctor for hair transplantation.

Hair transplantation is not done at all ages. However, very serious hair loss and conditions that affect psychology, some doctors do hair transplantation

Even if there is no hair transplant, hair loss can be reduced with drugs or other methods. You should decide on the best method for you together with your doctor.

But do not forget that other methods than hair transplantation are methods that you should use regularly and use for a long time. When they are left, your hair loss may increase again. Therefore, research the aspects of the method you use that you should pay attention to and never disrupt your treatment. Hair Transplant After 4 Months

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