How To Stop Hair Loss Quickly

How To Stop Hair Loss Quickly

How To Stop Hair Loss Quickly? Sometimes we see hair loss when we wash our hair or comb our hair. Such situations are not a cause for concern unless you lose a lot of hair.

But in some cases, we notice that our scalp has begun to appear, our hair shed too much, and even baldness has started. In such a situation, we are too afraid. We call this rapid hair loss.

So what causes rapid hair loss? What can we do to prevent rapid hair loss?


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Let’s look at our first question. There are some obvious reasons for rapid hair loss. Some of these reasons:

1- Genetics

2-Disease conditions

3- Hormonal conditions

4-Medications or supplements

5-Treatments received


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6-Stressful life

7-Styling hair

8- Malnutrition

Now let’s see how hair loss occurs for these reasons and what we can do.


It is one of the most common causes of hair loss. It has two types, male pattern hair loss, and female pattern hair loss.

If you have genetic hair loss, you cannot prevent your hair loss, but you can reduce your hair loss.

In order to reduce hair loss, you should know your hair first. Your hair may be oily, dry, rough. You can find the right shampoo for your hair like this. You can also consult your dermatologist for the best shampoo for your hair. If your vitamins and minerals are lacking, you can talk to your doctor.

You should wash your hair without hurting it. Also, you should not wash in too much hot water. After washing, you should comb your hair without hurting.

2-Disease conditions:

When there are diseases such as thyroid diseases, cancer, dermatological scalp diseases, heart diseases, gout, our hair is affected by these diseases, and hair falls out.

So, if you still have hair loss despite taking good care of your hair, go to a dermatologist.

3-Hormonal conditions:

Hormonal conditions affect both sexes. Our hormones are our internal secretions that regulate our bodies. Therefore, any problems with hormones affect our hair and cause it to fall out.

If your hair loss doesn’t stop no matter what you do, see a doctor.

Let your aim be to cure the disease in the spills caused by the disease situations. Because when the disease is cured, hair loss will stop.

4-Medications and supplements:

Hair loss can sometimes be due to the side effects of some medications we use. These drugs are mostly used for heart diseases, gout, arthritis, depression, high blood pressure. These drugs are good for our diseases, but they can cause hair loss.

Sometimes we do not notice, but vitamin and mineral deficiencies also cause hair loss. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies can be found out by your doctor with a simple blood test. Afterward, what vitamins and minerals you lack will be recommended to you by your doctor.

You can then go to a nutritionist and ask how to use the supplements.

5-Therapies received:

Sometimes treatments such as radiation and chemotherapy used in the treatment of some diseases such as cancer may cause hair loss.

There may be a certain amount of hair loss while taking these treatments. But your hair will start to grow a few weeks or months after the treatment is over.

6-Stressful Life:

How To Stop Hair Loss Quickly? We all encounter certain problems almost every day of our lives. Stress is an integral part of our lives. Stress is one of the most damaging emotions for our hair. It causes our hair to fall out.

To prevent this, we must learn to stay calm. lives At first, we will remove stress from our lives, and we must learn to live this way.

If you cannot live without stress, you can get support from a psychiatrist or psychologist. lives  Thus, you will learn the main problem that makes you stressed. In this way, you can relax and have a stress-free life. Also, your hair loss stops.

If you do not have time to go to a psychologist or psychiatrist, you can do activities such as meditation and yoga. It will really help you relax. You can download programs for meditation or yoga, or you can buy CDs or sign up for a course.

7- Hairstyling:

We all know that this substance actually causes hair loss. Hairstyling, which will cause hair loss at first, should only be used by women and then used by men.

The curlers, straighteners, hairdryers used give high heat to the hair and cause the hair to burn. Therefore, when we use hair styling tools, our hair falls out.

That’s why we should use our hair in its natural state without styling. We should stay away from curlers, hairdryers, irons, straighteners. If used, minimize usage. And take care of hair care oils several days a week.

Remember, our most beautiful state is our natural state! How Much Is DHI Hair Transplant?


Our body needs healthy and natural foods. When we do not feed these healthy and natural foods to our body, rapid hair loss will be seen.

Fast hair loss can be eliminated by adequate and balanced nutrition. Here are a few suggestions to prevent rapid hair loss:

1-A healthy breakfast is a must.

2-Using olive oil in meals and salads.

3-eating nuts

4- To consume fruits and vegetables every day

The fruits and vegetables purchased must be seasonal and natural.

5-Confectionery, cookies, Turkish delights, and all ready-made products should be avoided.

6- Excessively fatty and salty foods should be avoided. (Like chips)

We have seen the causes of rapid hair loss and what we should do.

If we summarize the things to do to prevent rapid hair loss:

1-Do not wash in extremely hot water.

2-Find the right shampoo for your hair. How To Stop Rapid Hair Loss

3-Use hair care oils.

4-Pay attention to your diet. Eat adequate, balanced, and natural nutrition.

5-Go to your doctor to find out if there is any other reason for your hair loss.

6-If you have vitamin and mineral deficiencies, start using supplements with your doctor and nutritionist.

7-Learn to live without stress. Go to a psychologist or psychiatrist or learn sports such as yoga or pilates. How To Stop Hair Loss Quickly?

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