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How To Stop Rapid Hair Loss

How To Stop Rapid Hair Loss

How To Stop Rapid Hair Loss Hair loss is one of the most common medical issues from the past to the present. Especially, it can be a serious problem for men who are over 18. Nevertheless, it is not just a medical issue that can affect men, it is an issue that can affect all the species. In fact, many ways cause hair loss for women and men such as anemia, being pregnant, and thyroid disorders. These are just the most common reasons what can cause hair loss. Besides these, some skin conditions like psoriasis or autoimmune diseases might bring along rapid hair loss.

In these circumstances, a lot of people are trying to get rid of the hair loss and the others are really afraid of it because it reminds them that they are getting old or it makes the younger look old. Due to hair loss, people have to transplant hair, use wigs, or prefer the baldness and none of these solutions can replace their original hair literally. A medical issue that such important and really common should be stoppable and should have some treatments. When the problem is like this, there is just one question that comes to mind which is “How To Stop Rapid Hair Loss”?

Easy To Access Ways To Stop Rapid Hair Loss

Rapid hair loss can be seen in so many people. If a great number of people are trying to stop this issue, there will be so many solutions too that can stop the rapid hair loss and recover the people who have rapid hair loss from hair transplantation, wigs, or baldness.


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One of the ways to stop rapid hair loss is hair care. There are many ways for hair care but to stop hair loss, the hair must be washed regularly. Coconut oil should be used because it might help the hair’s growth. Another option might be olive oil because it protects the hair from dryness. Also, people who have long hair should avoid tight braids and chemical treatments like hair color.

The other options are about supplements. Multivitamins, vitamin D, and ginseng are extremely helpful for hair growth. Apart from these, saw palmetto might help men maintain levels of testosterone and biotin may stop the hair loss by stopping the deficiency.

Some special diets can stop the rapid hair loss. An important study says that fresh herbs and raw vegetables may reduce the risk of pattern baldness and the Mediterranean diet includes fresh herbs and raw vegetables. The other diet is the protein diet. Hair follicles involve a large quantity of protein called keratin. Eating protein might provide strong hair follicles. The last diet is vitamin A. It increases the percentage of hair growth and keeps the scalp healthy. 

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Medical Ways To Stop Rapid Hair Loss

Most people want to handle their hair loss problem by using more accessible, easy, cheap, and natural solutions but when the issue starts to grow and you cannot avert it, it is a better and confident option that consults a specialist. It will be more expensive and takes time but there are certain and healthy solutions that can medically stop the rapid hair loss.

Medical treatments are one of the most effective solutions to hair loss. These are a little bit expensive methods but definitely they provide the most permanent redresses to stop the rapid hair loss.

The first treatment of hair loss is platelet-rich plasma. It injected into the scalp to help whip growth in areas already affected by hair loss. Some studies show that it can positively impact the growing %30.

The other treatment is laser therapy or with its second name which is red light therapy. It may help to improve hair density by using low-level lasers. It is using as a treatment for people that have genetic hair loss and treatment with chemotherapy treatment.

Medications can be a good choice either to stop rapid hair loss. Medicines like Minoxidil, Finasteride, and Phenylephrine can fit the scalp and hair. Hair Treatment For Hair Loss

Alternative Ways To Stop Rapid Hair Loss

As with any problem, there are alternative ways to get rid of rapid hair loss. These ways, although not proven, have been tried and have had positive effects on many people. These methods have been seen as treatments that can positively affect hair loss as a result of various experiments and observations.

The first one is onion juice. People who have hair loss may experience regrowth after applying raw onion juice to their scalp twice daily. According to scientists, the sulfur content of onions provides the regrowth.

The second alternative way is essential oils. Essential oils such as lavender, rosemary, lemongrass, and peppermint can significantly help reduce hair loss. For the treatment, several essential oils should be mixed and rubbed on the scalp. Studies show that a significant proportion of the experimental group has a positive response to treatment within seven months. 

The third option to stop hair loss is yoga. One of the important reasons that can cause hair loss is stress and the best thing to relieve people from stress is yoga. For this reason, some yoga postures are beneficial for hair loss by reducing stress.

The last one of the alternative ways is massage. The message here is a scalp massage. One study showed that four minutes of scalp massage per day might be helpful for hair loss over a 24-week period.

You can check out our blog for information on other issues. How To Speed Up Your Hair Growth 

Conclusion: Which Way Is Better To Stop Rapid Hair Loss

There are several ways to stop rapid hair loss. Some of these are easy to access such as hair care supplements or diets. The other ones are medical that includes medical treatments and medications. The last are alternative ways that involve onion juice, essential oils, yoga, and massage. The point is, every way has its pros and cons. The person who has suffering from hair loss can use the treatment that makes sense and appropriate to him or her to stop.

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