As it is known, a hair problem that goes up to shedding is known in cases where the hair thinning roots are not fed well. When starting the question of how to treat thinning hair, we need to identify the factors that cause thinning of our hair. These factors can be chemical and physical.

Since our hair is living tissue, it needs constant nourishment. Thus, the maintenance of these cells, which need many substances and vitamins that have validity in order to preserve their structure, is important. In addition, because hair is a living cell, it needs nourishment. These substances, which give the hair its shape, volume and quality, are decreasing. This causes starvation. On the other hand, it reveals itself without losing its quality. These substances, which give quality to the hair, are decreasing. Therefore, how to treat hair thinning in the person reveals hair loss and loss of quality in the hair. The main symptoms of loss of quality in hair are caused by thinning. Because it shows up as breaking quickly, not being able to be shaped and discoloration.

Causes of Hair Thinning

For the question of how to treat hair thinning, what we need to know is that our hair has a thin or thick structure, which is an innate genetic feature of us. Because our hair is thinner than it is. Thus, it is related to the environmental or internal problems that we are affected by. Here are the most well-known reasons:


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When our body is in a stressful situation, it begins to release the hormone cortisol. Thus, this affects the follicle of our hair and can be the cause of hair loss. How is hair thinning treated? These spills generally occur at least 3 months after a stressful event. Because the prevention of stress together is the easiest and most known method of preventing stress-related hair loss. Thus, stress also affects the pigments that give the hair roots their color. As a result of this situation, if the stress continues for a long time, the newly emerging hair follicles grow in white color. How is hair thinning treated? The main areas of hair thinning as a result of stress are the temples and the top of the hair.

Drug use

Medicines are an important factor and cause for the question of how to treat hair thinning. Today, the widespread use of drug use is striking for a reason or reason. It is possible to encounter drug-induced hair thinning and loss in both men and women. However, it comes after thinking that a drug used for therapeutic purposes for hair thinning causes trouble. Thus, serious systemic disorders occur 3 months ago. Thus, it causes hair loss such as anemia, fever and stress. Because the presence of potential factors must be ruled out.

How is hair thinning treated? In the light of scientific research and studies conducted today, drugs that cause thinning and loss of our hair are defined. But exactly why they affect it is not known. Various drugs that cause hair loss have been described, but the mechanism by which these drugs cause hair loss is not clear. When it is necessary to make a diagnosis for these reasons, it is correct to evaluate the patient’s clinical history first.

Intense sun exposure

When we say how to treat hair thinning, we need to consider environmental factors. Exposure of your hair to the sun may not always produce positive results. It causes problems that will affect the protein structure of the hair, which is also exposed to UV rays. These problems cause a dull appearance with the loss of physical and stretching properties of your hair over time. Since the first effect area of ​​these abrasions is the outer layer of the hair, it can result in weakening and thinning of the hair. For this reason, those with thick strands should also pay attention to their hair. Not keeping a distance in the relationship between the sun and your hair causes you not to have the look you want.

Eating unhealthy

How is hair thinning treated? Today’s eating habits can also cause thinning of our hair first and then shedding. Many people stay away from a healthy and regular diet due to the effects of fast foods or GMO foods, which are called modern nutrition. People who dedicate themselves to an intense pace are not even aware of this situation. Afterwards, the term used for nutrition is glossed over with “I’m full”. Nutritional habits are the source of the problem underlying the problems such as hair thinning, loss and anemia seen in our environment. When people with intense hair problems notice this situation, they should consult a specialist doctor for their precautions. Thanks to the blood test, most of the underlying causes are revealed and the necessary treatment method is started quickly, helping to get rid of the problems.

Age factor

When talking about how to treat thinning hair, it is necessary to know the connection status of hair with age. This situation, which is mostly seen in men, causes hair loss by affecting the thinning of the hair starting from or after puberty.


How is hair thinning treated? It is really difficult for a sleepless body to repair itself. If we do not get enough sleep, our body becomes weak and problems in absorbing nutrients may occur. These and similar problems also affect the hair, which is a part of us. Hair is extremely sensitive to these problems and changes, and shedding may begin as a result of thinning. Thus, it is in your best interest to prepare a good and regular sleep program for yourself in the light of the reasons.

Insufficient mineral intake

When we say how to treat thinning hair, it is undoubtedly important to know the effects of minerals for us.

VITAMIN A: A mineral that helps hair grow is observed. When its deficiency is felt in the body, dryness of the hair, thinning of the hair strands and dandruff are seen. The main foods rich in vitamin A are egg yolk, broccoli, spinach, potatoes, carrots and lentils.

VITAMINS B: How to treat thinning hair? It is divided into B vitamins. Thus, to explain, in cases where vitamin B3 is insufficient, the hair begins to weaken, breaks, becomes thinner and breaks occur. In order to avoid vitamin B3 deficiency, tuna, liver, red meat and chicken can be eaten. Vitamin B7, another B vitamin, is of great importance for the formation of the necessary protein structure and keratin. If we list the foods rich in vitamin B7, green leafy vegetables, liver, egg yolk and mulberry can be given as examples.

B9, also known as folic acid, ensures the regeneration of cells responsible for hair production, and in cases where it is deficient, hair grows late. It is found in high amounts in legumes, green leafy vegetables and broccoli containing folic acid. Another is vitamin B12, which plays a major role in the nutrition of the roots of the hair. It is also important for the oxygenation of cells.

VITAMIN C: It is necessary for the production of collagen, which is broken and shed quickly in vitamin C deficiency. Visually, the appearance of a dull appearance reveals the deficiency of vitamin C. Foods such as broccoli, tomatoes, grapefruit, oranges, tangerines and kiwi contain plenty of vitamin C. It also benefits your immune system.

Additional vitamin supplements

VITAMIN D: The human body produces vitamin D through sunlight. There is a direct proportion between the strengthening of the hair. It is also found in some oily fish and mushroom species.

VITAMIN E: When there is a deficiency, there are cases of hair breakage, thinning and delayed growth. It contributes to the formation of new hair cells and the repair of existing hair. Wheat, corn oil, walnuts, royal jelly, cress, oats, lettuce, celery, spinach, soybean oil, corn, parsley and cabbage are among the rich sources of vitamin E.

IRON: Iron deficiency, which is known to cause anemia in case of deficiency, results in hair thinning and later shedding. Foods rich in iron content; red meat, lentils, spinach and mussels.

ZINC: It has an important effect on the formation and lengthening of keratin. Excessive consumption situations such as deficiency can result in hair thinning and subsequent loss. Foods containing zinc; It can be explained as pumpkin seeds, lentils, meat, spinach and wheat.

COPPER: The lack of copper, which is an important mineral for hair color, causes the hair to break quickly and lose its shine. Some of the copper, which has a wide range of nutrients, are as follows; kale, chard, asparagus, black pepper, kidney, liver, sunflower seeds, pumpkin, lentils, basil, kiwi, walnuts, tofu, raspberries, beets.

Anti hair thinning and treatment agents

The hair review explains how to treat it with what is needed now. Thus, although there are many reasons why the wires are thin, it is the biggest known factor. Therefore, the hair follicle cannot be fed in sufficient quantities. Because hair strands can be strengthened with natural treatments. Some of the known ones are garlic oil, olive oil, almond oil, lemon, coconut oil. In addition to these, it continues as apple cider vinegar. However, what is necessary for the hair to be fed well and not to thin the hair is to provide quality-enhancing substances.

Ingredients that improve hair quality


How is hair thinning treated? Keratin is a protein found in teeth, hair and nails. However, over time, there is a decrease in the number of keratin in the hair. This situation can be prevented by adding keratin to keratin hair. The reinforcement process is easy and is applied with specially produced serums. Cleaning the hair before the application is an important issue. For this reason, cleaning with a keratin-based shampoo is an important factor.

Hair should be left damp after washing. This waiting period varies between 6 and 8 hours, but after this period, the remaining residues on the hair are cleaned. As a result of this procedure, you will find an answer to the question of how to treat thinning hair. Because it will help in many issues such as the appearance of lively looking hair and the treatment of damaged hair. As for the places where keratin is found, it is found in vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, garlic and onions. Apart from these, it is not possible to find pure keratin. Because in order to use keratin, it must first go through a process.


How is hair thinning treated? An amino acid is known, which is the precursor of keratin. Together with L-cystine, it provides the production of keratin. In general, taking this amino acid with food separately from the outside has a serious effect on the production rate, but it is also important in the formation of a quality hair. In addition, there are scientific studies that the use of methionine seriously delays hair graying. We should not ignore the effect of L-cystine here.

Hair thinning treatment

There are some techniques used for the question of how to treat thinning hair. The way of use of known therapeutic agents is to be taken orally with a pill. These tablets help to achieve the desired hair form by increasing the mineral or replacing the missing minerals. In addition to pills and tablets, it is widely used in sprays that have proven scientific effectiveness. Of course, the important point here is that substances and transactions that are really reliable are carried out.

Things To Do To Thicken Hair

In order to learn this scientifically, it is necessary to determine the substances that are missing in your body or the substances that are more than necessary under the supervision of an expert. In the next process, it is possible to reach the underlying causes of thinning with the nutrition or diet recommended by the specialist. Although there are some statements that the thickening cannot be prevented by application on the skin, its reality is still not proven. The other issue is that the vitamins that are proven to be lacking are added to the body.

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