How To Wash After Hair Transplantation?

How To Wash After Hair Transplantation?

How To Wash After Hair Transplantation? Hair transplant surgery is the most demanding aesthetic intervention by men. How to wash after hair transplantation? After the hair transplant procedure to give an effective result of plantation become quite popular in our country it is in need of a few rituals. Hair transplant hair if people care to comply with this rule will be extended in a lush and incredibly fast manner. If you want to have a closer knowledge of the plantation right, you can look at how to do the plantation after the washing process.

What is the Washing Process After Hair Transplantation?

Washing is a very important step after hair transplantation. It is an issue that should be very sensitive and careful. Hair should be washed following certain rules otherwise hair washing operation is not regarded as a maintenance routine. The average 3 to 4 days after the hair planting is carried out a normal wash. This washing process shells are located in the scalp are made up of spills.

Doctors had given a special lotion is used and is carried out without rubbing. All hair seeking the advice of a person so that you can easily wash will be more accurate. Made by doctors and nurses at the hospital in the first washing process it will be more accurate. Hair should be washed at least 1 time a day for 15 days. The first to be held after the washing process takes an average of 30 minutes plantation.


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Why is Washing After Hair Transplantation Important?

After the hair transplantation, there are some maintenance routines to be a better way of hair. The most important of these is the washing process routine maintenance after plantation. Hair transplantation after the washing process is of paramount importance. If serious consequences if applied as a regular doctor’s recommendation may occur.

The first wash after hair transplantation is very important. The hair follicles created by the operation begin to scab. The washing process prevents the scalp and breathing of the hair follicles. Taking into account the doctor’s advice does not make the hair washing process the transplanted hair can be damaged. The first wash cycle should be made by doctors and thoroughly learned.

Washing Process

First, wash in subsequent washes with improved hair roots stronger adapts to the ground and feeds.

One of the points to consider during the first wash after hair transplantation; means not harming the newly transplanted hair follicles. In general, this point should be considered in all activities applied after hair transplantation. The main goal of washing is; It is to help the nourishment and strengthening of hair follicles by cleaning the scabs formed due to the blood clot formed during the operation and the body fluid that triggers the healing/tissue formation in the injured area.

During washing or drying, the sensitive hair follicles should not press or rub strictly, and products that may damage the hair follicles should avoid.

After the washing process, the hair follicles should not keep wet, and the drying process should finish with a soft towel or hairdryer that will not damage the hair follicles. In cases where a hairdryer use , the blowing speed of the device should be brought to the lowest level and at least 30 cm from the hair. Drying should finish at a distance.

The first washing after hair transplantation can finish in the home environment if the necessary conditions are met, but at this point, the advice of the experts combine in the direction of the hair transplantation centres to carry out the entire process under the supervision of the physician. Therefore, even if the washing process carry out in the home environment, patients must adhere to the physician’s directives regarding the washing process.

How to Wash After Hair Transplantation?

Some provision should make for washing after hair transplantation. Of course, you should learn thoroughly with your doctor the washing process outside of these preparations.

Materials Required for Washing After Hair Transplantation

Softening Lotion

Lotion should only use after the first wash. It seriously reduces the scab in the scalp.

Warm water

The water temperature washing after hair transplantation should be neither too hot nor cold. Warm water is ideal.


You can switch from using lotion to using shampoo after the first wash. It will be much more beneficial to use the shampoo recommended by your doctor.

Soft Towel

A soft towel require to dry the hair after washing. The softness of the towel is an important detail.  How Long Does FUE Hair Transplant Last?

Washing the Hair

In the process of washing the hair, first, the hair follicles lotion and this lotion preserve. Meanwhile, the hair follicles begin to soften. While applying the lotion, it is extremely important not to rub it and apply it lightly. Then follow the steps below:

  • Adjust the warm water.
  • Make sure that the water not pressurize.
  • Run the water over your lotioned scalp.
  • After removing the excess lotion to shampoo your hair tight hands and began to implement with slight movement.
  • Lather the shampoo in your hand and apply. Use very light finger movements and the foam reaches the roots.
  • Then rinse the hair.
  • Repeat this process one more time.

Drying Process of Hair

After washing the hair, it is necessary to apply a drying process. Hair drying can finish in two different ways. One of them is to dry with a soft towel, the other is to dry with a dryer.

Drying with a Soft Towel

Hair and roots should not rub during drying with a soft towel. Towels left on the head and gently pull. Then drop towels and hair follicles gently press to head up the remaining water. It repeat until the excess water remove. How To Wash Hair After FUE Hair Transplant?

Drying with a Dryer

The dryer for drying is very practical, but some issues should handle carefully. Everything dryer must work at the lowest level before.

Hair transplantation after the termination of the normal washing process, the individual to the physiological structure and should pay attention to postoperative factors perspective depends including view as generally, although can vary his seat instead of hair follicles at the end of 6-8 month period, and is seen to enter the process of normalization, literally.