How To Wash Hair After Fue Hair Transplant?

How To Wash Hair After Fue Hair Transplant?

How To Wash Hair After Fue Hair Transplant? Hair transplantation is a serious procedure, which is sometimes unnecessarily easy to treat. Care of transplanted hair after transplantation is an essential part of the corrective process. The patient usually spends the night after a hair transplant at a medical center, home, or in a hotel. At that time, a special protective bandage remains on the head, which doctors remove before the discharge, the day after the transplant. How to wash hair after Fue hair transplant? You can attend a quick shower for the first three days, but only my body and the back of my neck are on my neck – the optimal water temperature is warm, so the pores on my head don’t expand, and my head doesn’t sweat.

During this period, skin tightness and itching may be felt at the transplant sites – spraying the head with saline helps eliminate the problem. Starting on the fourth day, you can finally take a shower with low / medium water pressure. The water in the battery should not be cold or hot; the shampoo has not been used during this period. The shower can be visited in the morning and the evening. Water temperature recommendations are maintained throughout the recovery period. From the sixth day, we start washing your hair twice a day, if the clinic is located in your city – the first hair washing after transplantation can be done under the guidance of a specialist.

After the hair transplant, no later than 24 hours later, our clinic’s specialists will give you the first hair washing training and provide you with hair care products to use during the first 2-3 weeks after transplantation, daily: About hair washing procedure after hair transplantation.


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Choose Wisely The Shampoo

Before applying the shampoo, use a special moisturizing lotion. Without pressing on the hair and skin, distribute it over the transplant area with light pro-floral movements. Leave for 10-15 minutes, then swill with water.

After rinsing the head with water, shampoo foam in the palms applies gently to the hair. Leave the “foam cap” on for half a minute and rinse. We do not clean the skin with our nails; we do not use friction and the head’s usual washing. Grease, dust particles will wash themselves off with foam.

This step is applied at will or when purchasing a complete set of post-storage spaces. The next step is to use a hair balm. All on the same principle – accurate distribution without pressure and pressure and rinsing at the end of the time specified on the package.

How to wipe hair after hair transplant? The usual terry towel leaves for the body, take the “waffle.” You can’t brush your hair, so lightly put a towel on your head; it’s better not to dry it. If you are terrified to touch your hair, you can hang a towel around your neck and dry the air.

You can take a little less care of your hair from the fourteenth day and touch it when washing your scalp with your fingertips. It is still forbidden to rub and rub your head while bathing.

The hair can be dried with a hairdryer in cold and warm mode; it is recommended that the roots do not dry out.

The first days After a Hair Transplant With FUE

The first ten days after the transplant do not recommend Smoking, alcohol abuse, active sports, significant physical activity, prolonged exposure to the sun, that is, anything that can cause excessive sweating and a sharp change in blood flow to the scalp.

After 10-15 days after the operation, you can start playing sports. For 2-3 weeks after the transplant, avoid swimming in the sea, swimming pool, sauna, and other thermal treatments, as well as excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation in direct sunlight or tanning beds.

Sports activities that require contact should be avoided for a month. Medium difficulty individual sports are free after the first four days following your operation.

Redness in the operation area has decreased, and pink color will be visible in the areas where the scabs are shed. This pink color will continue to be seen by reducing for a few weeks. During this period, especially white-skinned people are recommended to stay away from direct sunlight.

After The FUE Hair Transplant

After an FUE transplant, it is not recommended to cut your hair for the first two weeks. Starting from the third week, you can cut your hair with scissors. A month after the head transplant, you can shave, and just two months after the hair transplant, you can cut it with a mower. It would be best if you kept your first haircuts with hairdressers with experience or understanding of how to treat clients who have had a hair transplant procedure.

FUE transplants will begin to grow almost a few days after the transplant. Then, about 3-4 weeks after the transplant, the physiological process of recovery and stressful hair loss begins. “Shock loss” is a phenomenon that does not affect the transplanted follicles (the hair root does not work), so the patient should not be scared. It would be more correct to call this process brittle hair. The method of shock loss occurs happens progressively; the hair transforms individually. This cycle’s term and force rely upon the individual attributes of the body and is determined by the “individual period of life of each hair.”

New hair from transplanted follicles begins to grow after “resting” for 3-6 weeks after transplantation. Hair growth occurs in the same way as before the transplant, and this process progresses naturally. After about 8-12 months, all the hair in the transplanted follicles is wholly replaced and grows.

Hair transplantation on the eyelashes, eyebrows, and head (using FUE, FTH, Strip, etc.) It is a rather painful procedure, which most of all depends on how the patient will spend the rehabilitation period. Then the amount of acclimated hair is determined, and the intensity and correctness of their growth. As a result, either the patient gets the desired hair or light hair, without strength and density. Hopefully, you have learned how to wash hair after Fue hair transplant, while reading this article.