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Ice FUE hair transplant

Ice FUE hair transplant

Ice FUE Hair Transplant Ice hair transplant technique is one of the many treatments available for hair follicles of the scalp hair roots before planting. In fact, the “ice grafts called” method, except for how it treated before planting the bulbs, is not different from others.

However, this small difference, especially as it was when plantation women in Turkey. Especially when planting some difficulties, as soon as possible is very important to get better results. I will explain Ice hair transplant technique.

What is this method?

As the name suggests, this method combining the use of ice in a plantation, in particular using the FUE technique to remove the follicle from the donor area; Then extracted grafts were put in a solution prepared and maintained at a certain temperature that is very cold.


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This primary treatment before starting the planting of the root, the root is very important in terms of protection and increase of vigour. Technique also prolongs the life outside the body for improving the quality of the tissue surrounding the bulb and has a strong activity.

 Who Is Recommended?

Hair loss and the Ice FUE method apply to many patients in need of intensive plantation. The advantage of the Ice hair transplant technique allows more hair follicles to transplant in one session. Especially from 3000 to 6000 recommend for patients in need of hair follicles. However, in some cases, the ICE FUE method is not recommended for some patients. Different methods are recommended for patients with less hair loss and who only need hair transplantation between the hair. In this case, the best decision will be to follow the recommendations of our specialist doctor and act accordingly.

What are the Stages of the ICE FUE Method?

Preparation for Operation

In the first stage, the consultation is made, the front line is drawn and the areas to be planted are determined. A blood test is performed and the hair is shaved less than 1 mm. It includes procedures such as numbing the area where the hair follicles will be taken using painless local anaesthesia.

Hair Root Intake

This step includes the removal of hair follicles in the region designated donor. Hair follicles take with the help of a micro motor with 0.7 or 0.8 mm punch reception end so that the hair root perform. Only the relevant stem cell remove without damaging another tissue. One hair follicle produces about 2.5 to 3 hair follicles. With this method, 55 to 60 per square centimetre (or more) possible plantation. The hair follicles take collect and kept in a solution in a special solution.

Opening a channel

This stage, the opening of the channels, is the most important process in hair transplantation. After the local anaesthesia procedure complete, only the specialist doctor performs the channel opening process according to the thickness and depth of the hair follicles with the sharp thin tip call Lateral Slit. In hair transplantation, it is very important to transplant at the right angle in order to obtain a natural appearance. Otherwise unattainable this naturalness. What Is Ice Fue Hair Transplant?

Transplanting Hair Roots

This stage is the section where the hair follicles place one by one by the hair transplant specialists into the channels open by the specialist. Patience is very important during this process. This stage takes an average of 2.5 to 3 hours depending on the number of hair follicles. In this process, television or music turn on in the operation room to ensure the comfort of the patient. The last checks carry out by specialists after cultivation complete and cover with a bandage region where the hair follicles. This bandage remove on the day of washing.

How is this technique done?

Hair grafts during this process, many medical fields introduce into a particular solution use, this is to maintain the viability of grafts are outside the body and protect them from damage. This low-temperature technique and therefore it is important “ice graft” method call.

This vaccine is in Ice hair transplant technique at very low temperature and is ideal for storage and makes positive and contains two powerful antioxidants and vitamins that help to sustain the life of hair follicles.

When is this method used?

Ice graft technique for hair transplantation is an important success factor. then keeps the hair bulbs. Planting has the ability to grow back, and this is exactly the most important point of this type of surgery.

It will know that each operation has its own conditions and duration; high temperatures may also be in the operating room and can affect bulbs. Also, if your hair more than the life of the bulb life will be operated lamps for 4-6 hours, of course, fail under normal conditions.

Due to the technical nature of the Ice hair transplant technique root grafts, ice-strengthen and life-prolonging. Hair bulbs store in a storehouse for factors that increase the growth solution.

Besides, it enriches with supporting materials that biotin growth: thus protecting the viability of the bulbs. Increases cell growth. Both the alcohol components low temperatures are resistant to free radicals that damage the bulbs, so it protects the grafts. Hair Plantation Is Good Or Bad

Advantages of Using Ice FUE Method in Hair Transplantation

Providing more comfort to the patient during the operation is one of the most important advantages of this technique. Doctors will not rush: This is not on the patient, but also health care means there will be a lot of stress and pressure.

Ice hair transplant technique case of the plantation techniques will give better results and the medical team will work much more comfortably.

Besides, the success percentage will increase due to safety. Vitality of the bulbs while they keep outside the body; Therefore, when this method apply to the target area, it will produce more new hair.

 What are the Disadvantages?

  • In the Ice hair transplant technique the hair shave completely.
  • In the Ice hair transplant technique, up to 6000 hair follicles can be harvested. So, the process may take longer.
  • In the Ice hair transplant technique, the amount of local anaesthesia drug will higher since the large area take and plant. Ice FUE hair transplant