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Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Care

Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Care

Hazardous Chemicals in Shampoo and Hair Care Products

Ingredients to Avoid in Hair Care Nowadays, people are becoming increasingly conscious to ensure a healthier lifestyle. Ingredients to avoid in hair care explained by me. So how are you conscious about the products you use on your hair, which is one of the most important parts of your outer appearance?

When we look at the content of shampoo and hair care products we encounter quite a long list. However, be careful when choosing a shampoo and hair care products are the criteria usually smell, colour, brand, and packaging can be. As well as many other cosmetics, shampoos and hair conditioners are full of chemicals that can do more harm than benefit to the hair. So what are these chemicals and chemicals located in the interior of our hair, we know how much of the damage that has given our health and the environment?

The Effect of Hair Care Products on Hair Health

Many hair care products that contain toxic chemicals to your hair immediately give satisfactory results. Ingredients to avoid in hair care  our hair clean, shiny, plump, and smooth, although satisfy us see, this short-term satisfaction, behind hair loss, hormonal imbalance and can bring side effects such as the increased risk of cancer in pursuit.


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Paraben; in shampoos, hair and skincare products, makeup products in, frequently used in moisturizing and protective prolonging the shelf life of the product as a substance. Studies of parabens when estrogen (female hormone) is their function may enhance the risk of breast cancer and imitating.

The parabens, there are side effects such as irritating the skin eczema. To inform the consumer of raw materials used in the cosmetic industry and required by law are required to be written on the label. Usually, behind the products methylparaben, ethylparaben that, against our interests with benzyl paraben or Butylparaben names. What Do Parabens Do To Your Hair?

Paraben and Hair Loss

The parabens in the shampoos should be avoided because they are easily absorbed by your skin and damage your scalp. Parabens, dryness of the hair, do not irritate the scalp, the hair colour fading, and may even cause a range of problems for your hair such as hair loss.

Research carried out in 2016 in the urine of people using products containing paraben and paraben were found in the bloodstream. This will not only damage your hair just the product that you take to your hair and scalp, which means that your pores and interfere with your blood.

Paraben and Skin Aging

Basically, methyl parabens (MP, one of the most common parabens in cosmetics) reduce the ability of keratinocytes to proliferate. Keratinocytes are skin cells in the epidermis responsible for the production of keratin, an extremely powerful protein known to give skin its strength.

To make sure that the used hair care products contain paraben shampoo and conditioner “Paraben Free” to have the label is important.

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Sulfates are those that play an important role in the effectiveness of the surfactant shampoo. Surface active agents lower the surface tension of the liquid in which they are, which makes the water-immiscible liquid and better foaming.

The hair while allowing a more foaming shower can give the feeling of hair removal of these substances. However, it can cause more harm than benefit your hair SLS. Sulfates can cause hair to lose moisture, leaving your hair dry and unhealthy in need. It can also dry the scalp and irritate. Possible damages of sodium lauryl sulfate were investigated in the examination carried out in the US National Institutes of Health. The research revealed that it may cause skin irritation and hair loss.

Naturally dry, people with curly or frizzy hair should avoid sulfate. Sulfates, natural oils, and moisture can cause loss and hair drying. Therefore, to prevent swelling shampoo your hair, you should avoid these types of components present.

Dye their hair or applying heat treatment regularly people should also avoid sulfate for not being able to trigger dryness of the hair.


It was announced over the years a wide range of effects of formaldehyde but made it may cause cancer and that may irritate the skin significantly as our new research has revealed. Formaldehyde can cause DNA damage and can cause hair loss in case of overexposure.

The hazards of formaldehyde as a carcinogenic substance being accepted can be quite large. As a result, diseases that can be caused due can impair the quality of human life seriously.

American Cancer Society (American Cancer Society), warns that formaldehyde is a known carcinogen. Formaldehyde releasing agents, the products are air formaldehyde gas and also trigger other health problems.

When prolonged exposure, keratin products may adversely affect the people who care for hair and keratin. Keratin knows the possible side effects and risks in terms of health care and it is important to avoid. So it must be careful in the choice of products containing keratin or keratin treatments. Keratin treatments may seem like a good option for curly or wavy hair, but in the long term is likely to hurt you too much. The tests, keratin treatment showed unsafe levels of formaldehyde and other chemicals it contains. Hair Transplant Care After Surgery


Generally, phthalates contained in hair sprays can also be used in a variety of hair care products to improve the spreadability of the product. Endocrine disruptors are, that can cause early puberty in females and males can reduce sperm count. It is also quite dangerous for the environment. Therefore the products you select “Phthalate Free” appear to be a deliberate search behaviour.

Propylene glycol

This also has the chemical components used in hair care products. Sloppy propylene glycol material irritates the scalp and scalp itching, dryness, rashes, may cause symptoms such as dandruff. On the other hand itself in the dryness of hair, volume. Colour can create problems.


Dimethicone is a silicone shape and volume to the hair except the grant is known for its moisturizing properties. Prevent swelling of the hair. However, silicone’s scalp accumulates over time, which can damage the hair.


Alcohols for use in your hair often can render extremely dry hair products. It is necessary to avoid alcohols such as propanol and isopropyl. Alcohols used as a thickening ingredient in hair shampoo. One of the most important causes of wear and breakage of alcohol.