Is Blood Circulation Important For Hair Growth

In this article, we will explain the answer to the is blood circulation important for hair growth question. There are many factors that should be focused on before and after hair transplantation and directly affect the success of the treatment. Among these factors, there are some things that should be considered before, as well as alcohol and smoking. Therefore, after hair transplantation, you should be careful about your drug use as well as alcohol and smoking.

Alcohol Use After Hair Transplantation

Undoubtedly, alcohol use disrupts a significant part of body functions, especially the respiratory and circulatory system. If alcohol use is evaluated in terms of hair transplantation, the first point to be mentioned is; Before hair transplantation, you should stay away from substances that act as blood thinners and make the procedure difficult. We will explain these items in the answer to the question is blood circulation important for hair growth

Since alcohol has blood thinning properties, you can quit 1 week before the hair transplant operation. Otherwise, you may suffer a possible bleeding complication that may occur during the operation. These factors are very important for the is blood circulation important for hair growth question. 


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On this point; is blood circulation important for hair growth?  If you consider the question, you can skip the operation. In short, if you want a successful hair transplant operation, you can quit smoking and alcohol. 

In this way, you can understand what these prohibitions are after hair transplantation by considering the following factors.

Speeding up the healing process as much as possible, No complications during the operation Alcohol use after hair transplantation is prohibited by specialist physicians because the hair follicles adhere to the skin in the shortest possible time. As you can see, you can save these factors in your memory for the is blood circulation important for hair growth question. Aspirin In Shampoo For Hair Growth

Smoking After Hair Transplantation

The main points that can be taken as reference in the point of smoking after hair transplantation are undoubtedly parallel to the use of alcohol after the operation. The point that should be mentioned by opening a separate parenthesis about smoking; If you do not smoke after hair transplantation, you can achieve great success in your healing process.

The important point about smoking after hair transplant; If you smoke, the oxygen level in your blood will decrease. In addition, supplying less oxygen than smoking body tissues need will damage your tissues that have undergone some surgical procedures and need to be regenerated. In addition; the Inability of the hair follicles to become strong enough and the delay in the growth process will also have negative effects on you after the hair transplant. For the answer to the is blood circulation important for hair growth question, you should pay attention to these factors. Therefore, you can stop using alcohol and smoking after hair transplantation for not less than 2 weeks. And with this result, you can get maxiumum yield from the hair transplant operation. 

Let’s say you smoked one way or another. If you have done such a thing, you should immediately quit smoking for 2 weeks. In addition; You should contact the physician without wasting time and have your hair follicles checked. Therefore, if you have smoked, do not worry and consult your doctor.

Drugs Used After Hair Transplantation

The medications mentioned here are the medicines prescribed by your doctor right after the hair transplant surgery is over and you are asked to use for a certain period of time and in a certain way. These drugs consist of pain relievers, antibiotics and drugs such as cortisone and aspirin. These drugs are also important in the question of is blood circulation important for hair growth

1- Antibiotic Medicine After Hair Transplantation

Immediately after hair transplantation, you should definitely use antibiotic medication. Although it depends on the doctor’s advice, you should usually take antibiotics on a full stomach, twice a day for 5 days after the hair transplant. 

The reason for using antibiotics after hair transplantation is to prevent a possible infection; Because both the transplantation area and the donor area remain in the wound, there is always a risk of infection. Antibiotics have an important place within the subject of is blood circulation important for hair growth

2- Pain Relief Use After Hair Transplantation

One of the medicines that you should use for 5 days after hair transplantation is pain relievers. You should use the painkiller prescribed by your doctor whether you have pain or not, because it also contributes to the hair transplant process.

An important task of the painkiller that you should use in the morning and evening on a full stomach for 5 days is to expel the serum injected into your scalp before hair transplantation. For this reason, you should definitely use it whether you have pain or not. You can apply this process to answer the is blood circulation important for hair growth question. 

3- Cortisone Medicine After Hair Transplantation

One of the side effects of hair transplantation is swelling and bruises on the head, face or eye area. Although swelling and bruising are seen in almost all patients after hair transplantation, it is possible to minimize this negative situation. One way is to use the cortisone medication prescribed by your doctor regularly. So you may have taken a useful step for the is blood circulation important for hair growth issue. How To Shower After FUE Hair Transplant?

4- Aspirin Use After Hair Transplantation

After the hair transplant, one of the possible medications that your doctor will recommend will be Aspirin. The purpose of aspirin is to dilute the blood after hair transplantation and to facilitate the circulation of blood in the body, including the scalp. Having blood circulation ensures that the transplanted hair is nourished from the root and that this hair grows in a healthier way.

5- Ocean Water Spray After Hair Transplantation

Not every hair transplant doctor prescribes it, but one of the drugs recommended by some doctors is ocean water spray. You can easily use this spray to relieve itching you experience after hair transplantation. You do not have to use the ocean water spray as long as you do not itch.